There’s no greater way to get your heart beating fast than climbing the tallest building.

And then throwing yourself off it.

In a harness of course.

That’s exactly what you get when you visit New Zealand’s Sky Tower in Auckland.

The Sky Tower bungee jump is one of the most adrenaline inducing, death-defying, heart-stopping thrills a dare-devil like you can participate in.

Auckland, New Zealand – Small City with a Big Jump

Auckland is a beautiful city in New Zealand’s North Island and is situated between two harbors on the Pacific Ocean. This multi-cultural Nation is a mixture of modern architecture and the middle ages. If you’ve ever watched the Lord of the Rings, you’ve probably seen New Zealand’s beauty, albeit under the name of “Middle Earth”.

That’s just how beautiful New Zealand is.

And when you go to Auckland, one of the attractions that will take your breath away is the famous Sky Tower.

The Sky Tower is a telecommunications and observation and tower located in Auckland’s CBD. It actually boasts of being the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere standing at 1,076 feet tall. It has become an iconic landmark that attracts multitudes on a daily basis, not just because of its height and unique design, but also due to an attraction that brings thrill-seekers from all over the world – the Sky Tower jump.

To get to the observation deck (which is 630 feet high) you take a glass-bottomed elevator up to the 60th floor of the tower, all the while enjoying 360-degree views of the city as you ascend.

And for a meal that is complemented by a spectacular view, you can stop over on the 52nd floor and enjoy a meal in the revolving restaurant, preferable after you take the jump of course, lest you lose your food in midair.

Let’s get to sky jumping now, shall we?

Auckland Sky Tower Jump – Fly Like Superman

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to hurtle through the sky like Superman, you have the chance to find out at the Sky Tower.

The Sky Tower Sky jump is similar to bungee jump, the only difference being that you won’t bounce up. But though the experience is different, it is well worth it, and worth the visit to Auckland.

After donning your space suit like sky jumpsuit and being safely harnessed, you jump off the tower and take a guided fall for approximately 11 seconds, hurtling towards the ground at a break-neck speed of 52 miles per hour.

Don’t get me wrong, just because it’s a guided fall doesn’t make it any less exhilarating.

The only reason for the wires that guide your fall is to ensure you don’t dash your head against the wall of the tower when a gust of wind tries to blow you into the building.

After the 11 seconds, you will start descending slowly till you land safely in the Sky City Plaza below.

And the best part – there will be some cheering fans (random strangers at that) waiting to give you the honor a hero deserves.  

The beauty of the Sky Tower jump is that even your 10-year-old can give it a try. Yes, the minimum age requirement for taking this epic leap is 10, and there’s no maximum as long as you have what it takes to keep your food in your stomach as you fall from such a great height.

And as they say, the more the merrier. The Sky Tower Sky Jump experience also comes with a group package that will help you save on fees while multiplying the fun you will have as you take the leap with your family, colleagues, or friends – cheering each other on of course and not jumping together (just had to make that clear before you got some funky ideas).

The Sky Tower is definitely the best way to view the whole of Auckland in a snapshot, and the Sky Tower Sky jump is definitely one of the best ways to get an adrenaline rush, not just in Auckland, but the world over.

And if you think the Sky Tower is a one trick horse, think again.

After the Sky Tower Sky Jump, Try the Sky Tower Sky Walk

If jumping off the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere is a bit too much for you, perhaps you can consider trying the Sky Walk.

Come on, you can’t visit New Zealand and not sample the thrills the Sky Tower has to offer.   

The Sky Walk is a 45-minute (approximately) walk around the Sky Tower on an outdoor platform that measures a mere 5 feet in width. Sure, that doesn’t exactly sound like an adrenaline-inducing walk, except that you will be taking that walk 630 feet above the ground.

Oh yeah, and there are no guard rails to keep you from going over. The only thing that will keep you from plummeting to the ground is the safety harness that instructors will put you in.

Make no mistake about it. Just because the Sky Walk is safe doesn’t mean it is for the faint-hearted. This is one walk that will definitely set your hair standing, your heart pounding, and your adrenaline levels going off the charts.

And as you walk around the tower, you will be able to take in the breathtaking views of beautiful Auckland, something you definitely can’t do on the Sky Jump.

The Sky Tower Bungee Jump – The Leap You Just Have to Take

Whether you are a thrill seeker or just passing through Auckland, the Sky Tower sky jump is a leap you just have to take before you leave the city. I kid you not; this is one experience you will not want to pass on.

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