Cedar Point Amusement Park has become so synonymous with roller coasters that it has earned the nickname of America’s Roller Coast.


The flagship amusement park, located in Sandusky, Ohio, opened its doors way back in 1870. From that point on, Cedar Point has brought countless ride iterations in and out of the operational landmark and currently boasts the most rides in a single park in the world.

Of Cedar Point’s 71 rides, 17 of them are roller coasters. The 17th coaster recently added on May 5th, 2018, is a welcome addition to the already world-renowned catalog. Steel Vengeance as it is so aptly named, is just one of many Cedar Point roller coasters so fascinating and fun, you need to know more about them to fully appreciate your park experience.

Cedar Point Roller Coasters

Steel Vengeance

Steel Vengeance may be the newest coaster available at Cedar Point, but it has technically been around since 1991. Well, at least most of it has been around that long.

steel vengeance

Source: www.portclintonnewsherald.com

Opening on May 11, 1991, Mean Streak, as it was originally known as, was the tallest wooden roller coaster in the world that coincidentally featured the largest drop available.

Mean Streak was a force to be reckoned with as it featured a top speed of 65 mph and enough twists, turns, and airtime to make any roller coaster aficionado happy. This incredibly successful coaster would surprisingly close in 2016, only to be brought back to life with some heavy metal changes.

Mean Streak was never torn down to make room for a more modern steel coaster but was transformed into something completely new with the use of two patented technologies that would lead to a record-breaking outcome.

Steel Vengeance is the world’s first and only hyper-hybrid coaster. To be classified as a hyper coaster, the ride must have a peak point of at least 200 feet—which Steel Vengeance qualifies for with its 205 ft tall top ascension height.

The hybrid part is all about the structure of the coaster track. Steel Vengeance offers a hybrid structure of wood and steel components. I-Box technology allowed for parts of the wooden track to be replaced by steel components and allowed for seamless additions of steel track to the already established and functional portions of wooden track.

Topper track was the second patented tech that allowed for wooden portions of the track to provide a smoother rider experience. With this technology, a steel topper track is added to replace the original wooden upper layers, leading to much fewer jerking motions and other uncomfortable feelings that traditional wooden coasters often cause.

Steel Vengeance offers a unique combination of wooden and steel coaster components the likes of which have yet to be matched.

With its opening in 2018, it currently holds a total of 10 different world records. These impressive feats include tallest and fastest hybrid roller coaster as well as offering the most out of your seat airtime at 27.2 seconds than any other coaster in the world.

Steel Vengeance has a plethora of other amazing features that must be seen to be believed.


If you are more a full steel roller coaster enthusiast, you are in luck. At the time of its opening, Raptor was not only the tallest, fastest, and longest inverted steel coaster in the world.

amusement park

Since its opening in 1994, several coasters around the world may have surpassed Raptor in the record books, but none of these match the uniqueness that this ride provides. Taking riders upside-down twice in a single inversion, Raptor features a cobra roll as one of its 6 different inversions.

During the cobra roll, riders begin in an upward loop merging into a corkscrew in one direction, which leads to a corkscrew in the other direction, and finally end with a downward loop. If just reading this makes you excited, just think what riding this Cedar Park roller coaster will do.

Millennium Force

If you have never been to Cedar Point, chances are you know someone who has, and the chances are extremely high that they have ridden the Cedar Point roller coaster Millennium Force.

amusement park

This famous coaster was the world’s first giga coaster, a feat rarely met since its inception in 2000.


To be qualified as a giga coaster, Millennium Force is a closed-circuit track that offers a top point of over 300 feet. It is currently the third longest coaster in North America, and it takes full advantage of its massive 6,595-foot track.

This incredible coaster traverses through two complete tunnels three gravity defying hills, and 3 massive turns all made all the more menacing with its amazing velocity. Millennium Force offers a top speed of 93mph which propels it through a series of incredible over-banked turns and sharp cuts that will make you feel like you’ve entered another millennium.


Valravn may be the hardest to pronounce of the Cedar point roller coasters, but its appeal is simple to see. Pronounced val-raven, this coaster takes its name from Danish folklore, but its mind-boggling structure is all too real.


Source: tripsavvy.com

Valravn is a dive coaster, meaning that it has a drop so close to being 90 degrees, that it can only be considered a free fall. In fact, Valravn is the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in the world.

On top of these incredible marks, Valravn is also a hyper coaster. Its tallest drop of 214 feet just happens to be of the free fall variety. Aside from the free fall, Valravn also offers a massive Immelmann loop that takes riders on an inversion that places the coaster on the outside of the track and the riders’ feet straight up in the air.

If all those ride statistics are not enough, Valravn adds in a 270 degree zero-g roll for good measure.

Top Thrill Dragster

This intense coaster offers a 17 second ride. How can it only last 17 seconds, you may ask? The answer lies in this coaster’s emphasis on height.

roller coaster

Top Thrill Dragster is only one of two strata coasters in existence. This places the coaster’s top vertical point at over 400 feet!

Riders begin in a launch pad of sorts, accompanied by drag race lights indicating when the train will go off. At the end of the countdown, the coaster is launched with a force so strong, that it teaches a top speed of 120 mph on just 3.8 seconds!

Before you can even blink, you will ascend at a 90-degree angle to the top peak of 420 feet before plummeting down. Top Thrill Dragster is a “Race for the Sky” that anyone who takes part in will surely be a winner. This ride is by far the most thrilling of the Cedar Point roller coasters.


There is a reason why Cedar Point has lasted so long since its incredible 1870 inception date. The amazing park offers 17 different roller coasters sure to please every single type of enthusiast.

If you are a seasoned Cedar Point vet, but missed a trip to the park this year, make sure you return for the world’s only hyper-hybrid coaster in Steel Vengeance. If you have not yet been to the park, but love roller coasters, Cedar Point is a destination you must consider.

Raptor offers an incredible cobra roll likely to disorient you in the best way possible. Millennium Force will satisfy all of your giga coaster needs and Valravn will send you into free fall. If a 300-foot peak of Millenium Force doesn’t do it for you, try Top Thrill Dragster’s 420-foot ascent. Just don’t blink or you may miss it.

Those are just 5 of the 17 roller coasters available at Cedar Point. To experience all the rides yourself, it may be best to make a full weekend trip out of it to fully immerse yourself in all that is great about roller coasters.

Cedar Point will begin their next calendar year in May 2019. However, roller coaster aficionados can still travel to the famous park outside of Lake Erie on weekends as part of the Halloween themed Halloweekends. The park will be open until the conclusion of the spooky holiday.

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