Many people who have visited PortAventura struggle to understand why this beautiful place is so underrated. With so many brilliant theme parks, exhilarating rides, and a sunny Mediterranean climate, this place has all it takes to be the most exciting destination in Spain, and arguably the whole of Europe.

This Universal theme park has two main sections – the Costa Caribe Aquatic Park and the PortAventura Park. These two areas have everything that you may consider fun in a theme park.

They have all types of roller coasters, from the slow rides that maximize on comfort to the nerve-wracking ones that frighten even the boldest daredevils.

Here is a list of the best rides and attractions at the theme park world:

Things to Do at PortAventura World

1. Shambhala

PortAventura boasts of the highest roller coaster in the whole of Europe – the Shambhala. This coaster also has the 8th highest drop in the world (256 feet) – more reasons why it should be on your must-do list.

Now, imagine covering this drop at an electrifying speed of 83 mph! It is the perfect thrill ride for daring roller coaster fans. After this, you’ll probably have had enough of roller coasters.

2. Dragon Khan

Long before the Shambhala debuted in 2012, Dragon Khan was the PortAventura’s largest roller coaster. This beast of a ride once broke the world record for the highest number of inversions in a single coaster circuit – eight.

It is a mabillard multi-looper and a bollinger that stretches across the rear end of the park, providing a lofty red backdrop to the China-themed section.

With a 148 feet ascend and a 161 feet 65 mph drop, Dragon Khan does not disappoint.

3. The Rapid Race

Get the gang in competitive spirit and experience holiday games in a whole new way. In six-speed lanes, you and your friends will cannon down on a mat and see who takes the day.

You just won’t get enough of the Rapid Race.

4. Hurakan Condor

When the Hukaran Condor was first opened in 2005, it was the tallest of its kind in Europe, with an impressive drop of 330 feet. Even though this record was broken by other rides at the park, that doesn’t make the Condor any less interesting.

In fact, the Hukaran condor is one of the most terrifying (yet thrilling) rides in the whole park. Being airborne at over 300 feet is quite an experience, especially with the scenic view from up there.

5. King Khajuna

Outside PortAventura’s main park, is the King Khajuna – the highest free-fall slide in Europe.

The King has an incredible height of 100 feet and 55-degree drop that will have you falling at speeds of up to 4 mph. You will barely have time to scream!

6. Furius Baco

Those who are lucky enough to have boarded this accelerator coaster will tell you how furious the Furius Baco is. The train is launched at incredible speeds of up to 84 mph in less than 4 seconds! How wild is that?

The Furious Baco also offers the unique ‘wing-rider’ experience, where two seats on each side sandwich the track leaving rides exposed to the Mediterranean weather elements of Salou.

If what you are looking for is a comfortable ride, the Furious Baco is probably not for you. It vibrates throughout and feels like you are glued to your seats at high speeds and sharp turns.

However, some people still enjoy the sheer toughness and thrill of the ride.

7. Tutuki Splash

Set on the Polynesian volcano, the Tukuti Splash is a boat ride like no other. At first, the water might appear calm and pleasant to ride on. However, things change when the boat heads towards a mighty fall. There is no escaping getting wet with this ride. Get the first or last seats for the best experience.

8. Stampida

The Stampida is located in the western area of the theme park. Despite being made of wood and being only 84 feet tall, this coaster can really rocket around the tracks. You’ll also be surprised by the amount of airtime the ride has, especially after the first drop.

Visit PortAventura World for a Fun-Filled Experience 

New theme parks like PortAventura World are giving destinations such as Disney Paris a run for their money with their creatively themed parks and innovative rides.

Even better is that their prices are relatively cheaper compared to other overhyped parks. You can catch one of the regular flights to Reus Airport (which is just a 10-minute ride to the park) and have a roller coaster experience like no other.

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