Dutch wonderland is a family themed amusement park located near Lancaster, PA. Known as the “Kingdom for Kids”, the entrance to the park was built with a stone imitation castle façade by a potato farmer named Earl Clark. Dutch Wonderland opened on May 20th, 1963 to the public and generations of kids of all ages have found their way there to enjoy the many attractions. The Clark family sold the park to Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company in 2001, which then sold it to Palace Entertainment.


This wonderful family theme park today is situated on 48 acres of space, where it houses 32 different rides, 3 of which are water rides. Open from Spring on, the park stays open until the Christmas season, then closes for the winter months. This lovely theme park attracts many visitors every year and has a wide variety of different things to do at different times of the year. Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to many activities and nearby Dutch wonderland is the ideal place where you can take your children to find memories to treasure for a lifetime, with activities to stay busy and never have even one dull moment.

Points of Interest at Dutch Wonderland

There are tons of things to do in Lancaster, PA, and here at Dutch Wonderland rides for kids and the whole family, Duke’s Lagoon, and a whole bunch of different shows will punctuate a trip you will never forget. Memories in a child’s life are very special, and when you visit here you will bring home experiences you will treasure. Let’s take a look at some of the attractions available here at this fantastic gem of a theme park:

1. Just for Kids Ride

Some of the rides at Dutch Wonderland are made especially for the little ones, and kids and parents will love the excitement. Some of the rides include Choo Choo Charlie, a little train that is run on kid-power, and Duke’s Dozers, a special dozer ride made just for little dirt diggers. Panda Party is a ride that takes you around a beehive and is tons of fun, and then there are the Wiggle Racers, which are challenging for the youngsters. The Wonder Whip ride is guaranteed to make the kiddos smile, and Pit Stop is for those kids who love race cars. Also included in this selection is the Sky Fighter, which is made for those tiny astronauts. Certain rides are not made for infants who are hand held.

2. Family Rides

These rides are appropriate for the whole family, and there are so many that this is only a partial list. Coming soon is Merlin’s Mayhem, a high-flying coaster ride that is currently under construction. A Balloon Chase takes everyone on a miniaturized hot air balloon ride, and Dino Dig is there to show how fossils were formed. The Prehistoric Path has 20 dinosaurs that are life-like and created to simulate life in the dinosaur age. Astroliner is a simulated space journey everyone will love, and the Monorail will give you a bird’s eye view of the Kingdom for Kids. The Off-Road Rally is a race track many kids will really enjoy, and the Double Splash log flume is an all-time family favorite. There are more rides to discover here at Dutch Wonderland, and fun for all to enjoy without a doubt.


3. Shows

There are a wide variety of shows at Dutch Wonderland, and you will never run out of things to do here. Some of the shows include Storytime with Princess Brooke, where the wonderful princess shares some of her favorite stories with the kids. Also, there is Beyond the Castle Walls, with singing, dancing, and more stories. Adventures of the Frog Prince located in the Aqua Stadium this show features a high-dive performance with special effects. In addition to these choices, there is also the Wonderers who cruise through the park and set-up to do musical shows, you never know when or where so be on the lookout for them. This is only a partial list, there are many more shows and you will never run out of fun here.

Before Heading to Dutch Wonderland

If you are excited by the thought of heading to Dutch Wonderland, there are lots of things to consider when planning a trip. Two-day flex tickets are available, as well as deals on meals, parking, camping, and sister park visits to nearby Hershey Park. Season passes are also available in different packages, as well as sister park season passes. There are tons of different deals offered and new ones develop, so make sure to keep an eye on the website for awesome discounts and privileges for you and the whole family. Birthday parties are also available, as well as photo fun passes and gift cards for your favorite people are also offered. If you live near the area, you may well want to take advantage of season pass offers at deep discounts and always have a great place to take the kids they will never grow tired of.

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