What Is Journey to Atlantis’ Height Requirement and Other Awesome Ride Facts

If you’ve ever traveled to one of the three SeaWorld theme parks in the United States, then you’ve likely ridden on the Journey to Atlantis roller coaster.  However, you’ll be surprised to learn that if you’ve been on one Journey to Atlantis, you haven’t been on them all. Although all three SeaWorld parks have rides called the Journey to Atlantis, they all vary in significant ways. If you want to hear more about this interesting fact and learn even more awesome details about the Journey to Atlantis, continue reading this fun, informative article on this popular water roller coaster.


What Is the Journey to Atlantis Ride?

Journey to atlantis ride

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Two things that all three Journey to Atlantis rides have in common is that they are all water rides designed to get you wet in an Atlantis-themed roller coaster. However, all three of these roller coasters are more different than they are similar. Learn about the original Journey to Atlantis ride and discover what changes SeaWorld made to this ride when they added rides with the same name to the other two parks years later.

Orlando’s Journey to Atlantis

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The Journey to Atlantis that is located in Orlando, Florida’s SeaWorld is the original version of this ride.

Height Limit

To ride Orlando’s Journey to Atlantis, you or your children need to be at least 42 inches to ride, and children under 48 inches must be accompanied by someone 14 years or older.

The Original Plot

SeaWorld’s idea behind creating this ride was to make a flume ride similar to Disneyland’s Splash Mountain in hopes of attracting as many visitors as Disneyland and Universal Studios. The result was a pretty creepy ride about finding the lost city of Atlantis while being guided by Hermes in the form of a seahorse.

Things get scary inside of the ride when a siren named Allura, who first has the appearance of a beautiful mermaid, takes on the form of a Medusa-like monster with glowing green eyes who tries to trap you in Atlantis forever. Once you escape from the city, the ride takes you outside where you fall down a 60-foot waterfall, but it doesn’t end here. Allura attempts to take you back into Atlantis by causing the ride to go backward. The flume ride transitions into a thrilling roller coaster track where you experience a few dips and turns before the ride officially ends.

The Remodel

Although this plot has some exciting, promising elements, the ride was tainted due to some weird issues like old special effects that wouldn’t work. One of the weirdest features of this version of the ride is that it plays the Beetlejuice theme song, which is an odd addition to a ride about Atlantis and the ocean.

To say the least, the Journey to Atlantis didn’t turn out to be the big hit SeaWorld hoped it would be. In an attempt to redeem this bizarre ride, SeaWorld recently remodeled the Journey to Atlantis by removing the storyline about mermaids turning evil and eliminated many of the scary elements, such as the Medusa’s head glowing green eyes and Allura’s screams. They even removed the Beetlejuice theme song. However, the big waterfall and roller coaster section have been left unchanged, so riders can still experience the thrilling ending to this ride.

San Antonio’s Journey to Atlantis

san antonio's journey to atlantis ride

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San Antonio’s Journey to Atlantis has all the thrills and none of the bizarre plot.

Height Limit

Unlike the other versions of this ride, all riders only need to be 40 inches or taller.

Water Ride and Roller Coaster Hybrid

San Antonio decided to ditch the strange evil mermaid storyline completely and instead opt for a roller coaster ride that ends with a splash. When you get to the top of the first peak, you can enjoy a great view of the park before taking a surprising fall backward. Then the boat turns until you approach a 100-foot drop. This drop plunges straight into a lake. If the splash from the lake wasn’t enough, there are geysers and waterspouts aimed at the riders that are sure to get everyone inside the coaster car soaked.

San Diego’s Journey to Atlantis

San Diego ditched the complicated storyline and instead opted for a simpler background story to complement the roller coaster ahead.

Height Limit

Just like the original Journey to Atlantis, the height requirement for this ride is 42 inches.

Themed Water Ride

Like San Antonio’s version of this ride, San Diego’s Journey to Atlantis focuses more on the thrills of the ride than trying to mimic Disney’s story-based rides. Riders enter a boat and start out in the water. This ride has a longer water section than San Antonio’s version and includes a 70-foot drop waterfall. The boat then enters an elevator, where riders watch a short film about the lost city of Atlantis.


After the elevator opens, riders start the roller coaster section of this ride with another 70-foot drop. Riders enjoy this roller coaster until they approach one final waterfall that leads them to the unloading dock. Although the other Journey to Atlantis rides are designed to completely soak its riders, this version of the ride typically sprinkles riders and only sometimes soaks a rider or two.

Why Should You Ride the Journey to Atlantis?

Although the Journey to Atlantis had a rough start, this ride is still one of the most popular, unique rides at SeaWorld. Although there are more thrilling roller coasters at SeaWorld, the Journey to Atlantis is a ride that the entire family is sure to enjoy. Whether you explore the city of Atlantis in dark caverns, take a thrilling 100-foot plunge, or enjoy the suspense of riding up an elevator to a 70-foot drop, you’ll enjoy this hybrid ride that smoothly transitions between the water and a steel track. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy the enthralling sensation of being splashed with water?

How to Make the Most of the Journey to Atlantis Ride

If you are planning on going on the Journey to Atlantis, you probably want to know how to avoid the long lines and take advantage of your time at SeaWorld. Here are a few facts about SeaWorld that will help you wait the least amount of time possible.

San Antonio’s SeaWorld Is Best in September and October

In case you didn’t already know, San Antonio’s SeaWorld is the only park not open all year long. Rather, the park opens Memorial Day and closes on the weekdays in October. You can still visit SeaWorld in November and the first two weeks of December but only on the weekends. If you want to avoid the crazy crowds and the sweltering heat, plan your trip in September or October when the kids are back in school and the weather has cooled down a bit. October is a great time to enjoy SeaWorld since the park goes all out for Halloween.

Florida’s SeaWorld Is Best From January to April

florida's seaworld ride

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If you are planning on going to SeaWorld in Florida, try going in the winter months, after Christmas up until spring break in April. Obviously, the summer months will be busy since school is out along with all school breaks including spring and winter break. Although May and September aren’t as crowded, this is Florida’s annoying lovebug season where you can’t walk or drive anywhere without having to deal with these incredibly annoying insects. Try avoiding June to November, which is Florida’s rainy and hurricane season.

San Diego’s SeaWorld Is Best in the Spring

san diego's seaworld ride

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If you want small crowds, comfortable weather, and the possibility of seeing baby animals, plan your SeaWorld trip to San Diego in the spring. However, make absolutely sure that you stay as far away as you can from SeaWorld during spring break. Springtime is ideal because the kids are in school, San Diego’s rainy season is over, and the intolerable heat of summer is past. However, it is still warm enough that you can enjoy water rides like the Journey to Atlantis and get splashed by Shamu. Also, as an added bonus, you may get to see some baby animals during your trip since springtime is typically baby time.

Quick Queue 

If you want to make sure you can get onto the Journey to Atlantis quickly no matter what time of year, you can buy a Quick Queue pass for $20 a person, which allows you to get to the front of the line quicker. For $10 more, you can even buy a bundle that includes a Quick Queue pass and reserved seating for shows.




  • Get to the front of the line quicker



If you are a planning a trip to SeaWorld, you’ll definitely want to make time for the Journey to Atlantis. The roller coaster and water ride combo allow you to experience a ride that is as thrilling as it is refreshing. Your kids will enjoy feeling like they’re rafting and then soaring over the lost city of Atlantis and will compare shirts to see who got the most soaked. No matter which park you go to, the Journey to Atlantis is sure to be the highlight of their trip and will give all of you memories to last a lifetime.

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