Roller coasters have been a part of the entertainment industry since the Gravity Switchback Railway opened for business in New York City in 1884.

Ever since then, thrill seekers have been seeking a bigger, faster, and more exhilarating ride.

And feeding off the adrenaline rush that thrill nerds are always after, manufacturers have been competing against themselves in a race to create the monster of a ride that will satisfy the cravings of the masses.

When the Kingda Ka roller coaster at the world-renowned Six Flags Great Adventure Park, Jackson, New Jersey opened in 2014, it seemed that the pinnacle had been reached as far as thrill rides are concerned. Kingda KA is a multi-record breaking ride that boasts of being the tallest roller coaster standing at a massive 456 ft, is the second fastest roller coaster reaching impressive speeds of 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, and is one of the most sought out roller coasters for thrill seekers the world over.

Despite the thrills this monster coaster provides, adrenaline junkies still want more.

And this is where virtual reality rides come to the rescue.

Because of the physical limitations that bind roller coasters, theme parks and engineers can only go so far to provide the adrenaline fix thrill nerds are looking for. And because of that, all eyes have now turned to virtual reality rides.

What is a Virtual Reality Roller Coaster?

A virtual reality roller coaster is an amusement park ride that is out of this world – literally.

These are a special breed of roller coasters that incorporate the use of virtual reality headsets in order to give riders an alternate world experience.

The interesting thing about roller coaster rides is that they can be incorporated into existing roller coaster rides or simply enjoyed from another platform that does not conform to the standard definition of a roller coaster. In other words, you can enjoy a roller coaster ride without going anywhere.

The first publicly operated virtual reality coasters were opened in late 2015, and since then, many theme parks, engineers, and developers have jumped into the fray of creating the next big ride.

For theme park operators, the virtual world has made life easier as they don’t have to look for big pieces of land to create the next great roller coaster as was the case before. All this because amusement parks are making the shift from the physical dimension to the virtual dimension where space is not a factor.

That’s why, when you Google “virtual reality rides near me”, you will be surprised at results you will get – virtual reality rides in places near your location, and that in places where you’ve never seen a roller coaster before. This is simply because large warehouses are being turned into spectacular virtual reality rides.

For thrill seekers, virtual reality rides have opened up a whole new world of thrills.

All hopes for a bigger and faster ride were lost when no-one dared challenge Kingda Ka for the crown of being the tallest ride on earth.

But with virtual reality roller coasters, the game is changing, and bigger, faster, and more thrilling will always be a reality.  

Virtual Reality Rides – Why All the Hype?

I know many traditional thrill seekers are still unsure about the experience offered by virtual reality rides. After all, they say, the whole experience has to be physical.

True, I get their point.

But the reality is that even our physical lives are a virtual reality to a certain degree. Hold on, don’t stone me for being a heretic before I explain myself.

I boldly make that statement based on the fact that most of us don’t see life the same way. It’s all based on individual perception. You and I can be in the same situation and yet perceive it differently. Coward that I am, I will probably feel afraid, but thrill seeker that you are, you will see an adventure.

And that is what virtual reality and the rides it sponsors are based on -giving you an alternate perception of where you are and what you are currently experiencing.

In short, the thrill and the experience that virtual reality rides give is real.

But why the hype though?

The reason virtual reality rides are very popular is simple. Unlike traditional rides, they take you into a completely different world.

It’s an immersed experience.

Unlike traditional roller coasters, the experience goes beyond height, speed, twists, and turns.

With virtual reality rides, you can go under the sea, into a futuristic world, or even go into the past and be chased by a firebreathing dragon.

A great example is the new ride at Six Flags Great America – the Drop of Doom.

Yes, as the name suggests, this is a VR scary roller coaster ride. And that in both senses. If you are looking for a very scary roller coaster ride in another dimension, then go battle some frightening mutant spiders on this amazing ride.

It definitely won’t disappoint.

This is why there is so much hype over virtual reality rides, they take you anywhere and give you amazing experiences you can have on a traditional ride. Heck, these rides are rides into another world, and that is why they are worth every penny you pay for the out of this world experience.

Ready for Your Next Great Thrill?

If you are looking for your next great thrill, there is only one way to go – virtual. Especially for those adrenaline junkies who have seen it all, done it all, and experienced it all, it’s time to get your adrenaline fix in another dimension.

Why not give the new ride at Six Flags Great America a shot. I know you will enjoy the combined thrill of a roller coaster and the excitement of doing gun battle with a mutant spider (that spews out its babies at you) in a futuristic world.

Thrills have taken a new twist, a twist into another dimension. But they still get the adrenaline flowing.

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