Virtual reality roller coasters are here, and they are a revolution in innovation for the thrill seeker and amusement park enthusiast. Great Escape, a Six Flags theme park located in Lake George, NY, has the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster up and running and sending chills down everyone’s spine. There are also virtual reality roller coasters available at other Six Flags theme parks across the nation.

Powered by Samsung Gear VR and Oculus headsets, the “Steamin Dragon” is a virtual reality roller coaster ride unlike anything before in history, and the rave reviews promise an experience that will leave you breathless and back in line to ride again and again. This ride is a roller coaster VR where riders wear a wireless headset that permits 360-degree viewing with high-resolution imagery that is synchronized to the natural action and terrain of the coaster.

Attractions Details for Virtual Reality Roller Coasters

Simulating a battle set in the future, you will be warring to save the planet from alien invasion. Your mission will be to co-pilot a fighter jet solo while you are strapped in to engage in air-to-air combat simulation. Your jet will take off and also launch from a position on the edge of a skyscraper, all occurring as you drop down the first section of the roller coaster. You will be racing through a city environment to intercept the alien mothership, which is heavily guarded by alien drones. As you negotiate the turns and twists of the track, you will seek to shoot at and ultimately destroy the alien mothership.

There are a number of key important features to note about the new vr roller coaster. The new revolution offers some interesting and challenging new technological play features. The fact that the roller coaster has turned into an interactive game where the riders engage in simulated battle creates a whole new dimension in Six Flags roller coasters experience that no one will want to miss. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features here:
  • A 95-foot high straight climb to the top of a skyscraper provides a simulation many have desired
  • The roller coaster track has three full inversions including a double corkscrew and a full loop
  • The battle to save mankind travels through 1,600 feet of twisting steel tracks for a full-length complete adventure altogether
  • Mind-numbing sharp turns and steep hills make the journey harrowing and you will be on the edge of your seat with excitement
  • Speeds go up to 40 miles per hour
  • Choice of ride with or without the headset is available
  • There are no additional fees for using the VR headset – the cost is free with regular park admission price
  • Headset is secured with three straps, on and around the head and chin areas, as well as a lanyard
  • Headsets are always sanitized before being assigned for use on the roller coaster
  • No motion sickness has been known to develop from using VR gear
  • Roller coaster VR gear and headsets are not to be worn or used by children under the age of 12, this is strictly enforced to comply with manufacturers guidelines. You may be asked for proper identification to verify age before use is permitted if there is a question of age of rider meeting guidelines.
  • Headsets are routinely cleaned with anti-microbial cleaners and are sterile upon use
  • Headsets can be worn on and used at night for nighttime ride action

Know This When the Time Comes to Visit

There are several levels of ticket packages available for Six Flags theme park goers. There is a gold membership, season passes, and daily tickets good just for admission for that day offered either online or at the park location. Prices are available online or by calling but are subject to change. Group tickets can be purchased as well, and children under 2 years of age are admitted free to the park.

Other related deals and offers include the GO Fast pass, which allows you to skip to the head of lines and avoid waits, and private VIP tours which include special perks only for VIP tour members, such as a personal tour guide and front-of-the-line ride access for all park rides. Discounted meal deals are also available that will save you money especially if you visit the park on a regular basis. Digital photo passes will allow you to place your photos from Six Flags online for everyone to view and enjoy and keep safe for perpetuity.

Online parking deals will save you time when you get to the park with your parking passes in hand. Take some time and understand all the fees, and research places to stay nearby before you head to the park. There is a lot going on in the busy season and you don’t want to be unprepared, so plan ahead for every detail.

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