Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and need a time-out from it all? Sometimes the best way to refresh and revitalize yourself is to become one with nature and tap into its natural energy.


And one of the best places to do that is at Glacier National Park. This place is exploding with so much energy your energy tanks will be filled just by taking in the breath-taking views as you approach the park.

The Story Behind Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a 1 million acres plus wilderness (pure, unadulterated wilderness) area in Montana’s Rocky Mountains. Glacier-carved peaks and valleys running to the Canadian border, lush forests teaming with wildlife, and amazing lakes (762 of them) make this a unique spot on earth.

Glacier National Park borders Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada and the two parks are known as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. They were jointly designated as the world’s first International Peace Park in 1932. The United Nations designated both parks as Biosphere Reserves in 1976, and in 1995 as World Heritage sites.

What Sets Glacier National Park in a League of Its Own?

If there is one thing America is blessed with, it’s beautiful national parks – each with its own unique attractions. For example, Yellowstone National Park has its amazing geysers while Yosemite has the majestic El Capitan. What about Glacier? Glacier National Park can be considered the custodian of time. What do I mean?

Glacier National Park tells the awe-inspiring story (with stunning displays) of the geological processes that changed North America over the last billion years. The rock formations in the park are almost entirely The sedimentary rock formations in Glacier National Park were laid down between 1600 to 800 million years ago when this area was an inland sea. During the formation of the Rockies beginning around 170 million years ago, they were lifted up to form the mountains which were then carved into their present form by the advance and retreat of glaciers during the ice age.

Besides telling the story of time, Glacier National Park contains an abundance of beautiful glacial features, lakes, valleys, and remnant glaciers. Couple that with the flora and fauna, some of it unique to this place, the raw beauty of this place definitely makes it one of a kind.

Glacier National Park Lodging – What to Expect

In a place this gorgeous, one wouldn’t mind spending the night under the starry sky. But due to the elements and the wildlife, secure lodging is strongly advised. And that is not a problem here. No matter your budget, you are covered in Glacier National Park.

Accommodation in the park ranges (in comfort and price) from rooms in spectacular historic hotels to cozy cabins. Comfortable motels and back-country chalets are also available. I would strongly suggest you make your reservations in advance as the rooms book up fast, especially for the peak months of July and August.


No matter your budget, Glacier National Park will accommodate you comfortably and securely without you having to stress yourself – the city’s already doing a good job of that.

Glacier National Park – Fun-Filled Activities for the Family

Time at Glacier Park is family time. And family time is only memorable when there are exciting activities to keep everyone excited. Glacier National Park has a lot of them. A few of them are

Roger’s Pass

Directly in the center of Glacier National Park, Rogers Pass was the first area of the park open to the public. A scenic train ride will get you staring in awe at the beauty of the park. For the skiers, Roger’s Pass has great ski trails for you to enjoy.

Take a Hike on the Trail of Cedars

Yes, even toddlers and those in wheelchairs can take a hike on this trail as it has a walkway for them. Be prepared to be amazed by one of the best waterfalls at Glacier Park on this trail.

Enjoy the Splendor that is Going-To-The-Sun Road

No drive in the world can compare to this one. There are so many things to see you will keep on stopping every short distance. One of the best is the Weeping Wall where a waterfall splashes down onto the road – amazing. There are many other waterfalls on the way and awesome spots for taking those memorable family photos.

Enjoy a Day at Whitefish Beach

Take a day to relax at Whitefish beach where you can swim, kayak, or just have a blast playing at the beach.

Glacier National Park Map – A Sneak Preview into Natures Best

If you are looking for your next vacation spot, especially one that is the expression of the best nature has to offer, then head off to Glacier National Park. A cursory look at the Glacier National Park map and you’ll be amazed at what this scenic place has to offer you and your family. I promise you, you’ll keep going back for more.

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