If you’re looking for an adrenaline filled adventure the whole family can enjoy, why not go where Christmas lasts the whole year.

No, I’m not advocating that you go to the North Pole, but a place close enough.


I’m talking about Santa’s Village, Azoosement Park.

If you’ve never heard of this amazing place, let me fill you in. And get your bags ready because you’ve already missed out on a lot of fun that you can’t find anywhere else.

If we can be quite frank, most amusement parks are designed more for kids – of the bigger variety (yes, I mean adults). Just look at the height restrictions on most rides and you’ll definitely concur with me.

But Santa’s Village Azoosment Park is cut from a different cloth altogether, a cloth from the North Pole. Let’s visit this truly family-friendly amusement park, shall we?

Santa’s Village Azoosment Park – The Vision of Christmas All Year Round

Santa’s Village Azoosment Park is a theme park in East Dundee, Illinois themed after the North Pole. Initially, it was called Santa’s Amusement Park.

Glenn Holland, the original visionary, built it to look like Santa’s home and the North Pole would look to a child. This was a great idea as the North Pole is every child’s dream destination (and everyone, young and old dream of having Christmas all year round).

And so, to spread the cheer of Christmas to more months of the year, Glenn built a Santa’s Village amusement park in San Bernardino County, California, and later another one in Santa Cruz County.

The park in Illinois was the third park to be built and was billed to be the hub of a chain of Santa’s Village’s that were to be built across the country. Unfortunately, the other proposed sites were never built, and Santa’s Amusement Park in East Dundee was the last of its kind to be built.

From its inception in 1959 until it was closed in 2006, the park ran under the name Santa’s Village.

After closing in 2006, the park underwent extensive renovations and opened under new ownership and a new name in 2011. Upon reopening, Santa’s Village amusement park was rechristened Santa’s Village Azoosment Park. This was because of the addition of a zoo experience to the Santa’s Village rides that had already been drawing multitudes.

This makes Santa’s Village Azoosment Park the perfect combination of education and entertainment – the best edutainment park if I may call it that.

In fact, Santa’s Village was voted by Fodor’s Travel as one of the top 10 family-friendly amusement parks in the country.

So what makes Santa’s Village Azoosment Park worthy of your patronage? Let’s look at some of the attractions that have led more than 20 million on a pilgrimage to this one of a kind amusement park.

Santa’s Village Rides and Attractions

Ready to take a peek into Santa’s Village? Don’t worry; this kind of peek won’t earn you a place on Santa’s naughty list.

  1. The Super Cyclone Roller Coaster

The first ride on our list is one of the latest installments to Santa’s Village Azoosment Park – the Super Cyclone.

The Super Cyclone roller coaster is a 4-story tall roller coaster that has a track length of 1,100 feet and offers an amazing ride time of 1 minute and 20 seconds.

I know, what you’re thinking.


You’ve experienced better.

True, you may have experienced better on the “big kid’s” rides, but this is probably the first big kid’s roller coaster your kids will have the privilege of enjoying. The height restriction on the Super Cyclone is a short 48-inches, making it accessible to the smaller kids in your entourage.

After all, the philosophy of the Santa’s Village Azoosment Park is based on providing thrills to every member of the family, “from toddlers to tweens”.

But make no mistake about it, the Super Cyclone is well able to satisfy the need for a thrill the big kid in you has.

  2. Mega Velocity

For those members of your family shorter than 48-inches, this ride will afford them the thrills tailor-made for them.

Mega Velocity is a high-speed car ride that involves a lot of twisting, whirling, and twirling – enough to elicit shrieks of joy in your toddler. This is a two-person ride and you are mandated to ride with your toddler. And trust me, you will find this ride fun too.

  3. Xtreme Elevation

If heights are your thing, then you’ll definitely enjoy Xtreme Elevation. This is a 60-second ride up a 140-foot tall tower. And a 3-second drop back down.

This is one ride that will leave you feeling exhilarated. It definitely is not for the faint of heart.

  4. The Zoo

As for the part of the park that puts the “zoo” in Azoosment, your kids will definitely enjoy it. Santa’s Village Azoosment Park is home to over w200 animals, birds, and fish.

The little explorer in them (and the big one in you) will definitely enjoy spending time in this petting zoo.

Some of the exotic animals you can expect here are Muntjacs (a part of the deer family originally from China), Wallabies, and a whole lot more. And since Christmas is not complete without Rudolph, you will get a chance to meet the “horse-power” behind Santa’s reindeer as Caribou are also featured here.

If all this sounds exciting and you’re keen to know Santa’s Village Azoosment Park hours, you can take a sneak peek at Santa’s Calendar here.

Sky Park, Santa’s Village, California

Just like the Santa’s Village in Illinois, the first-ever Santa’s Village (the one in California) has had a colorful history that includes closure, rehabilitation, and rebranding.

After closing on the 1st of March 1998, Santa’s Village in California finally opened on the 2nd of December 2016 as Sky Park at Santa’s village. And, like the Illinois version, it continues to run with the Christmas and North Pole theme.

Live animals, rides, zip lining, hiking, and biking make up the menu of attractions in this family-focused amusement park.

Santa’s Village Amusement Park – Real Family Entertainment

If you are looking for an amusement park that truly caters to all your family entertainment needs, Santa’s Villages will definitely meet all your requirements.

Every member of the family is catered for.

So what are you waiting for? Best you start making all necessary arrangements to go and make some memories with Santa.

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