If you are crazy about huge roller coasters, then this should be some exciting news for you – the Skyscraper is coming soon! Its design is already out, and construction arrangements are well underway.


This monstrous complex will beat the world record for the tallest rollercoaster at 520 feet and probably be the most sought-after ride in the world, but you will have to be a brave soul for this one. If the thrill of descending from a tall tower in a coaster train is a little bit too much for you, you will still be allowed to enjoy the breathtaking views without the adrenaline rush.

With such monstrosity looming in the near future, it’s only right that you start familiarizing yourself with it as soon as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming project.

The New Skyscraper Roller Coaster Review

1. Location

The Skyscraper will be located in a $200 million recreational complex in Orlando – the Skyplex Orlando. The complex will sit right on the junction of Sand Lake Road and the International Drive. The area is currently occupied by I-Drive’s Burger King. It will cover about 12 acres.

2. It’ll Be Taller Than What was Initially Planned

The initial outline of the Skyscraper limited the coaster to an eye-watering height of 520 feet. But in reality, it will have an incredible height of about 568 feet.

It is still hard to determine the rollercoaster’s precise size, but let’s wait until its finished.

3. Incredible Artwork and Add-ons

The Skyscraper will be a glowing landmark in Orlando skyline at night. This is according to the just-released blueprints. If they follow through with their plans, Orlando’s nightlife will never be the same.

The rollercoaster will also have a 360-degree video sign on its highest point that will glow up in an ultra-modern design.

4. The Roller Coaster is Not the Only Way to the Top

Even though the main attraction will be the Skyscraper’s roller coaster, you can use a 55-story elevator to get to the top of the structure where you’ll joy the scenic views.

5. It’s Use a Self-Powering Mechanism

The Skyscraper’s unique design will not use the chain lift mechanism like other ordinary coasters. Even if the designers wanted to use it, it wouldn’t be powerful enough launch the trains all the way to the top.


Instead, the trains will navigate the sharp turns and inversions with the help of S&S Power El Loco technology and plummet back down with gravity.

6. It’s Not the Fastest

The Skyscraper might be the tallest in the world, but it’s not the fastest. It has a top speed of 65 mph. This is by no means a slow speed, but it is not what you would expect from such a phenomenal ride.

Compared to the world’s fastest rollercoaster – Formula Rossa – it’s quite slow. The Formula Rossa boasts of an incredible maximum speed of 149 mph. That’s almost twice the Skyscraper’s speed!

While it won’t necessarily be a speedy ride, the Skyscraper will definitely provide you with a reasonably lengthy experience. Riders will enjoy a 5200 feet long ride in about three minutes.

It will also have a bigger capacity, as each train will be able to accommodate up to eight riders in one trip. It’ll be expected to ferry 1000 riders per hour.

7. It’ll Have the Highest Inversion on Earth

At the top of the coaster, the trains will circle around several times to allow the riders to take in the breathtaking view of the park. It’ll then plunge down in an inverted position. This means that it’ll not only be the world’s tallest, but also have the highest inversion.

8. Cost Per Ride

The price for one ride is yet to be set, but developers are adamant that tickets won’t cost more than $20. Considering the experience, the Skyscraper will be worth every penny.

When Can You Ride the Skyscraper?

It is a little bit hard to predict this. The construction of the Skyscraper began in 2017, and if everything goes to plan, you can expect to ride the world’s tallest roller coaster before 2020. Skyplex Orlando complex is also expected to host a number of sky-themed features including an extensive surf park, breathtaking zip lines, top-notch hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, and a game arcade.

For now, all there is to do is wait and see.

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