How High Is The Wicked Twister And Other Awesome Ride Facts

For thrill junkies and roller coaster enthusiasts, Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio is the ultimate amusement park for you. With over 70 rides and 18 exhilarating roller coasters, you’re sure to have a great time.

Cedar Point has several world-record hitting roller coasters in the world, including the Wicked Twister. This roller coaster is both the fastest and the tallest inverted roller coaster in the world. Hold on tight because you have more awesome facts about the Wicket Twister coming your way.

What Is the Wicked Twister?

The Wicked Twister is an inverted roller coaster ride created by Intamin that launches riders onto a U-shaped track that twists on each end.  It is a second-generation impulse roller coaster that takes riders both forward and backward using a LIM launch system.  Unlike most other roller coasters that have an extended track with sudden turns and dips, the Wicked Twister is more about the sensation and thrill of twisting high in the air at record speeds while repeating the same motion.

The Wicked Twister sits right against the beach of Lake Erie. It is a bright turquoise and yellow roller coaster that should be easy to identify since there is no other ride like it at Cedar Point. You can hear the ride’s theme song called “The Winner” by The Crystal Method as you prepare for this ride.

What Is an Inverted Roller Coaster?

Inverted roller coasters allow their riders to feel like they’re flying as their feet dangle in the air with nothing beneath them. The seats of an inverted roller coaster are connected to the bottom of the track, and there is no coaster car that riders sit into. The rider’s experience varies depending on what part of the roller coaster they are sitting in. Riders seated in the front see nothing in front of them so they truly will feel like they’re suspended in the air as they feel the rush of the wind in their face. However, the back seat often offers the most intense experience.

How Does LIM Work?

The Wicked Twister features LIM, or linear induction motor, technology to launch its riders into the air. LIM is a type of technology that relies on electromagnetic forces to accelerate an object. Basically, these motors create opposing magnetic fields that push forward a magnetic plate connected to the object they are trying to propel, which in this case is a roller coaster. This system removes the need for a lift hill or mechanical moving parts to accelerate the roller coaster.

When LIM was first used to power roller coasters, it was not very well developed. Since this launch system was originally used for trains, trams, and similar vehicles, the initial LIM roller coasters had difficulty going very fast. However, as technology has developed further, sensors and computers have helped turned LIM into what it is today. Now, LIM roller coasters can be found at almost every park, and people generally enjoy the electrifying feeling of being launched forward as soon as the ride starts.

How Tall and Fast Is the Wicked Twister?

Like already mentioned, the Wicked Twister is the tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster in the world. With a total height of 215 feet, you’ll feel like you’re soaring in the air before you take an exhilarating 206-foot drop at a 90-degree angle.  The Wicked Twister works its way up to speeds of 72 miles per hour and climbs up two 450-degree twists on either end. The ride has a total length of 2,700 feet. You can experience this exciting ride with up to 31 other passengers for a total of 40 seconds.

Is the Wicked Twister Safe?

The Wicked Twister passes through the main station several times, so it was built with several safety systems in place. There are “light curtains” on both sides of the station that are visible to anyone close to the ride. If anyone passes these lights, the ride will go into an automatic emergency stop. Also, if anyone shakes the platform gates too hard, another safety mechanism causes the ride to come to an emergency stop.

Who Can Ride the Wicked Twister?

Since the Wicked Twister is an intense roller coaster, you should take caution before allowing your children to ride it. All passengers must be 52 inches or taller to go on this ride, so most young children will not be tall enough to go on. Although there is no stated weight limit for this ride, if you are too heavy, it is possible the ride’s restraining mechanisms won’t work correctly, which would be unsafe.

People with a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, or any kind of other heart conditions should not get on roller coasters. Also, being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs puts you at risk, so if you want to ride roller coasters, you should probably limit your drinking. Pregnant women should definitely avoid intense roller coasters like the Wicked Twister since this could potentially lead to a miscarriage, especially during the third trimester.

When Is the Best Time to Ride the Wicked Twister?

If you are planning a trip to Cedar Point and want to ride on the Wicked Twister, you likely want to know when the best time to go is. Here are some factors you should consider before picking a date:

Operating Schedule

Unfortunately, Cedar Point is not open all year long, so you will need to plan your trip to the amusement park with the most roller coasters in the world during their open season. Cedar Point opens the first week of May and is open every day until Labor Day. After Labor Day, the park is open only weekends and most Fridays until the weekend before Halloween. The hours of operation vary depending on the day, but weekends are open the longest, from 10 AM to 12 PM.


Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio, which is often affected by rainstorms. No matter what time of year you go, there is a good chance you will have to deal with some rain. If this does happen and there is lightening, rides will close down until the weather clears up.


blooming flowers in spring

If you go in May or the beginning of June, you can expect the most rain and a large hoard of bugs everywhere you go. There will be smaller crowds and shorter wait times on the rides since school doesn’t get out until the beginning of June. However, spring is cold in Sandusky, so if you’d prefer not being in the cold or want to enjoy water rides, the water park, or the lake, you might not enjoy going to Cedar Point in the spring.


red leaves in fall

The fall weather in Sandusky is even colder than the spring. The rides will be short again since school starts in the fall. However, the park will only be open Friday through Sunday so you will need to plan on going during the weekend. The park doesn’t open until six at night on Fridays, and the Wicked Twister won’t even be open. Although there are some cool events that happen on these Friday nights, if your goal is to ride the Wicked Twister, you should go on the weekend instead.

If you love Halloween, you might enjoy going to Cedar Point during one of the weekends in the fall. After Labor Day weekend, the park starts what they call Cedar Point Halloweekends. You can enjoy fall activities like cornfield and hay bale mazes, fall-themed arts and crafts, a pumpkin patch, and classic fall food items.

There are also Halloween events catered around children like trick-or-treating, costume contests, and the Magical House on Boo Hill. Or if you want to celebrate your Halloween with scares and thrills, you’ll enjoy Haunt, which includes various haunted mansions and mazes, Halloween shows, and creepy “scare zones” where parts of the park are decorated and filled with spooky characters.


star fish and shells by the beach

Cedar Point will be the busiest because school is out and the weather is the warmest. Expect a lot of humidity and heat, which can be uncomfortable when spending all day outdoors in long lines. If you want to have a refreshing splash at the water park after you ride the Wicked Twister, it might be worth it to brave the crowds of summer.

Also, it might be a good idea to buy a Fast Lane wristband if you’re going in the summer so you can get on all the rides much faster than everyone else. The park only gives out a limited amount of these Fast Lane passes, so make sure to plan ahead and buy one in advance.

Why You Should Ride the Wicked Twister

people enjoying the wicked twister ride

With so many amazing, world-record roller coasters at Cedar Point to compete with, the Wicked Twister hardly gets the attention it deserves. With rides likes Maverick, Magnum, and Cedar Point’s newest ride Steel Vengeance, the Wicked Twister often gets overlooked since it doesn’t feature a long, divergent track. However, the Wicked Twister offers unparalleled thrills that you can’t find anywhere else in Cedar Point. That’s alright. It just means there is a shorter line for the riders who appreciate it.

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