The X2 roller coaster is a renovated and improved version of what was originally known as “X.” The popular extreme roller coaster is challenging enough for the most adventurous rider. If you are still able to think when you reach the top height, you might enjoy the amazing view of the city and surrounding area. But while 1/25 of a mile in the air may not sound like a lot, we can assure you that you’ll feel every single foot of it on the way down!

Location and Details of X2 Roller Coaster

Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Valencia, California, is the home of X2. Valencia is a planned community in Santa Clarita and is known for its landscaped streets that run between apartment buildings, homes, and shops. This extreme X2 roller coaster resides in the Baja Ridge section of the park and is one of the most popular rides. There is always a line, and wait times can exceed two hours, but the park can send around 1600 thrill-seekers an hour through this monster coaster.

Construction of X2 Roller Coaster

This is not your mama’s rickety wooden coaster – This was a steel coaster and originally installed in 2002. Following a spate of mechanical errors, they closed it in 2007 and transformed, thanks to a $10 million budget, with new third-generation seats and a new color scheme changing it from a pink and yellow theme to a vibrant red track with grey supports and cobalt blue cars. In addition to a more exciting color scheme, the changes to the mechanics and ride feature quickly made this coaster a legendary experience when it re-opened in 2008. The new, lighter-weight train system allowed for a 50 percent occupancy increase, with riders being four across in a single row on each of the three trains.

Unique Features of X2 Roller Coaster

Along with the amazing ride experience, there are a few other reasons that the X2 roller coaster has been named on Mitch Hawkers Best Roller Coaster Poll’s Best Steel-tracked Roller Coasters for 10 years running and won top honors with the Golden Ticket Award for Top Steel Roller Coasters for the last 15 years. An over-the-top sound system blares out a heavy metal soundtrack during the ride, and two giant flamethrowers above your head in the final stretch add to the excitement and drama.

Speed and Thrills of X2 Roller Coaster

There is nothing ordinary about this ride or about the seats. They are attached in such a way that they can rotate backward or forward and put you into a number of positions you may not be expected, independent of the train itself. Although this is considered a fourth-dimension coaster, this ride advertises this unique seating feature as putting you in the “fifth dimension,” creating an intense out-of-control sensation for riders. For those who may fear flying off the edge of the world, the trains are equipped with a pneumatic restraint system, and the seats are not actually free-falling but are in a spin controlled by the rails, speed, and angle to optimize your ride experience.


Beginning with a sharp 180-degree turn, the X2 shoots you 175 feet up at a sharp angle. Then a quick backward drop and another ascent to 190 ft. Each car turns independently forward or backward 360 degrees in a controlled spin. As they all plunge the 215 feet to the bottom. Following this drop, the track goes into a raven loop where riders are now lying on their backs and facing backward. Then flipped over to face down and forward as they come out of the loop. By now, most riders are hanging on for dear life and have the sensation of free-falling. Next, the cars spin 360 degrees, putting riders into a backflip, followed by again lying on their backs as they come back into the embarking station. All of this at 76 miles per hour (and covering 3,610 total feet of track). That is a top speed of 4 Gs. Just shy of the 5 Gs that may block your efforts to strain your muscles (to hold on – or hold your bladder, for instance) and cause you to lose consciousness. But the X2 doesn’t want you to miss an exhilarating, terrifying, awesome second of this ride.

Awesome Facts About Other Extreme Amusement Park Rides

Who cares about thrill rides? It is estimated that 270 million people visit amusement parks each year. And the ride enthusiasts among them take a staggering 1.7 billion rides each year. For those of you who are legitimate thrill seekers who just can’t get enough, you might enjoy these awesome facts about some other screaming-good rides.

Giant Canyon Swing – Glenwood Caverns, Colorado Springs, Colorado

This monstrous swing only holds four passengers at a time, but it is worth the wait. This simple, but thrilling ride swings you backward and forth. Over a platform and then out to 1300 feet above the Colorado River canyon at an amazing 50 miles per hour. Riders must be over 48 inches tall, be not more than a combined weight of 800 pounds. And they require riders to sign a waiver before embarking.

Colossus – Thorpe Park, Surrey, England

This Swiss-made steel coaster was the first multi-inversion coaster. And it sent the riders flying upside down 10 times in just 1 minute and 45 seconds. The ride includes a cobra roll, a vertical loop, five heart-line rolls, and two corkscrews. The surrounding scenery makes you feel you have discovered Atlantis.

Kingda ka Jackson – Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey

Kingda Ka is the second fastest steel coaster. As it literally launches riders, who must be over 54” tall, at a staggering 128 mpg, taking them 400 feet upward in just 3.5 seconds. And, immediately throwing them into a 220-foot drop ending in a barrel roll over the longest 28 seconds of their lives.

Tower of Terror – Dreamworld Amusement Park, Queensland, Australia

It launches riders forward at 100 miles-per-hour. Then straight up the side of a 377-foot tower, creating a sense of weightlessness for 3.25 seconds. It then allows the car to free-fall using only gravity, creating a sense of weightlessness for another 3.25 seconds coming back down. It slowed the car by electromagnets for a smooth finish.

Fahrenheit 451 – Hershey Park, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Fahrenheit 451, named for Ray Bradbury’s science fiction book of the same title, is a vertical lift, a 2700-foot long steel coaster that boasts a 97-degree, 60 mph barrel roll and no less than six inversions – the steepest coaster in the world when it opened, with a drop of 97 degrees. This ride is 1 minute and 25 seconds of terror.

Superman, The Ride – Six Flags New England, Agawam, Massachusetts

They thought Superman to be the top steel coaster in existence. It runs at a speed of 77 mph and features a 221-foot drop along its 5,400 feet of track. The park came up with the name “Hypercoaster” to describe this ride. Though it only lasts 2 minutes and 10 seconds start to finish, you may feel like a superhero in your own right after you’ve tackled this extreme coaster.

X-Scream Stratosphere – Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

This ride gives a whole new meaning to the term “hanging around”. The X-Scream Stratosphere consists of a 27-foot arm. With just one car shooting you 27 feet out from the face of the building. Hanging at a mere 866 feet above the street makes you feel like you are dangling weightlessly. Then suddenly it jerks you back, only to shoot you out again at a different angle. Each time you are sure you are plummeting to your death. But, no worries – it only feels like you are going to die, before returning you safely to a solid footing.

Banshee – Kings Island Theme Park, Mason, Ohio

At 4124 feet, this is the longest inversion roller coaster. This ride puts you through seven inversions with your legs dangling freely. It launches you at 68 miles per hour through a few seconds of zero gravity. Upon boarding, it immediately launched you into a drop while the sound of a banshee screaming adds to the terror. To make things more interesting, they turn off all the lights at night. And a fog machine is put into use, creating a terrifying atmosphere in addition to the drops and inversions. During the ride’s construction, a sign at the site read, “Due to the increasing occurrence of mysterious and bone-chilling screams, it has become necessary to close this section of the park. Until the cause of this evil phenomenon can be identified.”

Our Conclusion

As you can see, there is no shortage of thrilling and terrifying rides at amusement parks. It’s either around the country or the world. Each is faster, higher and more extreme than the last. As we have mentioned in your guide on riding X2 roller coaster and other awesome ride facts, you can stand in line for as long as two hours for a ride that may last a mere 28 seconds. But with twists and turns, barrel rolls, corkscrews, free-falling, zero gravity and screaming banshees, we are guessing it will be the most memorable 28 seconds of your life.

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