You’ve made the right choice coming out to Cedar Point amusement park to satisfy your need for speed.

Hosting over 71 different rides, Cedar Point amusement park holds the world record for the most rides at a single amusement park.

Whether it’s the roller coasters, thrill rides, family-friendly rides or waterpark slides you came for, there’s something for everyone here.


Located on the Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point amusement park is known as the roller coaster capital of the world.

It features 71 rides wherein some hold world records such as Magnum XL-200 which was the world’s fastest and steepest complete-circuit coaster in the world at one point.

The park is operational from early May to Labor Day in September. It then reopens only on weekends until the end of October or early November for its HalloWeekends attractions.


steel vengeance

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If you came here to ride the tallest, fastest, and wildest coasters, look no further than this sampling of the coasters you’ll find at Cedar Point amusement park. The height requirements for these types of rides are anywhere between 36 inches to 54 inches.


Standing at 223 feet, the Valravn launches you at a speed of 75 mph back to the starting point in 2 minutes and 23 seconds. You’ll hang at the top of the coaster before dropping at a 90-degree angle. The Valravn will take you on multiple inversions, including a 270-degree roll and Immelmann maneuver.

At one point, this coaster held the record for the world’s tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster.

Wicked Twister

With two rattlesnake-like tails, the Wicked Twister will propel you back and forth at 72 mph to heights of 215 feet. It may be a short and sweet ride, but it’ll have you coming back for more.

Magnum XL 200

Being the first ever coaster to top 200 feet at 205 feet in 1989, the Magnum XL 200 was the world’s fastest and steepest complete-circuit coaster. In 2004, it was even awarded the ACE Roller Coaster Landmark award for its historical significance. Launching you forward at a speed of 72 mph, you’ll return back to the start in 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Steel Vengeance

Seeing the light of day on May 5, 2018, as one of the world’s first hyper-hybrid coaster, Steel Vengeance launches you forward at 74 mph, up to a 205 feet tall drop and down the world’s longest and steepest drop on a hybrid coaster at 200 feet and 90 degrees, respectively.

Don’t forget to read up on the coaster’s story of greed and ambition before or after braving the coaster.


For those of you who want the thrill rather than the speed and height of the coasters at Cedar Point amusement park, check out these thrill rides at the park. You must meet the height requirement or anywhere between 46 inches and 54 inches in height.

Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling

Named after the amusement park’s fictional character Professor Delbert Feinstein, this ride at the park will have you flying from 15 stories high at 65 mph. When you’re hoisted 15 stories high, you’ll pause at the top and then after the “3-2-1 FLY!” call, you’ll soar over the Frontier Trail at 65 mph.

Sir Delbert Feinstein was a local inventor whose famous flying machine was jokingly made of “flypaper.” You can spot Professor Delbert at the Trail Tavern on his famous flying machine.


Grab a family member, friend, acquaintance or stranger on this epic thrill ride. You’ll be launched at 62 mph up to a height of 360 feet. At the top, you’ll feel that free sense of weightlessness and come plummeting down toward the ground.

The Slingshot is not included with admission; you’ll need to pay a separate fee for this attraction.


The WindSeeker is the ultimate swings experience for kids ages 5-100 (You’re only as young as you feel!).

The ride will carry you 301 feet up in the air, which is over 30 stories high. You’ll swing around at a 45-degree angle for a few minutes before descending back to solid earth. At this height, you’ll have a perfect view of the whole park.

Power Tower

The Power Tower, aptly named because the amount of power used to drop you down, will inspire power in you as you slowly climb up the tower’s 240 feet height and then drop down at a speed of 60 mph. There are three towers that will launch you in the same way, so don’t be shy and take your pick.


Red Baron

Cedar Point amusement park staff have also witnessed the first ride of many children in the park. Where better to experience this special moment than at this park.

Snoopy Bounce

On the Gemini Midway, you’ll see your friendly, neighborhood Snoopy waving at you with a giant, inflatable paw. Take that as an invitation to step inside and bounce to your heart’s content on this Snoopy.

Woodstock’s Airmail

As a miniature Power Tower, this ride is perfect for training your children to be little ride warriors. The little riders will bounce a few times on their way up to Woodstock’s mailbox and then come safely back to solid ground.

Red Baron

Your kids will have an important mission of protecting Camp Snoopy from enemies who dare enter the campsite. Mini-aviators have been defending the skies on this coaster since 1999. Continue the tradition with your kids.


Cedar Point Ferris Wheel

If you have young children who are either too young or not tall enough for the coasters or thrill rides, take them on the fun family rides at Cedar Point amusement park. Just because you’re missing the speed and height doesn’t mean it still can’t be fun.

Giant Wheel

A classic ride at Cedar Point, this is one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the United States. Opened since 1972, this Ferris wheel gives you, among the other passengers of the 36 cabins, a vantage point of the park at 145 feet above the ground. At night, you’ll be able to see the wheel light up the park’s skyline.

Sky Ride

For the young and young at heart, have the pleasure of riding among the clouds on this comforting gondola ride. You’ll be lifted 92 feet in the air over a half mile path and treated to 360-degree views of Cedar Point amusement park.

In addition to its entertainment value, it has a very practical value of getting you from one point of the park to the other. Make a beeline in style.

Pipe Scream

This is one of those rides for the kids that will prepare them for the big kids’ roller coasters. With 302 feet of coaster tracks, your kids will be soaring at a speed of 43 mph with a maximum height of 43 feet. At the height of the coaster, the train car will turn slightly, making your kids hang from the edge. But not to worry, they’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful views of Gemini Midway and come back down safely.


For all of us who grew up in water, the water slides at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark will remind you of your love of the water.

Cedar Point Point Plummet

Point Plummet

Gone in 13 seconds.

That should be the catchphrase of this waterslide because that’s how long it takes to get to the bottom from the top of the slide. After the “3-2-1” countdown, the floor will drop out from under your feet and push you through twists and turns until the final splash at the bottom.

There are four aqua-drop slides at the top of Point Plummet, so you can challenge your friends to a race. If you beat your friends to the bottom, you can watch their reactions on the live camera at the bottom.

Storm Surge

Grab a raft and brace the storm that’s coming for you on this waterslide. You’ll climb 76 feet to the top of the waterslide tower and embark on the perilous journey to the splash pool at the bottom.

Portside Plunge

Located on the same structure as the Point Plummet drop, the Portside Plunge features two waterslides that provide a different kind of thrill. Starting in a tunnel, you’ll be enclosed in darkness and then only after a few twists and turns, you’ll plummet down a hill and get some sweet airtime.


colorful ride

Come out to Cedar Point amusement park to explore the new coasters such as the Steel Vengeance, built in 2018 or for the classics such as the Giant Wheel, WindSeeker or Millennial Force.

Whether young or young at heart, you’ll find something here to enjoy — maybe even from your childhood.

But even though you may be a ride warrior or you simply enjoy thrill rides more than the coasters, try different types of rides at the park and you may just have a new favorite.

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