Located in the Metro Chicagoland is, Deep River Waterpark - one of the largest, most popular water parks in the Chicagoland area. It originally opened in 1995 with a wave pool, two body slides, one tube slide, a slow river ride, and a children’s play zone.

Since then, the park has continued to grow in both size and popularity each and every year. The latest addition to the waterpark was a six-lane mat slide racer by the name of the KRAKEN, which was a hit with visitors.


The park is always growing and remains a top waterpark on many vacationer’s to-do lists. With so many different attractions to offer and some great deals on admissions, this really comes to no surprise.

 Deep River Waterpark Pricing and Deals

​Deep River Waterpark offers a number of different pricing options and free or discounted days throughout the season:

Regular Admission


Monday – Friday


Saturday & Sunday: 


Regular Admission


Monday – Friday


Monday – Friday


Price Discounts for

 Regular Admission

Under 46" tall:

$8.00 off

Senior Citizens (over 60):

$4.00 off

Indiana Residents with ID

$2.00 off

12 Months & Under


Other Discount Offers

  • ​SPLASHtastic Family Value Package - $74.30
  • ​Food Bank Mondays – Bring 2 cans of non-perishable food and receive $5.00 off regular admission and $3.00 off those under 46”.
  • Tubin' Tuesday – Extended hours and discounted prices throughout the day.
  • ​Military Free Days – Select days during the season allow Military members free entry as long as they have their military id and special coupon.
  • ​Senior Wednesdays – Seniors (60+) get free entry when accompanied by two paid children.
  • ​Special Group Rates – Have a group of 15 or more? Contact the park to see what special deals you may be entitled to.


 10 Things to Know Before Your Trip to The  Waterpark

deep river water park great river

Planning a trip to any waterpark can quickly get overwhelming, especially if you are planning for a family with children of varying ages.

So instead of scouring the internet for waterpark planning tips, take a quick look over our list of 10 things you should know before a trip to a waterpark such as Deep River Waterpark:

1. Plan Ahead

We cannot stress this enough. Plan well in advance for any trip, but waterparks need some extra special attention. Trips to places such as Deep River Waterpark require special attention because you need such a wide variety of different things.

You’ll be outside, so you need proper outdoor wear, sunscreen, shoes, sunglasses, and so on. You’ll also want to plan according to the rules of the park. Do they allow you to leave and return? Can you bring a cooler in with outside food and water? What about inflatables? Do you have to bring your own padlock and key to store stuff safely?

These are all questions you’ll need to ask yourself and plan for. It’s not safe to assume that one park has the same rules as another, so when in doubt, give the facility a call.

2. Arrive Early

The big day has finally arrived, and that means it’s time to hit the road, Jack! It is really important to plan on arriving at the waterpark early so that you don’t have to worry about things such as parking and the initial crowds.

It may seem excessive but planning to arrive an hour or two before the park opens is great because it allows you time to park, gather all your belongings (and children), get to the front of the ticket line, and get into the park without stressing over every last little thing.

3. Bring Your Own Towels

While some places have towels for rent, chances are you’ll be better off bringing your own towels for you and your family. This way you know you will be guaranteed a towel, and you’ll also know that your towels are truly clean and sanitized to your liking.

4. Check and See If Inflatables and Life Vests Are Allowed

Life vests and inflatables can be vital for the younger bunch, but, believe it or not, some places don’t allow them outside of the designated kiddie pools. Check the waterpark’s website or call them up to see what their rules are as far as inflatables and life vests are concerned.

5. Don’t Neglect the Swim Shoes

We get it; swim shoes aren’t exactly trendy. However, they can be a huge benefit when it comes to combating burnt and injured feet as well as protecting your skin from different foot diseases that are transmitted by bare feet on the ground.

They are also ideal for children who always love to break the no running rules at waterparks.

Wet concrete can get really slippery, and those bare feet don’t always get traction. Swim shoes with rubber bottoms help to create that needed traction to help prevent falls that could end up in serious injuries.  

6. Pack Plenty of Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a vital necessity at a waterpark, rain or shine. Even if it is cloudy out, wearing sunscreen is a must because your bare skin is still exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Many people think that clouds mean no dangerous rays, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It is also essential to re-apply your sunscreen every few hours to make sure your skin stays protected. Despite what many companies say, certain factors wear away your sunscreen faster than others, and before you know it, your skin is exposed and if you don’t reapply, you’ll sure to get burnt.

7. Plan a Designated Meetup Place

Okay, so a lot of these tips are vital… However, when it comes to visiting a large waterpark like Deep River Waterpark, it is absolutely vital to plan a designated meetup spot in case someone ends up separated from the group.

This is especially vital if you are taking a family trip and have children. Let’s face it, kids wander off and can easily end up out of site in large crowds. By preplanning and then visiting your designated meetup place at the start of your trip, everyone can be prepared in the case of separation.

8. Leave the Valuables at Home

It can be tempting to want to bring your phone and your camera to the waterpark to document the memories with your loved ones. The problem with that is you have to keep track of these items very carefully, or you will have to keep them stored in the community locker rooms.

In crowded places like a waterpark, there are too many risks that could lead to damaged, lost or stolen valuables. Here’s the thing… The parks are not liable for these things, only you are. So, it becomes a “bring at your own risk,” deal.

So why risk it? Keep the valuables at home where you know they are safe.

9. Think of the Babies – Bring Swim Diapers

Parents, please remember to pack the little swimmers. Why? Because many waterparks require babies to wear them, but they either don’t provide them at the park, or they simply jack up the price for them.

It’s not a hard thing to remember, so make sure you have some extras in the baby bag to prevent any issues in the water or having to pay too much for one at the park.

10. Pack Your Own Snacks

Of course, snack foods are important, and while many waterparks provide food venues for their visitors, the prices can get a little steep, especially when you have to provide for a larger families or groups.

First of all, check and see if your waterpark lets you easily return to the park if you need to go to your car. Most parks allow users to go to their car and come back as long as they have a wristband or hand stamp.

If this is the case, pack a cooler full of snacks for the group, so you don’t have to worry about carrying or spending any extra money while you are out enjoying your day.

 Deep River Waterpark – It’s Simply Splashtastic!

deep river water park into the bowl

Deep River Waterpark is open only during the summer months, but those months are action packed and full of fun for the entire family.

This park truly has something for everyone, and being prepared well ahead of time will make the trip that much better. So, keep in mind our 20 tips and remember, stress less and splash more!

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