It is one of the oldest amusement parks in America.

And in Wisconsin, it is.

If you’re from Wisconsin, you [probably know that I’m talking about Bay Beach Amusement Park.

Despite not having the fastest or most glamorous rides, Beach Bay Amusement Park has a certain charm and appeal you will find in no other amusement park.

Perhaps it’s the fact that it is reminiscent of the parks from yesteryear.

Let’s take a trip to Wisconsin and see what Bay Beach, Green Bay, has to offer in terms of entertainment for the family.

Bay Beach Amusement Park – Riding Down Memory Lane

Bay Beach started its life in the 1890’s when entrepreneur Mitchell Nejedlo purchased the land for the purpose of dividing it and selling it for summer cottages. He turned it into Bay View Beach, a resort that didn’t attract many visitors due to the monster-sized mosquitoes in the swamp.

In 1908, Nejedlo sold the resort to Captain John Cusick, who then improved on the existing infrastructure by building an 8-foot wide dock that extended 570 feet into the bay. To increase its appeal, Cusick bought a steamboat to ferry customers from Walnut Street Bridge to Bay View Beach.

His ploy worked and the number of visitors to the resort increased.

Soon, swimming at Green Bay Beach became very popular and the enterprising Cusick began renting out swimsuits for 10 cents.

The first ride at Bay Beach Amusement Park was the Shoot the Chutes, a flat-bottomed boat that was slid down a 50-foot ramp and onto the water. It was introduced to the park in 1908 and a ride cost $0.10.

With ride prices going at $0.25 today, you can say nothing much has changed at Bay Beach Amusement Park.

In 1911, Bay Beach was sold to Frank Emery Murphy and Fred A. Rahr, who later donated the property to the City of Wisconsin in 1920 so that it could be used as a City Park.

In 2006, 46 acres of land west of Bay Beach was purchased for some new upgrades, making Bay Beach Amusement Park more than just one of the oldest amusement parks in the country to being one of the premier spots to visit in the country.

Bay Beach Amusement Park – Attractions to Look Forward To

As with every amusement park, Bay Beach has some notable rides that set it apart and make it worth the visit.

And speaking of visitors, Bay Beach has had its fair share of notable visitors in its lifetime, some of which include Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934 (even though he didn’t actually come for a ride, but to give a speech), and , in recent years, WWE stars have sought an adrenaline fix there as well.

So, why should you be counted among Bay Beach’s visitors?

  1. Zippin Pippin – Elvis’ Favorite Coaster

If it was good enough for “The King”, surely it is good enough for you.

The famous Zippin Pippin wooden roller coaster that Elvis Presley used to ride in Memphis, Tennessee changed its address in 2010 to Zippin Pippin, Bay Beach.

It immediately became Green Bay’s major attraction as people from all over came to see the legendary roller coaster back in action.

The Zippin Pippin is one of the oldest roller coasters still in active duty today, adding charm to its already exciting rides.

So what exactly is the Zippin Pippin?

The Zippin Pippin is a 70-foot tall wooden roller coaster that will take you on a 2,865-foot long at speeds of 40 miles per hour.

For a woodie, especially in its heyday, it is surely an impressive ride you definitely have to partake of.

Riding on the Zippin Pippin is like taking a ride back in town as it will give you a feel of what roller coasters were like back in the day.

  2. The Falling Star Ride

From Bay Beach Amusement Park’s “oldest” ride, we head over to one of its newest and most loved rides – the Falling Star.

The Falling Star ride is Bay Beach’s 22nd ride, the fifth newest since 2010, just showing how serious the City of Wisconsin is about making Bay Beach Amusement Park the go to amusement park in the state and beyond.

The Falling Star will take you 60-feet in the air in a circular motion, much like a Ferris wheel, giving you the best view of the city.

But that’s not all the Falling Star ride has to offer.

Unlike a Ferris wheel, the Falling Star also has a sideways motion that gives you a feeling much unlike that of a Ferris wheel. The stomach dropping effect is enough to give you a thrill, but not too aggressive to dissuade younger riders from enjoying this family-friendly ride.

  1. Train Ride – Under the Zippin Pippin

If you thought a ride on the Zippin Pippin is the only fun thing to do at the tracks, the Bay Beach Amusement Park has a pleasant surprise for you in the 2018 season of the park.

Courtesy of the Friends of Bay Beach (and other donors) a new addition is coming to the amusement park – a $1million dollar train ride that will pass under the Zippin Pippin.

This is the second train ride on the park and will be on the western side of the park to complement the current train that runs on the eastern side of the park.

Apart from these 3 rides, you will find other rides (there are 22 rides in total at Bay Beach) and attractions that will keep every member of the family entertained and happy.

Green Bay, Wisconsin – Your Next Vacation Destination

If you are looking for a great destination that will provide the whole family with a great adventure, then Bay Beach Amusement Park should be your next vacation destination.

Not only will you find the rides exciting, but the ambiance at Bay Beach is just right for a family adventure – an adventure that won’t break the bank.

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