When Arrow Dynamics first introduced the first steel roller coaster in 1959 (the Matterhorn Bobsleds), the world of amusement parks changed forever.

Steel roller coasters are so called because of their steel tracks, as opposed to wooden roller coasters that feature laminated wood in the construction of their tracks. Because they feature polyurethane wheels, they afford passengers a smoother and more stable ride.


So what difference did the introduction of steel roller coasters make?

How Steel Roller Coasters Changed the World

The introduction of steel roller coasters revolutionized the way roller coasters are designed and what they are capable of, ultimately leading to the greater thrills. Here are a few ways in which steel roller coasters improved over their wooden counterparts.

  1. Greater Speeds

Because of their innovative and advanced designs, steel roller coasters are able to go faster than wooden roller coasters – way faster. Take for example the fastest steel roller coaster, Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It can go at a top speed of 150MPH.

Very impressive considering that the current fastest wooden roller coaster, Lightning Rod, has a top speed of 73MPH.

  2. Higher Heights

Steel roller coasters don’t just end at breaking speed records, they also hold the record for the tallest rides too. Six Flags Adventure’s Kingda Ka currently holds the record for the tallest roller coaster in the world, standing at a dizzying height of 456 feet.

And it looks like it’s going to hold this record for a long time as none dare go higher than this.

  3. Crazier Tricks

If you thought speed and heights are enough to induce screams in everyone, you are wrong. For some adrenaline junkies, a coaster is not a coaster if it doesn’t throw you around like a rag doll, invert you at heights no normal human being should be dangling from, and that multiple times.

As for loop-de-loops, cock-screws, and cobra turns, I won’t even mention the way they thrill roller coaster enthusiasts (and spectators). These are best experienced first-hand.

And this is where steel roller coasters save such junkies from boredom as they are capable of taking riders on trips that are well able to satisfy their hunger for death-defying thrills.

  4. Insane G-Forces

Although the term G-force is used a lot to describe “forces” at play in roller coasters, G-force itself is really not a force but a product of acceleration.

The reason these G-forces are so important in a roller coaster experience is that they “alter” the way your body feels at different parts of your roller coaster journey.

From making you feel heavier and thus being squashed into your seat to being lighter and being lifted off your seat to feeling weightless, G-forces play on your body in ways that are just indescribable (and dangerous if not controlled properly).

All these sensations are only practically possible with steel roller coasters.

But what do you do if you are unable to get to a steel coaster?


Build your own.


No, I don’t mean the real deal. I know for a fact that your pockets can’t handle such an endeavor.

But you can build a working steel marble coaster model that is capable of doing everything a steel coaster can do.

Steel Marble Coaster Models – More than Just Toys

I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking you can get a steel marble coaster for Junior, but not for yourself.

But you’ll be surprised at how much these models are near realistic, not just in looks, but in the physics behind them. This makes them a project both adults and kids alike can enjoy (and learn from).

Let me show you a couple of them, perhaps you’ll see exactly what I mean.

  1. The K-Nex Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster

The K-Nex Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster is a massive project you will enjoy building with your child.

This massive realistic coaster is 3-feet tall, has a motorized chain lift and features an impressive 28-feet of loops, twists, and turns that make for an authentic roller coaster.

Not only will you enjoy building this roller coaster that resembles a scorpion, but you will definitely enjoy racing the two cars that it comes with.

This is the closest you can come to having a real steel roller coaster in your house. With the K-Nex Steel Scorpion Coaster, you’re bound to enjoy plenty of loops, twists, turns, and most importantly, family fun time without leaving your home.

How cool is that?

  2. SpaceRail Marble Ball Roller Coaster

The SpaceRail Steel Marble roller coaster is another great way to bring the amusement park home.

Spacerail is a spectacular roller coaster project and game that guarantees you and your kids high-speed action rides that feature wild rotations, daring loop-de-loops, and everything you would expect from a steel coaster.

Building the roller coaster itself is a challenge that you will enjoy whilst gaining some valuable physics lessons in the process.

One of the advantages of the SpaceRail Marble roller coasters is that they come in different difficulty levels and sizes, making them suitable for kids, teens, and adults at different skill levels.

These steel roller coaster models definitely make for a great project that you can work on with your child. Trust me, your child will love you more if you get them a roller coaster kit like these ones. As for the building project itself, it’s definitely one of the best ways you can bond with your child.

Steel Roller Coasters

So you see my friend, steel roller coasters have really changed the world in a big way. And they also have the power to change your family.

Here’s to steel coasters.

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