If you are looking for fun in the sun, boy do I have just the place for you.

Fun Spot Orlando, Florida.


Before you dismiss my suggestion, indulge me for a moment.

I know Florida is known for being home to some of the most expensive theme parks in the US, but Fun Spot is actually a family (and budget) friendly amusement park that is actually as good as the rest.

Fun in the sun doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag, nor a compromise of standards.

That is why Fun Spot America Theme Parks pride themselves in affording families the opportunity to have a great time together without having to break the bank.

Fun Facts About Fun Spot America Theme Park

It’s all in the name, as they say, and for Fun Spot, it couldn’t be truer. Here are a few fun facts about Fun Spot that prove just how much of a fun spot it really is – for the whole family.

  1. The Only Family Owned Amusement Park in Central Florida

Fun Spot is the only family owned and run amusement park in Central Florida. This may not be a big deal to some, but to those with families, it’s a sign that the operators really understand their needs.

  2. The World’s First Themed Action Park

Fun Spot also boasts of being the first themed action park, a sure sign that they understand your fun-time needs. It’s also a sign of the innovation that drives the park.

  3. Home to the Only Two Wooden Roller Coasters in Central Florida

For roller coaster enthusiasts, wooden roller coasters have a certain charm, appeal, and experience that steel coasters can’t give. In Central Florida, the only place you can get to ride on a woodie is at one of the 2 Fun Spot Amusement Park locations.

The first wooden roller coaster at Fun Spot is the renowned White Lightning at Fun Spot Orlando.

The other woodie in Fun Spot’s repertoire of rides is the brand new Mine Blower in Kissimmee. It is also the only wooden roller coaster with a full 360-degree barrel roll in Florida.

Talk about fun in the sun.

  4. Tallest Skycoasters in the World

Just because Fun Spot is a renowned family-friendly amusement park, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t cater to the dare-devils in the family.

For the extreme thrill seekers in the family, you’ll be glad to know that Fun Spot America is home to the world’s tallest and largest SkyCoasters.

A Skycoaster is a ride on which riders in groups of 1 to 3 are winched to the top of a launch tower. You are then dropped towards the ground, swinging back and forth from a cable tether until you come to rest.

The 300-foot SkyCoaster in Kissimmee has the bragging rights for the tallest Skycoaster.


The Fun Spot Orlando Skycoaster stands at 250-feet and still towers above all other Skycoasters in the world.

If you’re looking for a fun spot for an exciting holiday or weekend, then Fun Spot should definitely be your destination of choice.

Hopefully, these fun facts have opened your eyes to the kind of fun you can expect at Fun Spot Amusement Park. But just to make sure, let me give you a few highlights about some other Fun Spot rides that will keep you entertained at Fun Spot Orlando and Kissimmee.

Fun Spot Rides and Attractions

Between the Orlando and Kissimmee locations, Fun Spot operates a total of 49 thrill rides, 6 of which are roller coasters. Here’s a quick rundown of the kind of thrills you can expect from each location.

Fun Spot Orlando

The oldest of the locations, Fun Spot Orlando started off as Fun N wheels in 1979 near the I-Drive tourist corridor.

Fun Spot Orlando has 4 different go-kart tracks for riders of every level, namely:

  • Conquest: Multi-level double corkscrew Florida Ski Jump figure 8 track
  • Commander: Road Course Style multi-level track
  • Quad Helix: Multi-level quad corkscrew track
  • Thrasher: Single rider, flat ‘road course’ sprint track

All 4 go-kart tracks have been the source of great fun since 1998, with Commander receiving some extensive upgrades in 2013.

As for the 3 roller coasters that make up the main attractions of this amazing thrill seeker’s paradise, you will find:

  • The Sea Serpent, an E&F Miler Industries family roller coaster
  • White Lightning, the renowned GCI wooden roller coaster
  • Freedom Flyer, a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster

These 3 roller coasters are reason enough to head over to Fun Spot Amusement Park as they offer enough excitement and fun to warrant the trip and the $45.00 admission ticket.

Other thrill rides on the Orlando location include the second tallest Skycoaster, the Enterprise (a two-seat gondola ride that rotates clockwise at an 87-degree angle), and Rip Curl ( a ride that features cars that are rotated on alternating sloped and flat sections).

Fun Spot Kissimmee

Fun Spot Kissimmee was established in 1988 and features 22 rides, 3 of which are roller coasters.

The Kissimmee location is designed as a circular walkway that goes around the lagoon featuring the world’s tallest Skycoaster. The south end of the loop is home to the signature multi-level go-kart tracks that made this park a popular spot for thrill seekers in 2007.

Here’s a brief rundown of the Fun spot rides in this location. Fun Spot Kissimmee has 3 amazing roller coasters – the Kiddie Coaster, Rockstar Coaster, and the Mine Blower. As for go-kart tracks, you will find some record-breaking go-karts in the form of:

  • Vortex: 4 stories (40-ft high) Helix track with 32-degree banks
  • Chaos: Multi-level track
  • Road Course: Hairpin Turn Track
  • Slick Track: Fastest slickest track

These rides and other attractions like Gatorland are a sure recipe for an amazing time for the whole family.

Fun Spot Amusement Park – Real Family Fun

From the fun facts to the fun rides, I’m sure I’ve managed to convince you to give Fun Spot America Theme Parks a consideration for your next family adventure trip.

Trust me, this is one place that never disappoints.

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