The famous Wet and Wild Orlando was opened in 1977, and after almost 40 years of operation it was closed down on December 31st, 2016 to make way for a new theme park called Volcano Bay.

Wet and Wild was initially developed by George Millay – also the founder of San Diego’s SeaWorld, but it was Universal Studios who brought significant changes and fun to the whole establishment when it acquired it in 1998.

It added more modern attractions like themed tunnel rides, exquisite dining options, cabanas, child-friendly play areas with slides, castles, jets, and soakers, and many more awesome structures.

Unfortunately, the famed water park was not attracting as much revenue as expected, falling behind other theme parks like SeaWorld’s Aquatica and Disney’s water parks. For this main reason, WetnWild was brought down for another theme park.

But was this move really necessary? Is the new Volcano Bay worth it?

To say the least, it is! When Universal Orlando first opened the water park, they were keen to refer to it as a state-of-the-art “water theme park”. The theme park was their third addition after Universal’s Island of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando.

Today, Volcano Bay is a massive and cohesive water-based experience full of park-wide mythology, exhilarating rides, and gorgeous aesthetic. You could say it’s an improvement from the old Wet n Wild.

Here are some reasons to visit Volcano Bay – the new Wet n’ Wild:

Reasons to Visit the New Volcano Bay

Here are some compelling reasons to try Volcano Bay – the new Wet n’ Wild:

There’s a Backstory to the Water Park

The Volcano Bay has a story – it’s not just a random volcano lying at the center of the water theme park.

Once there was a fiery god called Krakatau who ruled over the Waturi land, but his power and wrath couldn’t contain his beautiful daughter – Tai Nui – from falling in love with Kala, a native youth.

Krakatau decided to take matters into his own hands and banished Kala to the dark skies where he became the moon.  Tai Nui was overwhelmed with grief and her tears filled the seas. Realizing that he had done a mistake, the mighty Krakatau reached to the ground and pulled it to the skies, reuniting the two lovers and creating the great Volcano Bay.

In the water park, you’ll notice that most places and rides are named after the characters in the story. Every single thing is also themed to the story and your tour guide will gladly explain how the different rides on the volcano are connected to each other.

Lots of Delicious Exotic Foods and Drinks

If you are going to spend most part of the day at the park, you are going to need some food – good food. The Volcano Bay has a wide variety of South Pacific-inspired menu items. There are a number of five-star dining locations as well as food stands for fast foods. There’s virtually everything for everyone.

As for the drinks, there is a hotchpotch of cocktails and signature fruity drinks, including the somewhat bitter Guavaruma and the tasty Volcano Blossom beer.

You Get to Have Private Cabanas

The delicious tropical foods and drinks, roaring waters of the Krakatau waterfall, and the natural sounds of the island are best experienced in your own little private cabana. You’ll get to have an exclusive menu, a complimentary fruit plate, comfortable hammocks, as well as concierge services – the experience is worth every penny.

It’s your own little paradise to come to after a long day of fun at the Volcano Bay water theme park.

No Long Lines at the Volcano Bay

One of the most common hassles in any theme park is waiting in long lines. At Volcano Bay, you don’t have to do this, all thanks to the TapuTapu – a free interactive bracelet that you’ll be given at the entrance of the water park and give it back when you leave.

For you to ride on any slide, you’ll need the TapuTapu. When you arrive at a water slide, you’ll see the current wait time displayed. If you want to “get in line” for that specific ride, just touch the bracelet to the totem pole and you’re done.

You can now head over to the lazy river or wave pool, or grab something to eat. The TapuTapu will notify you when the time for your ride approaches.

You can reserve several different rides simultaneously. Just make sure they don’t start at almost the same time because you may end up losing one of them.

Wet n’ Wild vs. Volcano Bay 

These two water theme parks may have been located at the same place, but they both have different themes and experiences. While the Wet n’ Wild Orlando had some great memories over the years it was in operation, the new Volcano Bay is now making its own.

So make sure you visit the new Wet and Wild for a water-based experience like no other.

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