Initially founded in 1906 by Milton S. Hershey as a leisure park for employees of his Hershey Chocolate Company, the park was named Hershey Park until 1971, when the two names were merged together. Located in Hershey, PA in the Derry township, this park is now an immensely popular family theme park open to the public and attracts over 3,276,000 visitors every year. Situated on 121 acres of land, it is home to 76 total rides and is open from Easter weekend through the Christmas season. Hershey is also a name synonymous with chocolate.

Hershey’s Park was first opened to the public on April 24th, 1907 where a huge crowd gathered to kick off the new park, now 111 years old. In 1970, after over 60 years in operation, the management of Hershey’s decided to redesign and rebuild, reopening the park as a theme park suitable for everyone, especially families. The first ride was added to the park in 1908, and there have been many additions of new rides and attractions ever since. This wonderful theme park has won numerous awards, including the prestigious IAAPA award.

Some Attractions You’ll Find at Hershey Park

Many things have changed at Hershey Park over the years, but one thing that has not disappeared is the wide variety of thrilling, exciting attractions for kids of all ages. Experience the wild fun that comes with a real theme park, vast and varied while dining or camping in comfort and style. There are in fact so many different attractions here that you cold not possibly visit them all in one day, so you may want to plan a trip for a whole weekend or more to explore everything there is here to offer. Here is a list of just a few of the major attractions:

1. Hershey Triple Tower

Just added in 2017, this ride is the first choose-your-thrill triple tower operating in the United States. Located in Kissing Tower Hill, this major attraction offers excitement and fun for everyone. Standing 131 feet in the air, you will be rocketed at speeds up to 45 miles an hour as you drop down to the bottom only to be brought up again for more. Taking a ride on Hershey’s triple tower is something no one will want to miss, and the themes for each tower are based on different candies.

2. Breakers Edge Water Coaster

On this water ride, riders reach moderate speeds although there may be unexpected changes in speed and elevation they may encounter. Open in the summer months, this ride requires some movement of the body and that the rider has control over their motions. Absolutely thrilling, this ride will keep riders cool and exhilarated during the hotter weather the park experiences. Some riders will experience twisting, turning, and bumping and will be spun through loops. Pure fun for most parkgoers, although certain size restrictions apply.

3. Carrousel

Open year round when the park is open, this wooden carrousel is open to all ages and is a fun and nostalgic trip down the rides of yesteryear. Classic styling from bygone eras adorn this wonderful ride, as riders are free to ride horses that bring back the feel of early theme parks, carnivals, and fairs. This ride offers medium to low speeds although it may not be appropriate for very young or small children. All children must be accompanied by an adult to ride this ride at all times.

4. Bizzy Bees

This adorable ride is a great choice for young children. Bee shaped seats propel the children at very low speeds and is low-key but very enjoyable for the kids. Chaperones are permitted to accompany children in some circumstances when they will fit comfortably in the bee shaped seating area. This Bizzy Bee ride is open at all times of the year and is safe and quiet.

5. Frog Hopper

Here is another cute little ride appropriate for very young children. It is also a low speed ride that is safe and operates quietly. If possible, sometimes chaperones are permitted if they meet size requirements. Open at all park year times, the frog hopper ride is sure to please the little ones and is fun and amusing to all.

What You Can Expect from Hershey Park

If you are thinking carefully about a trip to Hershey Park, you’ll have to consider things like ticket pricing, parking and parking pricing, accommodations, and accessibility options. A few facts to think about now are as follows: Tickets available come in 1-day, 2-day, 3-day and season passes with prices that vary between although for seniors 70+ and children 2 and younger admission is free. There is low-cost parking available and parking overnight for campers and RV’s. Upgrades to tickets are available that include food and drink, fast track passes, and more. There are options for great quality accommodations through Hershey Park that are affordable. For parks near me, visit our website soon for more information.

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