You’ve always preferred to live life dangerously. Ride or don’t. There is no try. No in between.

Ever since you went on your first roller coaster in kindergarten — Superman, Ride of Steel in Six Flags in Buffalo — few things actually scare you. Roller coasters are not one of them; you welcome them with open arms.

And now you have another coaster to conquer with the record-breaking, Steel Vengeance ride at Cedar Point amusement park.  


Located on the Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point amusement park is known as internationally as the roller coaster capital of the world.

It features 71 rides wherein some hold world records such as Valravn, which is the world’s tallest dive coaster.

The park is operational from early May to Labor Day in September. It then reopens only on weekends until the end of October or early November for its HalloWeekends attractions.

Known for its coasters, the park offers thrill rides, rides for ride warriors, family rides and kids’ rides. It also hosts a waterpark for those water babies who love catching the waves and aren’t afraid to try water slides such as the Lake Erie Nor’easter or Point Plummet.


Being the world’s first hyper-hybrid roller coaster, Steel Vengeance packs a mean punch against other coasters. The coaster is made from not just steel or wood, but a mixture of both — hence the term hybrid coaster. The Steel Vengeance opened for ride warriors on May 5, 2018.  

With a height of 205 feet, the coaster towers over even the most formidable coasters in the park such as the Maverick. It travels at a speed of 74 mph along its 5,740-foot-long tracks and ends faster than you can say “Vengeance is mine” at 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

In order to be one of the 1,200 riders of the Steel Vengeance per the hour, you must have a height of at least 52 inches.

To get a sneak preview of the thrill you’ll get while on the ride, check out this video footage of the front seat point of view on Steel Vengeance.


Formerly known as Mean Streak, the Steel Vengeance broke a few of the meanest world records for coasters in the wild, wild west.

Overlooking the park at a vengeful 205 feet, the coaster holds the title as the world’s tallest hybrid roller coaster. Launching you at a speed of 74 miles per hour, the Steel Vengeance also is the world’s fastest hybrid roller coaster. The coaster also holds the world record for both the steepest and longest drop on a hybrid roller coaster at 90 degrees and 200 feet, respectively.

Not only does Steel Vengeance get the most airtime on a hybrid or any roller coaster at 27.2 seconds, it also has the world’s fastest airtime hill on a hybrid coaster going 73 mph.

The world records don’t just stop at this ride alone. The park itself holds the world record for the most steel roller coaster tracks at a single amusement park which is 57, 865 feet or 11 miles long and most roller coaster track at one amusement park at 60,423 feet or 11.4 miles long.


The timeless story of greed, ambition, self-interest and revenge takes place in the mining community FrontierTown. In bustling FrontierTown, Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain learns the truth about how Beauregard “Maverick” Chamberlain earned his dirty money, his involvement with the local moonshine trade and the mining accident that cost Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey’s arm and life as a functioning member in society.

Maverick realizes that something is cooking between his girl Chess “Wild One” Watkins and Blackjack. The crooked mine tycoon bribes Blackjack with a chest full of C-Notes in exchange for his silence on his dirty deeds. But pulling a fast one on Maverick, Blackjack leaves town with Wild One as well as Digger and the three challenge Maverick by building the tallest, fastest and wildest coaster in the West: The Steel Vengeance.


Cedar Point amusement park offers several different accommodation options for you to either sleep among the coasters or just in walking or driving distance from Cedar Point gates.

Within walking distance of Cedar Point, the Hotel Breakers beachfront resort hosts 669 guest room and suites where many feature waterfront views and balconies. The resort includes wi-fi, luggage assistance, fitness rooms and an arcade. A short drive from Cedar Point, Castaway Bay hosts a respectable indoor waterpark, featuring a 38,000 square feet tropically themed pool. Many rooms and suites feature a mini-fridge, microwave and wi-fi connection.

Cedar Point Marina offers both a valuable boating experience and place to stay on Lake Eerie where you have a full view of the park. If you purchase full summer seasonal dockage, you’ll also receive two marina platinum passes and eight Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark day passes.


steel vengeance

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Whether you plan to come out to the park every day or one day during the summer season, Cedar Point also offers a variety of different tickets and passes.

In the summer 2018 season, park attendees paid about $72 to enjoy a day on coasters and at the waterpark at Cedar Point. With a season pass of about $144, park attendees had unlimited visits to Cedar Point and exclusive discounts. Park attendees who purchased the platinum pass got access to unlimited visits to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Water Park, free parking, special discounts, early ride times, exclusive ride nights, and free admission to Dinosaurs Alive.

The best place to purchase tickets is Cedar Point’s official website.


Built by advanced technology and with today’s standards of safety, the Steel Vengeance holds very well in a test of its safety. However, even still, the park has had a few mishaps with the coaster in the safety department, which it has since addressed with several policies.

During the opening day on May 5, one of the coaster’s train cars lightly bumped into a parked train car in the loading station, resulting in no injuries. About a month later, the roller coaster began operating with two of its three train cars.

In mid-July, park safety staff implemented a new mobile phone policy, which calls for riders stowing their cell phones in a locker or with a non-rider to avoid cell phones falling out while on the ride. About a week later, police arrested a young person accused of throwing a hot sauce packet from a moving train which injured several people.

On August 10, a rubber tire detached from the coaster’s drive system, resulting in the coaster’s shutdown and with riders escorted safely off the train cars without injury. In all instances, park staff followed all the safety procedures put into place and prevented as many injuries as possible.


While Steel Vengeance is the latest and greatest coaster at Cedar Point, it is surrounded by a good company of other noble coasters that put up a good fight alongside it.

Maverick Roller Coaster

Blackjack’s nemesis sure packs a punch in this coaster opposite the Steel Vengeance.

With a height of 105 feet, the Maverick roller coaster launches you at a whopping 70 mph speed back to the start of the track in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The first drop will take you down the park’s steepest angle at 95-degrees. After the second drop, you’ll experience the first ever twisted horseshoe roll, which is two 360-degree corkscrew rolls of opposite direction separated by only a 180-degree banked curve.

Millennium Force Roller Coaster

While the turn of the century didn’t bring about the apocalypse, it brought about this coaster which surprised many as an impressive force.  Being the first roller coaster at the time to top 300 feet, the coaster’s highest point is 310 feet. It also had the longest drop and fastest speed at 93 mph. This coaster will take you back to the start in 2 minutes flat. It is still ranked as one of the world’s best steel coaster for its speed and height.

Top Thrill Dragster Roller Coaster

3.8 seconds. That’s how long it takes the train car to go from a complete standstill to 120 miles per hour. Still better than some cars out there. Consider the coaster like a race to the finish line. From the start, riders are launched 120 mph up a 90-degree incline to a maximum height of 420 feet and then plummet down to earth in a 270-degree twist to the finish line. All of the excitement ends in 17 seconds. But it’ll be one of the more memorable 17 seconds of your time at the park.


roller coaster ride

If you’re ready to face a worthy coaster with courage, come out to face the Steel Vengeance. Blackjack will need all the help he can get to fight back against the immoral Maverick. Don’t hesitate to come to Blackjack’s aid.

It has the speed and height to match your thrill-seeking needs.

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