Regardless of our age, marital status, or economic status, we all need a vacation. Taking time to break from your busy schedule to relax goes a long way in improving you’re the quality of your life.

But having fun requires some money. This means that every cent should bring with it loads of amusement and fun. You, therefore, need to carefully plan where you’ll visit.

If you are into theme parks, don’t just go for the regular in your state. Travel to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – the largest theme park in the universe. But where is Abu Dhabi? Abu Dhabi is a city found in the United Arab Emirates and is arguably one of the world’s richest city.

Ferrari World is full of fun-filled activities anchored to the Ferrari theme. Besides being a theme park, it boasts of a wide range of top-notch seasonal events that you can gladly be part of.

Fun Things to Do in Ferrari World

Some of the things you can do in this awesome auto world include:

1. Electrifying Car Races

If you have ever wanted to experience the thrill of a real race car, then this is a great opportunity. Ferrari World has sleek sports cars and smooth, curvy race tracks for you to fully indulge in.

If you are not experienced enough, you can request for an expert driver to race with you, which makes it even more exciting.

Apart from race cars, you can also ride super-fast roller coasters that will ultimately satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie. In fact, the fastest roller coaster in the world – Formula Rosa – is found at this park.

2. Water Slides at the WaterWorld Water Park

You can also enjoy superlative water slides and breathtaking marine sceneries that will make you forget all the troubles that life may have thrown your way.

Additionally, you can head over to the beautiful Al Raha River where you can grab a snack as you watch the calm waters slowly flow by, go for swimming, or sail across the river.

3. Ecstatic Driving Classes and Racing for Kids

The Junior Pilota racing school has loads of captivating rides for kids. But before they get into the fun, they receive world-class racing training and drills from renowned drivers.

By the time they are leaving, the kids will have had learned so much about various Ferrari models and responsible driving.

There is also a playground with exciting kids’ activities such as remote controlled Ferraris, race cars, and pedal cars.

4. Live Shows

Other than Ferrari rides, you can also enjoy amazing live shows at the park.  From live drama to 3D computer graphics, Ferrari World has got you covered.

You will definitely enjoy every moment of it.

5. Shopping

If you are a shopping fanatic, your needs are well taken care of at Ferrari World.

A wide range of Ferrari-branded souvenirs including Ferrari fragrance, Ferrari watches, and even bikes are available at the park. They’ll be a good reminder of the great experience that you had at the park. You may also want to gift your loved ones with some.

Take advantage of the affordable prices in Abu Dhabi, because once these items are shipped their prices are exaggerated.

6. Banqueting

After a long day full of fun-packed activities, you will need some good food to re-energize.

The Ferrari World has numerous eateries where you can relax and take delicious meals and refreshing drinks. Italian cookeries are probably the most common here. Their cuisines are just delightful.

As you take your meals, you will still be enjoying the beautiful scenery of the park as most restaurants are strategically constructed on an elevated ground.

What are You Waiting For? Add Ferrari World to Your Bucket List 

Life is short and you need to enjoy every bit of it. Once in a while, it is necessary that you appreciate yourself for the unending efforts that you put to make ends meet.

If you are thinking fun, roller coasters, theme parks, and exciting rides, then you are thinking Ferrari World. Even if it is out of the country, the park will still give you value for your money. There’s nowhere in the world that you’ll find this much fun in one place. Even better is the fact that it has activities for all types of people.

It’s always fun to visit during racing championships or when there are live EDM DJs. But if you hate crowds, it’s probably best to visit off-peak seasons. The park is open daily from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm. Make sure you get there early and be first in line for most rides.

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