Don’t let the name fool you! Knott’s Berry Farm is much more than an ordinary farm. It is a fun-packed theme park with so many exciting things to do and see. Every bit of the 160-acre amusement park has something for you to enjoy.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, prepare to be electrified by the sheer speed of some of the roller coasters here. If you just want to have a laid-back type of fun, there are a number of slow, peaceful rides, water parks, and immersive storytelling shows. If you are into ghost stuff, Knotts Scary Farm will have you shaking with their hair-raising scare shows. However, you will need to get separate Knotts Berry Farm tickets for the scary farm. There’s something for everyone.

For a fun and memorable weekend or vacation at the Knott’s Berry Farm, here are some exciting things to do:

Must-Do’s in Knott’s Berry Farm 

1. Take a Ride in the Xcelerator

It is hard to find the right words to describe the sheer fun and awesomeness of the Xcelerator. But one thing is for sure – it’ll be the one of the wildest fun you’ll ever have. It is not just fast, it’s crazy fast. Just imagine going from 0 to 82 mph in less than 3 seconds!

But speed is not all there is to enjoy on the Xcelerator. Unless you keep your eyes closed throughout the whole ride (most people do), you will also get to take in the beautiful scenery of the whole farm.

2. Experience the Supreme Scream

If you can handle a few scares, hop into the 252-foot tower and find out why they call it the Supreme Scream. This exhilarating ride will take you all the way up, only to drop you back down at speeds of up to 50 mph.  If you think three seconds is a short time, try to live through it in pure weightlessness!

3. Ride through the Calico Mine

A little bit less nerve-wracking, but just as much fun is the Calico Mines. You can tour the mines in an ore cart and experience the newly added mining scenes, modern LED lighting, and animatronic characters.

4. The Boomerang Experience

So, you think you’ve seen all there is to crazy rides? Think again. Imagine being turned upside down repeatedly at electrifying speeds of 50 mph! And just when you think it’s over, it all starts again, but in the opposite direction.

You better find something to hold on, because it will get crazy – and dizzy.

5. The Silver Bullet Ride

Another crazier and faster ride than the Boomerang. The Silver Bullet moves at a speed of 55 mph with an almost instant acceleration. It will take you up, down, upside down, and reverse.

Just don’t board it with your flip flops on, you’ll lose them.

6. The Mystery Lodge

If you want less thrill and more awe and mystery, this is the perfect show for you. Get ready to be amazed by the special effects and the magic of ancient American storytelling.

Spoiler: the storyteller mysteriously disappears in a puff of smoke after the story.

7. The Timber Mountain Log Ride Experience

This was among the first log rides in the world. It is believed to the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Splash Mountain. It features classical themed scenes with incredibly detailed and amazing characters. A definite must-do!

8. The Sierra Sidewinder

This ride is not for the faint-hearted. It features numerous twists and turns that will leave your heart pounding with excitement. There are cameras to videotape your whole experience so that you can see your scared faces when the ride is over.

The ride might not be as fast as others on the farm, but you can be sure that the videos will be funny and priceless.

9. Lounge in the Serene Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

For a great weekend getaway or vacation, you’ll need top-notch accommodation where you can relax after a long day at the theme park.

If you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil environment, the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel is just the place for you.

It has exquisite pools and hot tubs, excellent sports courts, and a fitness center among other great amenities. The food is just brilliant, from all-American dishes to scrumptious exotic cuisines.

The family packages are very affordable. So, bring your whole gang and have some fun.

Knott’s Berry Farm Hours

The farm hours vary according to the season and time of the year. But typically most rides open at around 10 am and close at around 10 pm. So be there early to get the most out of this amazing park at the end of the day.

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