Holiday World & Splashin Safari is a combination water park and theme park located in Santa Claus, Indiana. Built in 1941, this theme park was opened on August 4th, 1946 and was known previously as Santa Claus Land before 1984. The theme park is comprised of four separate sections, each for different holiday seasons (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the 4th of July). Holiday World is well known for three special wooden roller coasters with names like The Voyage, The Raven, and The Legend, and it is a famous destination for over 1,100,000 visitors every year.

The Water Safari has many different rides which include two of the planets longest water coasters, as well as “tipping buckets” and other family favorites. All in all, there are 51 rides in the total park situated on 125 acres of land, making it a massive theme park with endless fun for kids of all ages to enjoy.  Envisioned by Louis J. Koch, a devoted family man and industrialist, the park’s construction was delayed by WWII. Originally, Koch was saddened to learn of children visiting Santa Claus, Indiana and finding Santa Claus was not there, so he built the Holiday Park in Indiana to give the kids a chance to play with Santa year-round.

A Few Attractions at Holiday World & Splashin Safari

There’s lots to do at this exciting Holiday Park, and the attractions are renowned and widely acclaimed. Throngs of people flock to the park each year to experience some of the most thrilling rides and adventures on the planet. It’s impossible to catch everything in just one day, so you may want to plan for a few days’ vacation to see as much of the park as you can. Many people visit and become hooked and come back every year, time and time again. Let’s take a look at just a few of the major attractions at Holiday World & Splashin Safari:

1. Bahari Wave Pool

This awesome wave pool is a great way for the whole family to cool off when they are so busy at the park during the warmer weather coming up. This giant family wave pool features an assortment of jets, geysers, and sprays that keep everyone entertained and relaxed. A great way to beat the heat, the pool works on a 10-minutes on, 10-minutes off basis. If you have medical conditions you may not want to use this pool, and it’s recommended you stay hydrated and use sunscreen. No horseplay is permitted at any time, and if you can’t swim well, please stay in the shallow end for your safety.

2. The Mayflower

This classic ride will slowly swing riders over an expanse of water 54 feet wide and is made to simulate what the pilgrims experienced on their historic voyage so many years ago. This ride is suitable for the entire family and is thrilling and a lot of fun for everyone. Shaped like the famous ship, the Mayflower is sure to satisfy those who want a taste of what the high seas are really like, if only for a brief time. One tip is to wait until the afternoon when the lines for the ride are the shortest. The Mayflower also offers rides after dark which can be a lot of fun for some.

3. Wild and Wacky Magic Show

Magician and illusionist Don Bagget uses comedy, live animals, huge-sized illusions, and loads of audience participation to hold his extravagant, thrilling magic show. Fun for the whole family, you will stare in wild wonder as the famous magician performs a wide variety of magic tricks to excite the entire crowd. You will be entertained and wonder for a long time after how he made all those tricks happen. Your imagination will be fired up and you will mention this show to people for years to come, and the kids will be held absolutely spellbound.

Things to Know Before You Go

When you decide to make the trip to Holiday World & Splashin Safari, you need to gather some information and get tickets and make other arrangements well beforehand. Tickets are available with deals such as pick-your-price online and any day tickets, as well as season passes. There are event and meal deals, as well as Cabana accommodations also offered on their website, with discounts and specials frequently on the table as well. Holiday World & Splashin Safari also have options for picnics and outings and is a great choice for a Holiday. Groups and church groups also get discounts, and for those of you who want a truly special place to hold a family reunion, you can find unique packages here too. Find out as much as you can, but they ask you purchase their tickets at their website to avoid scammers; their tickets are not for resale.

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