If you are reading this, I guess it’s safe for me to assume you are looking for your next thrill. I understand you. We all need a thrill “fix” every now and then. What’s with the pressures of life and the kids getting bored watching the same shows on TV. Well my friend, do I have one heck of a thrill for you. And its name is as thrilling as the ride itself.


I’m talking about the El Toro Roller Coaster.

El whato? El Toro. Let me tell you more about it as you prepare to make a booking.

El Toro Roller Coaster – Riding the Bull

El Toro is a Spanish phrase that means the bull. That’s exactly what riding this monster roller coaster feels like – riding a raging bull. I told you I had a thrill for you. The coaster’s trip up the hill is very fast, but as it reaches the top El Toro slows down to a more lift hill like speed. The bull then turns 180 degrees to the left and the bottom basically falls out… Talk about riding the bull.

El Toro is a bull-themed roller coaster ride, situated in the “Plaza del Carnival”, a Spanish themed part of the Six Flags Adventure theme park. The roller coaster cars are designed to look like bulls, with bull heads on the front, so you don’t have to stretch your imagination far to picture yourself riding an angry bull.

For those who remember and loved the ride called “Viper” at Six Flags Great Adventure, El Toro sits in that exact same spot but offers an even more intense ride than Viper did. Once you get to experience El Toro, there will be no missing the Viper.

Wooden Roller Coasters – Why the Hype?

The El Toro is a wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Yes, it’s a woodie. What’s so special about wooden roller coasters? Why do roller coaster enthusiasts swear by wooden roller coasters? Let me tell you why.

Wooden roller coasters capture the true essence of a coaster ride. To roller coaster fanatics, they’re pure. It could just be nostalgia but wooden roller coasters seem to affect all of your senses. You can smell the wood, hear the rumble of the timer, and feel the roar as the roller coaster races around the tracks.  Steel roller coasters don’t give you such an experience.


Back to El Toro.

El Toro – Taming the Raging Bull

Ready to experience El Toro? Let me try and give you a taste of what the ride is like, but truth be told, words are not enough to express the intense ride this bull gives.

Out of the station, El Toro makes a 180-degree left turn into a short straight section that goes right into the lift.  The trip up the hill is pretty fast, however, at the top, the coaster slows down to a more lift hill-like speed. The train then turns 180 degrees to the left and the bottom basically falls out. The bull begins to vent its fury.

The drop is an insanely steep one for any roller coaster, let alone a wooden one. Sitting in the back ensures more than just a bit extra airtime; you’re basically thrown from the seat (reminiscent of a bull trying to throw a rider off its back). The track continues to bend inwards, finally beginning to level out halfway down as the bull tries to throw you off guard for the next surprise. The train then races under a low clearance and then over a camelback with more than enough “ejector seat airtime.” This is where you should be more than thankful for the restraints.

The train then enters a second camelback and then comes up a third hill as the bull prepares for the turnaround. Brace yourself for more of El Toro. He hasn’t given up on throwing you off his back yet. The ride back is as exhilarating as the first part. There’s no getting used to El Toro. The intense airtime and extremely steep drops are not something anyone can get used to.

If you survive the ride without any bodily fluids leaving your body, congratulations, you have tamed the bull. If not, you can always give the ride another go.

El Toro Six Flags Adventure Theme Park – Ride of a Lifetime

Go ahead and make the booking now. Eltoro is a bull ride many want to take. This is a roller coaster ride like no other and you sure will be glad to have tamed this bull. Don’t forget to carry a camera. You’ll want to take a photo next to El Toro. After it has stopped moving of course.

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