The summer season may now be over, but it’s never too early to plan your next vacation. Why not get started on your itinerary for a trip to the Beach? Not just any beach though, but the Beach Waterpark located in Mason, Ohio. First opening in 1985, the Beach Waterpark was designed for those in need of a tropical getaway without the need for a passport.

The waterpark would go on to attract over 300,000 patrons a year to their vast array of water rides, slides, other amusements, but prior to the 2012 season, park representatives would see a dip in the economy as the primary reason to close their doors.

At the time of closing, it seemed like the park would be closed for good, but luckily, Adventure Landing, a national amusement park conglomerate, would purchase the park and use the entire calendar year to revamp the Beach.

Now known as the Beach, an Adventure Landing Park, the water themed family fun center would reopen its doors for the 2013 season and hasn’t looked back since. Featuring 11 different waterslides and other fun for the whole family, The Beach Waterpark is a must-see destination for anyone wanting the sense of a tropical getaway without the hefty price tag typically attached to it.

What to Bring to the Beach

To get into the park, you must first make sure that you have either cash or credit cards with you in order to get into your beach getaway, as checks are not accepted. Food, drinks, and coolers should be left at home, as all these amenities will be available at reasonable prices inside the Beach’s gates.

If, however, you are in need of strict dietary requirements or have a newborn in need of formula and baby food—these special circumstances can make it possible to bring in your own food. Just make sure you inform the admission staff of your special needs prior to entering the park.

Although life jackets and other floatation devices are provided by the park, if you’d like to bring in your own, that is perfectly fine. The Beach allows for any and all outside floatation devices as long as they are approved by the United States Coast Guard.

To ride any of the water themed attractions, you must wear proper swimming attire which may be subject to park approval. Thonged bikinis, jeans, and traditional pants are not acceptable form of swimwear and should be left at home.

If you wear your swimsuit under your traditional clothing, a digital locker may be rented for the day to hold your non-swimwear as well as other valuables.

Make sure you also leave all alcohol at home, as it is against Ohio state law to bring any outside alcoholic beverages inside a park. There are several options within the park that allow for the purchase of alcohol, but all of them require valid proof of Identification so make sure you bring your ID to prove that you are at least 21 years of age.

The Beach Waterpark Slides

Covering a massive 35 acres of land, The Beach Waterpark offers 11 different water slides each of which provides a different type of thrill. The following are some of the must see slides available at the Beach.

Riptide Racer


This slide encourages competition. Riptide Racer is set up as four separate identical slides which riders travels down simultaneously by way of racing mats.

On the attendant’s mark, riders will race down the slides in hopes of being the first one down. There may technically be a winner for each race, but it is clear that anyone who participates are winners in their own right.

The Cliff

This slide is the largest body slide in the park and offers a tremendous amount of thrill. At the top of its five-story peak, riders are given some time to view the entire park from high above all the other attractions, but the sightseeing is cut short by the imminent plunge.

The Cliff sends riders down its entire length in a matter of three seconds. Don’t blink, or you might miss this incredible 5 story drop.

If you arrive on the weekends, you may even be lucky enough to see Cliff Man, a mysterious rider who has ridden the Cliff more than 20,000 times.

Cowabunga Curl

cowabunga curl


It’s triplets! Cowabunga Curl is a series of three 1,000-foot-long open-faced slides that interweave through each others’ paths— adding to the thrill of each separate ride.

Each slide offers intense straightaways and tight embankments sure to give you those coveted g-force feelings. Perform the trifecta and take a ride on all three sister slides. The thrill seeker in you will be glad you did.


 waterpark slide

This menacing slide is the longest in the Beach and will give you a firsthand nature lesson as it sends you through the neighboring woods.

Offering an intense 180 degree turn and an incredible 360-degree spiral section, Kamikaze is a unique riding experience that must be seen and experienced to be believed.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie slide


Do you have someone in mind who you would like to take a ride with? Take them on the Maui Wowie waterslide built for two.

Riders will be propelled by way of a double tube through an ultra wide slide that is sure two allow for plenty of spins, inversions, and turns on the way down.

This fan favorite is a great way to really get to know someone. Take your partner down this slide and you both will forever remember Maui Wowie.


Thrill rides are not for everyone and the Beach knows that. If you are more about relaxation than adrenaline rushes, you are absolutely in luck. The Beach Waterpark offers several attractions geared towards helping you relax and take your mind off of everyday life.

Big Surf Wave Pool

This massive 750,000-gallon wave pool is constantly being reimagined to provide the best possible guest experience. The Big Surf Wave pool is the central hub of The Beach Waterpark and offers an actual beach which precedes the wave pool.

Even if you don’t want to go in the water, you can relax under a cabana and be served food and drink from the cabana wait staff. If you are ready to take a dip, you can dip your toes in and then decide how deep you would like to go. The Big Surf Wave Pool offers progressive increases in depth that mimics an actual ocean.

You will never have to worry about the water being too cold as the wave pool is heated. The newly installed Kiddie Cove portion of the wave pool will allow the little ones to have fun separate from the larger crowd that will populate the main body of the pool.

There are several wave pools in the country that tend to forget about the whole wave aspect of the wave pool. That is not the case with Big Surf Wave Pool as the waves created in it rival that of the real thing.

If it isn’t too crowded, you may even be able to do some bodysurfing if that is your kind of thing.

Runaway Rapids

waterpark slides

Every great water park needs a lazy river and The Beach has exactly that. Well, sort of.

Runaway Rapids takes the traditional lazy river experience and turns it on its head. Close your eyes while traveling down this winding river and you will swear you are on actual rapids.

Complete with all the twists and turns of the real thing, Runaway Rapids will let you become one with the water in the best way possible.

Key Takeaways from The Beach Waterpark

The Beach Waterpark encompasses all that is a tropical getaway and places it in Mason, Ohio. The incredibly interesting and fun water park will provide you with all the amenities you’ll need, so just bring a swimsuit and a smile and they will provide everything else.

If you’re planning on purchasing some beverages of the alcoholic variety, make sure you bring your identification as well. Whether you are a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie or just like to take things nice and easy, there is plenty available for you at The Beach Waterpark.

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