Las Vegas has over the years gained notoriety for being a gamblers hub. This is where some of the largest casinos give revelers the greatest thrills of their lives. But gambling at the table is not the only excitement to be found in Vegas.

On and off the Las Vegas Strip, there is another form of exhilaration that this dazzling city has to offer – rides.

And for the most part, the rides in this place are as unique as the city itself – you won’t find them anywhere else on the planet. Take for example the X-Scream, a mini-park located on top of the tallest building west of the Mississippi – the Stratosphere.

In all honesty, Las Vegas thrill rides are an experience every thrill seeker should definitely try.

Let me point out a few to you, perhaps I’ll be able to get your heart pumping and feet on the move to get you to these iconic rides.

Las Vegas Thrill Rides – Only in Vegas

As to be expected from a city built on entertainment, thrill rides Las Vegas-style never disappoint. So what can you expect from this city ride-wise? A lot, but I’ll only show you a few to whet your appetite.

1. The Canyon Blaster

When it comes to amusement parks in Las Vegas, Adventuredome is the amusement park you need to visit. In a hot region like Nevada, spending hours outdoors can pose a health challenge, and that’s why Adventuredome is a big fan favorite. Not only is it an indoor amusement park, but it has an excellent AC that will keep you nice and cool as you run around from adventure to adventure.

Speaking of adventure, one of the best rides you need to visit here is the Canyon Blaster.

The Canyon Blaster is famed for being the world’s largest indoor double-loop and double corkscrew roller coaster. It will take you on a heart-stopping back-to-back vertical loop track that ends with a helix inside the mountain.

To add to the thrill, this coaster takes you through some rocky red canyons that, and some points, it may feel as if you won’t be able to stop on time.

When you are looking for a Las Vegas thrill ride, this is the one you should head to.

2. SkyJump Vegas-Style

Everything that happens in Las Vegas is of epic proportions.

When it comes to entertainment, Las Vegas always goes the extra mile, and that is evident in the epic sky jump from the tallest building west of the Mississippi – the Stratosphere.

SkyJump Vegas is one of the most exhilarating activities you will probably undertake in your life.

Starting with a breathtaking view of the beautiful city 108 stories below you, you will see the city in a different light as you hurtle down at speeds topping 40 miles per hour. This 829 ft open air leap holds the Guinness World record as the highest commercial decelerator facility in the world.

So just jumping off it makes you be a part of something record-breaking.

Next time you are in Vegas, head over to the Stratosphere and take the leap. It definitely is one of the best thrill rides Las Vegas has to offer.

3. The X-Scream

Still on the Stratosphere, yes as in the building, there are a number of rides that you can enjoy ar heights that can make many people’s heads spin (but not you of course).

One of those rides is the X-Scream.

And yes, it will make you scream your lungs out – extra loud.

The X-Scream is a ride that shoots you off the edge of the tower (yes, 108 stories and 866ft up) in an open top car.

The ride car runs on a single roller coaster track which pivots in a vertical motion like a see-saw. The car rolls forward quickly past the edge of the Stratosphere – 27 feet past the edge to be exact, before it breaks sharply and then rolls back to the building.

The rolling back and forth of the car and the rocking of the track is designed in such a way as to take you by surprise and give you the feeling that you are about to plunge 108 stories down.

This is not a ride for the faint-hearted.

Just looking down at the world 866 feet below you is thrilling enough, but when you add the effects of the ride, this makes for one epic ride you will never forget.

4. The Las Vegas Voodoo Zipline

If you are looking for another unique thrill ride (Las Vegas has a lot of them) then you best try the Voodoo Zipline.

This one of a kind ride is one of Vegas’ most popular thrill rides, and that’s because it makes you fly over the rooftops of Las Vegas at exhilarating speeds of up to 33 miles an hour going forward. And if you choose to go backward, you can reach speeds of up to 20 miles an hour.

This ride lives up to its name as it truly is a magical ride that will definitely satisfy your thirst for death-defying thrills.

The Voodoo Zipline is definitely one of the best ways to get an exceptional view of the Las Vegas strip and other parts of Nevada.

And if you can’t stomach going the ride alone, don’t worry as this is a two-seat ride so you can go with a partner to help steel your nerves.

Ready for the thrill ride of your life? Then get safely strapped in and hold on tight – this is one ride that is off the wall.

5. Vegas Mini Baja Chase

If you prefer keeping your feet on solid ground, then this dune ride on the unpredictable desert terrain is just what you need. Slam on the accelerator pedal of your dune buggy, kick up some dust and go for the ride of your life as the buggy flies over some dunes and comes crashing back to earth in ways that will just get your adrenaline pumping like never before.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

The thrill rides Las Vegas has to offer cannot be experienced elsewhere. The only way you can experience anything like this is to revisit them. This is a perfect example of the famous saying, “What happens in Vegas…”

If you have the guts, see you in Vegas.

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