Action park is an amusement park with a horrible reputation for dangerous and even lethal conditions that was opened in 1978. Nicknamed “Accident Park”, “Traction Park, and “Class Action Park”, the rides were notoriously unsafe and were proven to have caused numerous injuries and even some documented fatalities before it was eventually closed down in 1996.

A committee was formed in 2010 to reopen the park, when owner Eugene Mulvihill bought it back and subsequently opened the park back up in 2014. The name Mountain Creek Water Park was given to the park in 2016 under new ownership and improvements in safety conditions, and again the park was reopened under the name Action Park after new policies were introduced.

Action Park certainly lived up to its reputation, and the first fatality involved a 19-year old who rode off the track of the Alpine Slide and hit his head. Other fatalities mounted at the park, one by electrocution, and there were also other reported injuries in the state of New Jersey of 26 serious head injuries and 14 fractures on the Alpine Slide alone. The “Tidal Wave Pool” was a freshwater pool attraction that was nicknamed “the Grave Pool” where lifeguard would rescue on average 30 people daily on high traffic weekends from waves as high as 40 inches. There were 3 Action Park deaths that were confirmed in the “Grave Pool”, the worst of the water parks in NJ.

Facts About Action Park to Know

The name was changed, and conditions have been made much safer since the park was finally reopened, but the history of the park will not be forgotten. The Xtreme Action park was the world’s most dangerous amusement park, and it elicited feelings of doom or dread from a generation of New Jersey teenagers. Most of the staff of Action Park were drunken teenagers, and the patrons were mostly drunken teenagers as well. Unable to stay insured through conventional insurers, the Action Park owners set up their own insurance company located in the Cayman Islands as they had no other options to stay open.

The park had injuries daily, and attendees were rushed to the hospital on an average of 4-5 times per day during the peak season. The company owners even ended up donating several ambulances to the township of Vernon, New Jersey just to accommodate the flow of traffic to area hospitals. Yes, this park was incredibly dangerous and a serious problem. Riders were made to sign release forms before they could ride the rides, and if they were too young to sign the forms, parents were required to sign off for them so company owners could avoid legal prosecution and liability.

The employees of Action Park were usually very young, and it was not uncommon to see ride operators as young as 14 years old with cans of beer in hand as they operated the rides and “oversaw” the “safety” of the riders. The world’s most dangerous rides included the “Motorworld Speedway” area of the park had go carts which were legally only able to be operated at 20 miles per hour. Nonetheless, park employees would insert tennis balls into the governors of the mini-cars which would allow the vehicles to reach speeds of over 50 miles per hour, making the conditions extremely dangerous for unexperienced, young, drunken revelers out for a thrill ride.

An Action Park documentary was produced by Dailymotion and the park was reopened again with an emphasis on safety in 2014, and again the name Action Park has been resurrected. The owners have apparently got together and cleaned up their act. People having fun is one thing, even wild fun, but the irresponsibility and the deaths were intolerable and there was a great deal of public outcry that lead to the closings.

Under the watchful eye of the public, the media, and the parents of the kids, the infamous park has been reintroduced to the public. Nothing will bring back those who died, but kids are often testing themselves in an uncertain world, and if they were going to do it somewhere Action Park was one place that eventually got in line with a more mature approach to harnessing juvenile fun with less severe consequences. They are operating and there has been no return to the dangerous past that lives on the legend of Action Park.

Action Park Information for Those Interested

Action Park is located in the town of Vernon, New Jersey on the mountain creek ski resort grounds and can be found under the name Mountain Creek Water Park. There are many rides available and tickets can be purchased in advance at the park. Different deals and specials can be found and due to the reputation of the park, families can accompany children and chaperone them as they visit the rides and attractions to make sure they are safe. Action Park is still open to the public and operating today.

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