In 1979, Noah’s Ark Water Park, was established in Lake Delton, Wisconsin—under the name Noah’s Incredible Adventure. The now 39-year-old park, was created by the appropriately named Waterman family.

In the beginning, the Waterman family purchased just 205 feet of property in Wisconsin Dells. With this property, they created a bumper boat ride and go-kart track.

Over the years, Noah’s Ark was sold and purchased by multiple parties, expanding attractions and size with each purchase. The current owner, Palace Entertainment— an American amusement and entertainment company, purchased the park in 2012. Since the purchase, the now nearly 40-year-old park has become America’s largest water park.

The once small 205-foot property has expanding to a whopping 70 acres, full of fun water rides and attractions.

Noah’s Ark Water Park Rides and Attractions

noahs ark water park

Noah’s Ark currently has 47 water slides and 2 pools. Their unique size is paired well with a multitude of fun and exciting slides. Slides that are meant for people with a heavy appetite for thrills, and others that are welcoming for each member of the family.


“The World’s Largest King Cobra employs a unique design to create one of the most thrilling water slide experiences in the world.” Noah’s Ark says.

This a tube water slide that creates completion between riders. Starting at an astounding 6 stories high, riders race side-by-side, in attempt to reach the ride’s summit first. With the thrill that starts right away, you’re more likely to think about finishing the ride in one piece, rather than the race.

Raja includes 335 feet of twists and turns. Riders will hit speeds up to 32mph! This is extremely fast for a tube water slide. Once a rider has gotten through all the twists and turns, there is no time to catch their breath, as they will drop 37-foot into the mouth of Raja.

Black Anaconda

“At over 1/4-mile long, Black Anaconda is America’s Most Thrilling Water coaster.” Noah’s Ark says.

Black Anaconda is raft ride that sits up to 3 people. Riders will travel at speeds nearing 30 miles per hour. Rushing water pushes the raft up Its 6 hills or humps, creating a sense of weightlessness every time.

This very drenching ride is open during the hills and is completely Inclosed in a black tube during its turns— reminiscent of being trapped in the belly of an anaconda.

Scorpion’s Tail

Scorpion’s Tail is sure to get your heart racing before the ride even begins. This is Noah’s Ark Water Park’s most thrilling ride and it does not disappoint. With Scorpion’s tail, far removed are the days when Noah’s Ark specialized in a simple bumper boat ride.

At the top of the ten-story high ride, step inside the inclosed compartment onto a dropping platform. Once the anxiety has built to the max, the platform opens, dropping riders at more than 50-feet per second.

Scorpion’s Tail is 400 feet long and includes a nearly vertical loop—a first for an American water slide.

The Point of No Return

“The Point of No Return offers a jaw-dropping, hair-raising, nearly-vertical plunge that literally blurs the line between “thrill” and “pure terror”. Yeah, it’s that good.” Noah’s Ark says.

This 100-foot-tall body slide takes just 5 seconds to reach the bottom. At the top of The Point of No Return, riders lay down with their arms crossed on their chest.

When it is time to drop, gravity will take over on this vertical style slide, leaving those who dare to ride— with no time to catch their breath.

Time Warp

time warp noah's ark

Time Warp Is the largest bowl slide in the world. As its name would suggest, riders will feel displaced as they travel on a 4-person raft.

“Wave goodbye to the present as your 4-person raft sets off into the Great Unknown, then plunges into the warp at hyper-speed and takes a wild spin through time and space.” Noah’s Ark says.

At the beginning, Time Warp is open above you, allowing for people to get on their raft. Once the ride has begun, the raft enters a dark, enclosed tube. Riders will then enter the bowl—where they will spin until they are eventually sucked up through the large opening in the bowl.

Picture this ride as a large toilet being flushed. Rushing water is circulating around the bowl until it eventually gets flushed down into the drain.

Time Warp is a great ride for thrill seekers who want to experience the thrill with their friends or family. The 4-person raft allows for riders to see the wild facial expressions of those sharing the raft. Expressions that only accompany a thrilling ride.

Sting Ray

Sting Ray is a unique slide. It is the only double slide that exists in America. You can either ride by yourself or ride with a partner. Riding with a partner will provide the best experience because each rider directly faces each other, rather than the slide.

As Sting Ray twists and turns, either you or your fellow rider will see what comes next during the ride.

This fear inducing slide will make your day when you see what your partner is physically experiencing, especially when they can’t see what is about to happen. This is if you are fortunate enough to not be the one riding backwards. If you do happen to go backwards at any moment during the ride, be prepared for a lot of screaming and laughing.

Congo Bongo

Congo Bongo offers Noah’s Ark’s highest rider capacity. This 5-person raft ride is great fun for the whole family.

With its over 700 feet of twists and turns, Congo Bongo is a relatively long duration ride that with provide any group or family with plenty of laughter, as well as screams.

The giant circular raft continually spins as throughout the duration of the ride. There is no way of knowing or controlling who will be going down backwards during scariest parts of the ride. This adds a high level of thrill to a a ride that is garnered toward a family.

Other Noah’s Ark Attractions

water noahs ark water park

Though Noah’s Ark Water Park does provide plenty of thrill, they do offer attractions suitable for all members of the family. Big Kahuna Kiddie Area allows for younger members of the family to have their own fun. This water playground offers water fountains, canons, and swings—suitable for younger children. This attraction is a mini park for children who do not reach the height requirement for the more thrilling rides.

For people looking to relax, Adventure River is a great attraction. Riders sit back on tubes while they gently move down the slow-moving river. However, be careful, as a rogue waterfall may disrupt your relaxation. Adventure River offers solo tubes or family tubes.

People who are looking for an ocean experience in the Midwest, Big Kahuna Wave Pool is the perfect fit. Ocean sized waves a made every 10 minutes, allowing for plenty of body surfing.

Noah’s Ark Events and Pricing

The 39-year-old park is now thriving. Besides being the largest water park in America, Noah’s Ark offers numerous park events during their operation year between Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Noah's Art is a new annual event that occurs in July. Skilled artists create 3D chalk drawling on the concrete throughout the park, creating optical illusions that will impress people of all ages.

Arktoberfest is an annual event that takes place during Noah’s Arc’s last weekend of yearly operation. This event celebrates all things that are Wisconsin. Patrons are able to sample true Wisconsin beer, while snacking on delicious food. Live performances are also offered as way to celebrate the end of the year for Noah’s Ark.

Park admission varies by age and height. People over the age of 55 are given the discounted price of $24.99. The same price is offered to children with a height of 36 to 47 inches. Admission is free for children under 36 inches.

2019 General Admission 


Premium Pass


Unlimited Access to all attractions

For everyone else, general admission for the 2019 season at Noah’s Ark Water Park is $34.99. It sure isn’t 1979 anymore.

Noah’s Ark does offer multiple season passes with differing amenities. The $69.99 premium pass allows for unlimited access to all attractions, discounts on food and retail products, and enables each pass holder to bring up to 4 people every visit for a discounted admission.

Noah’s Ark Water Park has been a Wisconsin staple since 1979 and shows no signs of slowing down. It is truly one of the best water parks in America.

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