The 10 Best Clear Ice Cube Maker Reviews:

1. True Cubes Clear Ice Maker

True Cubes Clear Ice Maker

Crystal Clear

True Cubes offers a simple solution to the age-old issue of foggy ice and finally makes it possible to produce clear ice from normal tap water at home. It uses the same freezing process found in nature to make a perfectly crystal clear cube of ice.

Proven Purity

To test the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reduction of the True Cubes freezing process, we started out with a sample of typical tap water (TDS of190). After freezing the same tap water with True Cubes and melting it again, we found the TDS was down to an astonishing value of less than 4.5! This is at least a whopping 98% reduction.

Better Taste

The purity of our clear ice cubes makes it so that all odors and flavors (that can frequently be found in normal ice) are eliminated. Your ice cubes should not have any affect on your beverage other than chilling your glass and look great while doing it!


Highlighted Features:

  • Winner of Best Clear Ice Mold as named by America’s Test Kitchen – The True Cubes clear ice cube mold allows you to make perfectly clear ice in any freezer from regular tap water. Simply fill the tray with water and freeze for 18-22 hours to create 4 large 2” x 2” x 2” clear cubes!
  • Ice So Clear It Disappears – By mimicking the freezing process found in nature, True Cubes makes it as easy as turning on the tap to make clear ice cubes. No special gadgets, tools, or additives required!
  • The Official Bartenders’ Choice – Make amazing, bar-quality drinks at home with our easy-to-use clear ice tray. Our ice melts slower, meaning less drink dilution, and the freezing process naturally purifies the ice, delivering superior taste.
  • BPA Free Design – The True Cubes clear ice mold is made from BPA-free silicone and creates the best cocktail ice and whiskey ice, hassle-free!
  • Tested, Proven Purity – Our clear ice cube tray is proven to purify water, removing 98% of TDS and metals. Create amazing cocktails at home and taste only your drink, not the ice!

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2. FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS 40 Lbs Extra Large Clear Maker

FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS 40 Lbs Extra Large Clear Maker

New from Frigidaire, You can now have clear and square beautiful ice! This amazing Stainless Steel Ice maker is so powerful and can produce up to 40 lbs of ice per day, which means that you never have to worry about your party, camping trip other events to offer enough ice cubes for your guest to enjoy chilled wine, whisky, beer, juice, soda, and more. This high-efficient ice maker will make sure there is always ice on hand to use.

Who needs to run out and buy ice, when you can make it right in your home! Very easy to use, just plug this ice machine into an adapter, add water and wait 6 minutes, voila you will have a basket of ice! Very easy to clean, this is perfect for a gift to a loved one, friend or yourself!

Whether relaxing with your toes in the Sand or at home on your back deck, keep your fresh squeezed lemonade, Iced tea and mixed beverages ice cold for an always refreshing drink. Wherever you are, and whoever you’re with this will bring you closer with friends and family!


Highlighted Features:

  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY – Its 2. 3 liter reservoir sits below ice basket and produce up to 40 lbs. of clear squared ice cubes per day
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY – Make 24 perfectly squared ice cubes in less than 15 minutes and store up to 2. 4 lbs. at a time
  • SUPER QUIET & ENERGY EFFICIENT – Electric ice maker is designed to be quiet; Runs on 120 watts with a silent cooling function
  • EASY TO USE – The user friendly electronic controls will help you make your ice cubes in no time
  • MODERN DESIGN – Stainless Steel Ice Maker with a large through-window that will let you watch your ice being made at all times

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3. SIMPLETASTE Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

SIMPLETASTE Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker


Highlighted Features:

  • Clear as Diamond: The ice balls frozen by Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker mold come out perfectly crystal-clear and nearly invisible which common ice trays can never give you. Make your whiskey look and taste better.
  • Innovative Handle & Compact Design: Easily pull out the clear ice mold even after 18-hour freezing with the innovative handle. The Compact construction takes up fewer space of your freezer; Every SIMPLETASTE ice mold is attached with 2 Ice Storage Bags for 12 Balls Storage – keep stocks of ice for your party!
  • Large Round Ice Spheres: Quickly chill your cocktails, tequila, whiskey, and other mixed drinks so as to bring out the taste. Keep the real falvor of your drinks with our clear ice ball Sphere.
  • Slower Melting: With its large size and less surface area exposed, the crystal clear ice maker sphere melts much slower and thus keeps your cocktail cold longer and less watered-down, which prolongs your pleasure to enjoy a noble class of Old Fashioned
  • Food-Grade Silicone Mold: Our clear ice sphere mold adopating the BPA-FREE and non-stick and non-toxic material , making it easily pop out the intact ice spheres.

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4. ClearlyFrozen High Capacity Cube Tray/Ice Cube Maker

ClearlyFrozen High Capacity Cube Tray/Ice Cube Maker

The easy-to-use, high capacity ClearlyFrozen ice tray makes ten 2″ glass-like artisanal ice cubes overnight at home with untreated tap water in an ordinary freezer. It uses proportionately less space to make far more cubes than any other clear ice tray on the market, and costs a fraction of the price of other products making only four cubes or less. Great for home use, and for craft cocktails in high end bars and restaurants, and a terrific, unique gift.


Highlighted Features:

  • BPA-FREE HIGH CAPACITY (10 x 2″) King Cube Design Priced At Much Less Than Other Trays Making Only Four Or Fewer Cubes
  • 100% POSITIVE RATED USA CUSTOMER SUPPORT Available 7 days a Week – FREE LINER REPLACEMENT If You Break One – Just Ask!

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5. TINANA Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

TINANA Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

TINANA crystal clear ice ball mold makes really nice clear ice spheres for whiskey, cocktail, brandy, bourbon, and other drinks. Ice balls melts ridiculously slow and almost flavorless. Ice spheres can be made for drinks to show off, your guests would be impressed at how nice and clear the ice balls were floating in their drinks.

Ice ball mold is perfect for daily use and it is easier to pull the ice from the mold than other transitional molds. It takes about 26-30 hours in freezer for fully frozen clear, solid ice spheres, which melt very slowly in bourbon. Please plan weeks in advance if you’re going to have a party.


Highlighted Features:

  • Ice balls made by TINANA ice ball maker are really cool! Ice form makes 4 larger ice balls at a time. Clear balls come out ridiculously clear, smooth, and nearly invisible spheres of ice. It’s nice to cool down the drink without diluting it. Refreshing chilled beverage with beautiful solid ice balls.
  • Large 2.36inch ice sphere melts slower than regular ice cubes to keep your drinks cool. Amazing giant balls of ice definitely takes your drinks up a notch. Ice spheres fits for standard rocks glasses, regular bourbon rocks and other glasses. Amazing gadget for the various parties and Christmas celebrations.
  • Ice ball maker really does make crystal clear ice balls that is almost flavorless! Fill it with water, put it in the freezer for 26-30 hours, then pull out the tray and there they are! Is that too long? No, it’s worth it to have crystal clear ice balls for whiskey on weekend!
  • Ice ball maker tray works great to make large clear ice which is perfect for whiskey drinks, cocktail, wine, brandy, scotch and other summer delicacies. Guests would be impressed at how slowly they melted yet chilled the beverages! Really a perfect gift for a scotch-drinking friend to dress up his drinks.
  • Made of premium silicone for perfect performance, convenience and durability. Non-stick design allows you remove the ice balls from the form. We are confident in quality of our crystal clear ice ball maker. For any further support, please feel free to contact us.

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6. Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker

Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker

Surprise the guests of a home party with elegant and refined ice balls for clear ice drink!

The ice ball maker press prepares only 1 ball. BERLINZO big ice ball maker prepares 2 ice balls of 2.4 inches at once. Made of high-quality food-grade BPA-free soft silicone, the BERLINZO clear sphere mold comes in a kit with a convenient clear ice cube tray leak-proof holder.

Handling the iceball maker is super simple: fill the sphere ice press mold with clear warm drinking water and put it in the freezer. Take the ice meltdown ball press out of the freezer compartment and open the case. Inside, there are two large clear cubes, which are easy to take out – do it by simply overturning the case of the ice press ball maker or using kitchen tongs. Then, simply add the balls from the round ice maker to beverages or put them in a freezer for further storage.

By the way, the BERLINZO ice maker ball prepares 2 balls simultaneously, whilst its holder bag can accommodate up to 6 prepared ice balls, so it& rsquo;s possible to add a big clear ball of ice to 6 drinks! The ice balls do not stick to the walls, so taking them out is an easy task in all cases.

The ice shaper press makes perfectly round & clear ice balls suitable for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages that melt slower than regular ice cubes. So, one will always have gustatory & esthetical pleasure with the BERLINZO bourbon ice ball press for whiskey, soda, or lemonade.

The ice ball maker prevents the balls from absorbing smells & tastes of the freezer, the same as the ice press for whiskey does not smell itself, so it does not change gustatory & scent properties of other products in a freezer.

The BERLINZO ice sphere press is made of durable plastic certified for food products, so it will serve its owner for decades if handled carefully.


Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect clarity: Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker mold is the perfect choice to make clear ice in 24 hours. Long freezing time is a guarantee of success. This clear ice ball maker sphere is made with the freezing process found in nature, that makes the ice while retaining perfect clarity.
  • Large-sized round ice balls: With our clear ice ball mold maker, you can create perfectly round 2.4-inch sized balls. Toss those boring ice makers for our crystal clear ice cube maker (sphere) and see the difference. Simply fill the tray with water and freeze it for 24 hours to create Crystal Clear Ice!
  • Slower melting time: More time to enjoy your drinks with our cocktail ice ball maker machine. Use 1 ice ball to refresh 2-3 drinks without losing the real flavor! You no longer need to use the ice ball press.
  • BPA-Free silicone design: Our crystal clear ice maker sphere is made with BPA–free silicone, making it safe for use. The advanced silicone is non-toxic and makes it easy to pop the ice out of the clear ice molds.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: With our whiskey ice ball mold clear, you are guaranteed maximum satisfaction. With its ease of use, our clear ice sphere mold easily pops out and serves like a dream. Ice sphere maker is the best compliment to your home bar! Bonus: Ice Storage Bag – keep stocks of ice for your party! (doesn’t absorb odors)

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7. Clear Ice Cube Silicone Mold – 2 Inch Ice Cube Maker Tray

Clear Ice Cube Silicone Mold - 2 Inch Ice Cube Maker Tray

Crystal Clear Ice

Crystal Clear Ice – The high quality food grade, Just fill with tap water and freeze for 18–24 h.More easier to get the ice cubes.

Perfectly Clear Ice Cube

The ice cube mold squeeze out air during the freezing process to provide crystal clear ice for your beverages.Making “bar quality” ice at home!

Big Ice Cubes

This tray makes 10 oversized clear ice cubes, each measuring 2inches square. Oversized ice melts slowly, keeps drinks colder longer, and causes less dilution.


Highlighted Features:

  • Big Ice Cubes – This tray makes 10 oversized clear ice cubes, each measuring 2inches square. Oversized ice melts slowly, keeps drinks colder longer, and causes less dilution.
  • Perfectly Clear Ice Cube – Ice cube molds squeeze out air and some particles during the freezing process, providing crystal clear ice for your drinks. Make “bar atmosphere” ice cubes at home.
  • Crystal Clear Ice – The ice cubes tray makes tasteless crystal clear ice cubes! Just fill with tap water and freeze for 18–24 h.More easier to get the ice cubes.
  • A Special Gift to Your Friends -Impress friends and guests with elegant and sophisticated on cocktails and whiskey glasses over ice. Looks great at any occasion!
  • 100% Satisfaction – If you have any other question about this clear Ice Cube Trays,please contact us when you free time.We will reply to you immediately within 8 hours.

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8. TINANA Clear Ice Maker

TINANA Clear Ice Maker


Highlighted Features:

  • [Crystal Clear Ice Cubes]: Upgraded ice tray make 8 clear ice cubes at one time. Craft ice maker uses advanced freezing technology to squeeze out air and impurities to make the ice cubes more transparent. Crystal ice cube is the perfect choice for whiskey and other drinks.
  • [Large & Slow-melting]: The size and clarity of ice cubes made by our craft ice cube tray are great. 2” big square ice cubes melt slowly without diluting the real flavor of your drinks. 1 clear ice cube can refresh 2-3 drinks. Clear Ice cubes look awesome in a good bourbon or scotch.
  • [Easy to use]: Filling the ice cube tray with water first, please make sure that water in each cavity is full and close to the lid. Freezing 30-36 hours, then you will get 8 clear cubes. Ice comes out crystal clear like you get at the bars. Dress up your night cocktail with clear ice!
  • [Great Kitchen Gadgets for DIY]: Crystal clear ice blocks look amazing in whatever type of drink you are serving that requires ice, such as whiskey drinks, cocktail, brandy and other summer delicacies. Whiskey ice maker is a perfect gift for a friend who enjoy scotch-drinking.
  • [Premium Material & Customer Service]: Made with premium silicone, our ice maker tray has top performance, convenience and durability, safe for use. Smooth surface make ice cubes easy to release. We use top quality materials and advanced technology to meet the needs of customers. For any questions on product, please contact us on Amazon.

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9. CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine Countertop

CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine Countertop


Highlighted Features:

  • FAST ICE-MAKING PROCESS: This countertop ice machine produces 24pcs of ice cubes in just 13-18 minutes, and up to 40 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours due to its highly efficient compressor. The melted ice water will flow into the reservoir again and will be used for the ice-making process. It is energy-saving and works efficiently.
  • INTUITIVE CONTROL PANEL: The CROWNFUL ice maker has an LCD control panel for easy operation. Through the four basic button settings, you can control the ice process. When the ice basket is full, the small ice maker will automatically stop and alert you to take out the ice cubes. It will also alert you when it needs more water.
  • ICE THICKNESS ADJUSTMENT and TIMER: You can now produce ice cubes with an option to adjust the thickness according to your needs. Whether the ice is made for smoothies, or preserving foods like sashimi or for your wines and other beverages, this ice machine will make it for you. Plus, it has a timing feature that will allow you to set the time of the ice-making process. A great help for a busy day.
  • AUTO SELF-CLEANING: It features an automatic self-cleaning function that makes your daily work easier and convenient with just a touch of a button. Cleaning the ice maker is just a breeze. This nugget ice machine has a quiet and efficient cooling system that requires low energy to cool. It is very suitable for the daily needs of the family.
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT: CROWNFUL offers a 12-month warranty and lifetime support. Customer Satisfaction is our TOP priority. if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.

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10. Silicone Clear Ice Cube Tray

Silicone Clear Ice Cube Tray

Jell-Cell ice cubes

Compared to other ice cubes, our ice cubes are transparent and beautiful.Show off the purest ice possible with this Easier-to-use system.

Big Ice Cubes

It produces 10 big crystal clear 2 inch square icecubes that are slower melting than traditional ice cubes for whiskey.

Widely Applicable

Not only used to cool drinks such as bourbon, whiskey,cocktail and more.but also great for mixing in herbs like mint or pieces of fruit.

Slower Melting

Large ice cube melt slowly to minimize drink dilution. The sophisticated touch adds elegance to your favorite cocktail, bourbon, whiskey,and more.

Looked So Good

Our ice cubes maker lets you create perfectly and crystal clear ice cubes every time.You’ll love how sophisticated the cubes look in your favorite drinks.

Easier To Eject Ice Cubes

Our design ensures you can push up on the flexible bottom of each cube section and the ice cube will pop out.


Highlighted Features:

  • 【Jell-Cell Ice Cube Trays】:The high quality food grade, non-stick silicone ice cube mold makes 10 large, 2 in ice cube. Just fill with warm tap water & freeze for 18–24 h. The clear ice maker outlast standard ice makers.
  • 【Perfectly Clear Ice Cube】: The ice cube mold squeeze out during the freezing process to provide crystal clear ice for your beverages. Making “bar quality” ice at home!
  • 【Slower Melting Time】:Ice cube tray made from molds are larger than standard ice cubes, and they stay warm longer. This means you have more time to enjoy a chilled drink at a temperature where the ice won’t melt as quickly.
  • 【A SPECIAL GIFT TO YOUR FRIENDS】:A must-have gift for every Whiskey and Cocktail lover. Give them the gift of their heart. Ice maker to spend every romantic and memorable holiday with you.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】:If you have any other question about this Ice Cube Trays, please contact Amazon or us when you free time. Guarantee, We will reply to you immediately within 8 hours.

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