If you are a fan of amusement parks, then you understand how one ride can become a huge draw. All it takes it one amazing ride that captures attention to get you and your friends booking it to the park. You could say that is the reality for the Lagoon amusement park and its ride Cannibal.


What makes a ride so interesting that people flock to a park just for it? That is debatable. However, when it comes to thrill rides, the main factor is how exciting the ride is. Riders want an experience unlike any other. They want speed, height and many unexpected twists, turns and loops.

When it comes to the Cannibal Lagoon, you get all that and more. Learn more about the park and one of its most popular rides as you continue reading. Get information on visiting and other facts that you need to know when planning your trip to ride Cannibal.

cannibal lagoon General Information

Lagoon Roller coaster

Lagoon is interesting because half of its roller coasters are unique. In addition, many of its rides hold records or distinctions. This makes Lagoon a popular tourist spot, but it also is popular with locals in the Farmington, Utah area.

This park has a long history dating back to 1886. It started as a resort built by the railroad. At that time, the Great Salt Lake still reached this area. However, in the years following, the lake receded and the resort closed. Eventually, the resort buildings were bought and moved to the current location to serve as an entertainment center. It was at this time in 1896 when it was named Lagoon.

During these years, Lagoon was host to dancing, music, restaurants, bowling and other fun activities. In 1899, the first ride was introduced on the grounds. It was called Shoot-the-Chutes. Over the years, more rides were added in addition to swimming, row boats and a mini railroad. Baseball was also played here.

Today, Lagoon has five main areas, each with its own distinct feel or theme.


  • 1
    The Midway
  • 2
    Pioneer Village
  • 3
    Lagoon -A-_Beach
  • 4
    Kiddie Land
  • 5
    X-Venture Zone

The Midway is where you go for a classic experience. Here you will find most of the rides and games and food that are native to a carnival atmosphere. Next is Pioneer Village, which as the name suggests, has a pioneering theme. It has buildings that look like they came from pioneer times, along with artifacts from the time period. Unlike many other parks, the water park in Lagoon, Lagoon-A-Beach, is included in admission and does not charge an extra fee for entry. There is also Kiddie Land for the smaller visitors. Finally, the last area is X-Venture Zone. The bigger, faster, more thrilling rides are located here. On the grounds, there is also an RV park, campground and walking trail.

The park is also home to a hand-carved carousel that celebrated its 110th birthday in 2003. The carousel has 47 different animals. There is also a wooden roller coaster that was built in 1921. In 1953, the coaster suffered damage when a fire broke out at the park. The fire destroyed many of the attractions, including the fun house and dance pavilion. Most rides were rebuilt after the fire.

The park has been home to concerts, such as the Rolling Stones in 1966, and featured in movies and television shows. It has also seen many additions, such as the Opera House Square. Some attractions have been phased out, such as the Haunted Shack and the railroad in Pioneer Village.

Background on Cannibal

People riding a cannibal roller coaster

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While there are 10 total roller coasters at Lagoon, it is Cannibal that is one of the most interesting. This is mainly due to how it was built. It is a steel roller coaster built and designed by the park. This is unusual because often outside contractors are hired to create and build rides such as this, but the park managed 75 percent of the process in-house. The park invested plenty of time to ensure this was one thrill ride nobody would forget. It holds the distinction of having the steepest drop in North America and being the tallest beyond-vertical drop. It is the tallest coaster in Utah as well.

Cannibal has a 208-foot-tall enclosed tower. This leads to the 116-degree beyond-vertical drop that moves swiftly into four inversions. It has a water feature as well and a counter-clockwise heartline roll followed by a clockwise roll. As if that isn't enough, it also has an underground tunnel spanning 20 feet. The ride lasts a total of about 2 1/2 minutes, allowing 12 passengers to enjoy the thrills at one time per train. It seats passengers in three rows of four restrained by only lap bars. Speeds reach up to 70 miles per hour at different points of the ride.

Facts About Cannibal

Roller coaster upsidedown

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The Cannibal opened on July 2, 2015. It was designed by Dal Freeman and cost $22 million to build. It is located in the North midway area. The coaster measures 208 feet high and is 2,735 feet long.

You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride. This restriction is in place for safety and cannot be bypassed. When on the coaster, you must obey all the rules and instructions given to by the operator and posted on signs. You must remain seated at all times while the ride is in motion. Loose articles cannot be taken on the ride. All riders must also be in proper attire, including shoes and shirts.


Reviewers have nothing but good things to say about Cannibal. In fact, many call it the premiere attraction and one of the main reasons to go to Lagoon. The wait for the ride isn't too bad considering its popularity. Having seven trains holding 12 people each gets the line moving quickly. Riders love how the ride uses a ski lift type of maneuver to start the ride, which is unique. It also advances in the dark, which adds to the scare factor. However, nothing seems to be scarier about this ride than the few seconds before it drops at the 116-degree angle. Reviewers were very happy about the overall experience from start to end. The ride is unlike anything else even hard-core roller coaster fans had experienced. It is highly recommended that anyone who loves coasters makes a point to ride the Cannibal.

Visitor Information

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If you are thinking about braving the thrills of the Cannibal, then you will need some additional information to ensure you make it to the right amusement park on a day when it is open. Lagoon is located at 375 North Lagoon Drive, Farmington, Utah. Ticket prices are based on age and height. Those under 48 inches in height can buy a youth pass for $41.95. A regular ticket is for anyone who is 48 inches or taller and up to age 65. It sells for $58.95. Seniors over 65 get a discounted rate of $52.95. Taxes are extra. Guests under the age of 2 are admitted free. If you buy your tickets online, you may have a processing fee added to the total.  There are no refunds, rainchecks or discounts due to weather or maintenance for rides and attractions.

Lagoon is open from March to October. Peak season is from June to August. The park is open limited hours at the beginning and end of the season. March generally has only one day when the park opens at the very end of the month. Limited hours may also include only weekends in some months. Park hours vary from opening at 10:00 a.m. to opening at 11:00 a.m. During peak hours the park is typically open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Some nights the park may only be open until 10:00 p.m. Lagoon-A-Beach may have different operating days than the regular park attractions. Special events, such as Frightmares in the fall, may also have special hours and days of operation. The schedule is posted on the park's website. Hours and operation of individual rides are always subject to change.

When visiting the park, all guests are expected to follow park rules. These include wearing proper attire, smoking only in designated areas and obeying safety guidelines. Alcohol is allowed on site, but it must not be left unattended and is not allowed in Lagoon-A-Beach. Glass bottles should not be brought into the park. Alcohol is not sold within the park.


If you are in Utah near the Farmington area, then you should stop in at Lagoon and check out the Cannibal. It is a ride you do not want to miss if you are serious about roller coasters. It is unique and offers an experience unlike any other. It is a must-see for enthusiasts and something everyone should try at least once. The thrill will stick with you long after the 2 1/2-minute ride is over. Beyond Cannibal at Lagoon, the park offers many other thrills and a lot of fun that is worth checking out. So, make a day of it and visit Lagoon when you are in the area.

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