If you’re looking for one of the most exciting places to visit in Dallas, Texas, try the Zero Gravity Amusement Park. This park was founded in 1992 and is an excellent adventure for single, family or group. There are plenty of attractions to take advantage of in this theme park, and some unique rides you won’t want to miss.

If you are looking for a place to spend the day on a budget, consider some of the deals and coupons to help make it an affordable experience. Here are some of the key features of the thrilling Zero Gravity Amusement Park. We also bring helpful information to make this a memorable and budget-friendly adventure.


What Is Zero Gravity Amusement Park?

a Whirling Zero Gravity Amusement Park Ride at Night

Image: CC by 2.0, Michel Curi, via Flickr

This Dallas, Texas, amusement park consists of five unique rides. Each one is tall and fast, designed for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. While it doesn’t have the variety or number of coasters that other amusement parks have, it’s a very popular park.

With the right coupons, it can also be very affordable. For one person to ride a single ride, the cost is $34.99, plus tax. After that, the price for your second ride is $14.99, plus tax. There are a variety of ways to save, but this is the initial cost to ride. In order to decide how many rides you’ll want to ride on, here is a list of the five rides at Zero Gravity Amusement Park.

Bungee Jumping

This is not a unique ride, but a classic. Bungee jumping is the most basic, popular thrill-seeking experience at Zero Gravity Amusement Park. It’s a great way to begin your adventure and conquer your fear of heights. You’ll be protected by lots of safety features. This includes a large safety airbag on the ground, safety nylon straps, and an extremely elastic bungee cord.

You’ll dive to the ground and have a comfortable bounce. There are some restrictions to ride this ride, including weighing a certain amount, not having current injuries such as broken bones and not being pregnant. It’s an excellent way to begin your day at the amusement park.


Blue and Yellow-Colored Rockstar SkyCoaster at the Zero Gravity Amusement Park Ride during the Day

Image: CC by 2.0, Melissa Hillier, via Flickr

Fly through the air with ease on the Skycoaster at Zero Gravity Amusement Park. If you’ve ever wanted to fly alongside two of your friends at speeds of 60 miles per hour, then this is the ride for you. Using hang-gliding harnesses and steel cables, this ride lifts you 110 feet in the air. While lying down in the harness, three people will be swung, side by side, through the air.

It’s a great way to feel the wind in your hair and feel weightless at the same time. Because it isn’t a roller coaster, you get the full experience of swinging through the air. There are many safety restrictions for this ride as well, so be sure you are able to ride this thrilling ride.

Nothin’ But Net

If you want to truly conquer your fear of heights, consider this incredible ride at Zero Gravity Amusement Park. Rather than using safety cords, harnesses or bungee cords, you’ll simply be picked up and dropped 130 feet. This terrifying yet thrilling ride will send you hurtling towards the ground, only to have the most gentle landing in two reinforced safety nets.

These nets are stunt quality, so you’ll only experience a soft, comfortable landing after a death-defying fall. If you want a unique thrill without a parachute or harness, try this exciting ride.


Fast-Moving Skyscraper Ferris wheel at the Zero Gravity Amusement Park Ride during the Day with mountain and clouds at the back

Image: CC by 2.0, David Stanley, via Flickr

Have you ever wanted to spin at 4 Gs and 60 miles per hour? With the Skyscraper, you and a friend can swing in a cart at the end of a 165-foot windmill. It’s a great ride to experience with a friend, and you’ll feel more supported with the seat and safety restraints. You’ll also get a great view of Dallas and the rest of the theme park, so think of this as a terrifyingly fast Ferris wheel.

Texas Blastoff

For riders with a need for speed, the Texas Blastoff propels you from zero to 70 miles per hour in just 1.2 seconds. Fly to heights of 150 feet in the air, before bouncing and spinning back down at Zero Gravity Amusement Park.

This two-seater ride shoots you straight into the air, then uses bungee cords to let you plummet back in a bouncing and unexpected fall. There’s plenty of features to keep you safe, and you’ll love riding this with a friend.

Who Should Go at Zero Gravity Amusement Park?

Men and Women inside the Zero Gravity Amusement Park Ride during the Night

Image: CC by A-SA 2.0, basic_sounds, via Wikipedia Commons

Zero Gravity Thrill Park is a great place to go on your own, with a friend or with a larger group. Most rides are designed for two people, but you’ll love watching your friends and family ride as you wait for your turn. There are special discounts available for groups, so be sure to bring the whole family or all your friends if you want the best discount.



Zero Gravity Amusement Park offers several great deals. First, you can get a discount if you buy multiple tickets. You can buy a ticket for five rides for just $79.99, plus tax. This saves you almost $20. It’s a great way to save if you can’t decide which ride to go on. There’s also combination packs, which include one, two or three tickets, a video recording of your ride and a T-shirt.

The single ticket combo is $62.98, plus tax. If you want to get the entire day on video, try the summer special. You’ll get five rides, all recorded, for $92.38, plus tax. There are plenty of other deals on the website, and Zero Gravity has new offers to promote different holidays as well. Riding roller coasters always give that chills though.

Group Deals

Parents and Kids' in front of a Carousel who came as a group at the Zero Gravity Amusement Park Ride during the day

Image: CC by A-SA 2.0, Cory Doctorow, via Flickr

If you have a large group, you’ll save even more by ordering together. There are two ways to save money as a large group at Zero Gravity Amusement Park. First, you can buy combination tickets for each individual, so everyone can ride all five rides. Or, you can buy bulk packs of tickets and have 10 or more tickets to divide any number of people.

For the combination tickets, you’ll pay just $57.90, plus tax, per person. As long as you have 10 or more people, you’ll each save $20. If you don’t have 10 people, or if some people in your group won’t ride each ride, you can buy packs of tickets. As long as you have five or more people, you can pay $229.00 for 10 tickets.

That way, you’ll save at least $100 and can save more by buying larger packs. It’s similar to the 10-person combination deal but gives you more flexibility if you don’t want to ride all five rides. Regardless of the number of rides you choose, you have the opportunity to save a lot of money if you come with a group of five or 10 people.

Groups 10 or more should plan ahead and make a reservation.

Zero Gravity Amusement Park Coupons

The group deals are always available from the website or at the ticket booth, but there are also coupons available for more savings. If you are on a tight budget, consider looking for coupons from third-party sites, such as Groupon. Groupon often offers several coupons, including two rides for the price of one.

You can also find coupons for 43 percent off two rides for two people. Coupons often change, so be sure to check frequently. Other websites, such as LocalFlavor.com, can also have coupons. Zero Gravity Thrill Park often runs specials during certain holidays, so be sure to check on coupons. Even holidays such as Father’s Day can have great savings.

Safety Considerations

Adults and Kids Enjoying on swing Carousel at the Zero Gravity Amusement Park Ride during the day

Image: CC by 2.0, Giulio Mola, via Flickr

There are many restrictions when it comes to riding these rides. In order to maintain a healthy level of safety, each ride has its own specific restrictions due to swing carousels and roller coaster design. In general, you should be at least 4 feet tall. You can’t ride any ride while pregnant or have any broken bones or circulatory disorders.

Most rides also have weight minimums and maximums, so be sure to check each ride carefully. As laws change, these restrictions might change, too. Don’t assume you can ride it just because you have in the past. It’s always a good idea to double-check safety requirements.

Helpful Tips

Make sure you have reservations for larger groups and plan ahead which rides you are most interested in. Bulk tickets and combination passes are only affordable if you are interested in each ride. All of the rides are outdoors, so be sure to check the weather.

Zero Gravity Amusement Park offers a raincheck if you have to cancel due to the weather, but save yourself the trip and make sure you go on a clear day. The park is only open in the afternoon and evening, but it is open seven days a week. Be sure to check the restrictions before purchasing tickets, as some people may be too tall, short, heavy or light to ride certain rides.

End the Trip at Zero Gravity Amusement Park with Fun

As an amusement park, Zero Gravity Thrill Park provides you with plenty of death-defying and adrenaline-seeking experiences. Whether you want to conquer your fear of heights or fly fearlessly through the air, each ride is designed for ultimate safety and maximum airspeed. Check out the deals and coupons for this popular amusement park, and get ready to fall, fly and swing through the air.


Featured Image: Logo of Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park used with the permission of GoJump.com 

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