So, you may sometimes wonder to yourself, where is the roller coaster capital of the world? Who really holds the title? There is no easy answer to this question, but two amusement parks emerged some time ago that both claim they are the champion of the tracks. Yet, neither side will really concede the title. The amusement parks in question are Cedar Point and King’s Island. You may wonder what the controversy is all about, and why there is no clear winner in this dispute, so let’s take a deeper look.

The Roller Coaster Capital of the World Dispute

There are a number of roller coaster wonderlands out there, and not all of them in the US. Some are in Canada and also in places as far away as Britain, but the conflict as far as concerned domestically here in the US arises between the famous Cedar Point and the breathtaking King’s Island. Cedar Point makes claims that they are without a doubt the roller coaster capital of the world, but in review after review, there are many dissenting points of opinion.

King’s Island has a greater number of roller coasters which span more miles, and if this was the only criteria, you may want to judge them to be the capital. However, the quality of the rides may be better at Cedar Point, but that is also only a matter of personal opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person says is best may not be for another. The whole dispute comes down to a subjective opinion, so in the end no one can know for sure.

Comparing the Attractions of the Two Contenders

Cedar Point roller coasters are among the best in the world, if not the best as they claim wholeheartedly. Located in Sandusky, Ohio, this amusement park is located near King’s Island; they are practically neighbors. Cedar Point, just to clear things up, does claim on their website that they are the roller coaster capital of the world, so you can decide for yourself. Let’s review the facts about Cedar Point roller coasters and other attractions at the park so you know what to expect from them.
  • 17 individual roller coasters
  • 4 top roller coasters, both park and fan favorites “Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Valvran, and Millenium Force”
  • Slingshot ride lets you experience zero gravity as it propels you 360 feet high
  • Also features parasailing along a one-mile long beach area
  • 6 different craft beers are available that are made by a special Cedar Point brewery
  • See the sunrise over Lake Erie from 255 feet in the air
  • Food and accommodation arrangements are also available
  • Discounts are offered if you meet certain criteria
  • Fun Pix and VIP passes are available through their website

King’s Island amusement park is located in King’s Island, Ohio. This amusement park has a number of thrilling rides and excellent attractions that definitely place it in contention with any amusement park in the world as to superiority. There is no end to the fun here, with a host of rides, some of them world record holders and award winners. There are many features of interest to this park, and anyone who comes here will have a wild time without a doubt. Let’s take a closer look at what this awesome spot features:

  • “The Beast” is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest wooden roller coaster in the world
  • “Mystic Timbers” was voted the best new roller coaster and ride by Amusement Today in 2017
  • Features 9.2 miles of roller coaster track
  • Largest amusement park in the Midwest
  • “Banshee” ride send thrill seekers through seven inversions with speeds up to 68 miles per hour
  • “Diamondback” is the tallest and fastest roller coaster at the park rising to 230 feet and send riders speeding at 80 miles per hour
  • Shows are also part of the entertainment here at King’s Island
  • There are special events help periodically
  • Drinks and dining packages are available, some at discounted rates
  • Soak City water park also has water rides for kids of all ages

Facts to Know Before Choosing Your Winner

King’s Island and Cedar Point have attractive pricing and vacation specials available on their websites. You can find a host of potential options for vacationing to either spot that you would want to look over and evaluate critically before making your choice to visit. Before you make reservations and purchase tickets, talk to people and read reviews; oftentimes many reviews are factual and honest, but sometimes they are only opinions or written from a disgruntled negative point of view. Find out all you can from researching, and your budget is also an item that will need to be considered. In any case, both amusement parks have a great selection of roller coasters and other attractions. You may have to visit both to decide what constitutes the best one in your mind, then you can make a claim too!

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