If amusement parks were to be classified the same way as restaurants are, Kennywood Amusement Park would certainly be fine dining.

With a rich history, a mixture of classic and modern rides, and being one of only two amusement parks designated a National Historic Landmark; Kennywood Park definitely deserves a top spot on your bucket list.


Seriously though, this is one place you really need to visit before you kick the bucket.

And if you have a family, one of the best things you can do for them is taking them to Kennywood Amusement Park. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it (and you can thank me later).

So, why am I making such a fuss about this amusement park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Simple, let me show you why.

Kennywood Amusement Park – A Historic Park in a Historic Setting

Even before anyone had the idea of building an amusement park on the ground that is now Kennywood Park, the location already had some historical significance.

Kennywood Park is located on the historic battleground of the July 9, 1755 Battle of the Monongahela. This is the place where the British general, Edward Braddock, was mortally wounded, ending his mission to capture the French Fort Duquesne during the French and Indian War.

The great George Washington was a colonel to Braddock at that time and also fought at the battle before they eventually retreated.

Later, the land on the bluff above the Monongahela River became part of a farm that was owned by Anthony Kenny. Because of its picturesque beauty, the site was a popular picnic grove for locals and became known as “Kenny’s Grove”.

The first steps that were to lead to a formal amusement park were taken in 1898 by the Monongahela Street Railways Company. Seeking to increase fare profits on the weekends, they leased the land from the Kenny family for the purpose of creating a trolley park at the end of their line.

From then on, the amusement park shaped up quite quickly, with the first roller coaster, the Figure Eight Toboggan, being added to the park in 1902.

What started off as a simple picnic spot quickly grew into one of America’s most popular amusement park, and the combination of thrill rides and other recreation venues (like swimming pools) made it one of the best family-focused fun centers of its time.

And to date, Kennywood Amusement Park continues to grow, not just in infrastructure, but in the hearts of families all over the country.

Let’s take a tour of this amazing family-centric amusement park and find out why many families have fallen in love with it.

Kennywood Amusement Park – Entertainment Galore for the Whole Family

From the time of inception, Kennywood has valued family entertainment, making it one of America’s best family entertainment centers. And as it is with wine, so is it with Kennywood Park, it becomes better with age. With many additions to the rides and attractions for the 2018 season (which also happens to be the park’s 120th anniversary), there’s definitely enough reason for the excitement that has always charged the atmosphere at America’s favorite traditional amusement park.


And with over 40 rides and attractions, there’s bound to be more than enough entertainment for every member of the family. Here are a few highlights of what you can expect at Kennywood Amusement Park.

Don’t worry, I know that with this number of rides and attractions, it’s easy to get lost here. Fortunately, a simple look at the Kennywood Park map will help you make a bee-line for your favorite attractions.

  1. Phantom’s Revenge

Formerly known as Steel Phantom, Phantom’s Revenge is one of the many thrills Kennywood Park has to offer.  When it was built in 1991 Phantom’s Revenge held two records – one for the fastest coaster in the world, and the other for the coaster with the longest drop.

Speaking of drops, unlike most roller coasters, Phantom’s Revenge’s second drop (which goes through another coaster’s structure) is longer than its first drop.

Although Phantom’s Revenge doesn’t hold those records anymore, it is still an amazing ride that is sought out by many roller coaster enthusiasts from all over the world.

After the 2000 season, Phantom’s Revenge went through a facelift which mostly involved removing the 4 inversions.

If it’s an off the chart thrilling adventure you are looking for, Phantom’s Revenge is an 85 MPH ride that features a 230-foot second drop. All this action takes place on 3,365-feet of track that has a series of exhilarating banks, twists, and turns.

  2. The Aero 360

Aero 360 is an interesting Ride that is attached to the iconic gigantic yellow Kennywood Arrow. The ride swings like a pendulum, with each swing taking it higher and higher until it culminates in it doing a 360 over the top experience.

With legs dangling in in the air, the pendulum motion is sure to give you and your family some stomach-turning excitement – especially when it tips you upside down.

  3. The Black Widow

If you are looking for a zero-g experience without having to go on a roller coaster, the Black Widow is definitely the ride for you. Standing at 90-feet, this gigantic circular ride can take you and 39 other passengers to a dizzying height of 146-feet, all the while swinging you in a circular motion.

The feeling of weightlessness that comes as a result of this rides motion is a coveted experience among many thrill seekers.

  4. Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Kennywood is one of the oldest attractions on site, having been built in 1936. And like its biblical namesake, it has survived a couple of floods that threatened its construction and existence.

Over the years, Noah’s ark has undergone some changes, many of which were not appreciated by its visitors. But the latest version goes back to its roots and gives visitors exactly what they want – walking through a whale’s mouth into an area filled with lots of different species of animals.

This is an interesting walk through history and nature and will definitely be a highlight of your children’s Kennywood Park adventure.

Kennywood Park – Time for Some Family Fun

Ready to go on your best family adventure yet? Then it’s best you get started. Kennywood Amusement Park tickets are available online. And if you need to make some inquiries, you can find the Kennywood Park phone number and any other details on their website.

Time to have some fun!

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