The 10 Best Narwal Robot Mop and Vacuum Reviews:

1. Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

As an intelligent innovation company, Narwal spans multiple fields such as SLAM, 3D perception, AI object recognition, robotic mechanism technology, and big data applications. We have made breakthroughs in multiple directions and have applied for more than 100 technological patents.


Achieve that gleaming, shiny, and sparkly finish on your floors with this floor scrubber.

It relies on triangular mop pads that rotate 3 times per second (180 RPM).

These pads cover 30% more surface area and deliver increased cleaning efficiency, particularly on corners.

The cleaning robot is designed not to mop an area that it has already covered, which helps prevent the spread of dirt.

10N pressure (which is equivalent to 4.5 pounds) is applied to the mop, leaving no stubborn stain or wet spot behind.


The robot mop and vacuum is fitted with 2 special side brushes that lift and loosen tough debris.

The arms sweep dirt right into the vacuum’s waiting mouth, where it’s then drawn in by 1800Pa of suction. Adopting the brushless vacuum inlet helps to prevent hair entanglement issues.

Highly efficient filter of such household vacuum cleaner traps small particles, debris, and unseen allergens with ease.

Despite its powerful vacuuming, this robotic cleaner only makes a rather silent 45dB of noise while mopping (library noise is rated at 40dB) and 65dB while vacuuming.


The base station is engineered with a built-in pump, washboard, and two 1.3-gallon tanks of water–it even dries the mop to prevent the accumulation of unseen substances.

The built-in pump and washboard functions in tandem to scrub microfiber mops clean.

The dual-tank system separates dirty from clean water, making sure the mops are thoroughly washed. After washing itself, the robot mop and vacuum returns to where it left off and resumes mopping.

Our mops can last up to 3 months, which means that they help you care for the planet by creating less waste.


Highlighted Features:

  • DEEP CLEAN HARD FLOORS – Bring out the spotless shine of your hard floors with this robotic vacuum cleaner. It mops up your hardwood floor surfaces, eliminating stains and wet spots in an instant.
  • NO NEED FOR MANUAL WASHING – Save your hands from coming in contact with allergens or dirt. This mopping robot vacuum periodically returns to its base station to clean its microfiber mops on its own.
  • POWERFUL SWEEPER & SILENT VACUUMING – Dual side brushes sweep dirt, hair, and debris directly into the vacuum slot–all without causing a racket. Highly efficient filter of the robotic vacuum cleaner efficiently traps dust, fur, and allergens.
  • INTELLIGENT NAVIGATION – Through its Lidar sensor and SLAM technology, the robot mop and vacuum remembers your home’s layout. You may monitor and control your floor cleaner’s cleaning status through the Narwal app.
  • A MORE SUSTAINABLE CHOICE – Keep your home clean without harming the planet. Our mops can last up to 3 months at a time, which is equal to about 90 disposable mopping pads. By using our microfiber mops, you ultimately contribute less waste to landfills.
  • Please be informed that Narwal T10 only supports 2.4G WiFi network, however, please be aware that your router actually supports for both 2.4G and 5G. In order to ensure the machine stability, we recommend you to follow the instructions of your router setup to switch to 2.4G when using the robot.

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2. Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL, Robot Vacuum 

Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL, Robot Vacuum

Forget about vacuuming for up to a month. The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL combines the convenience of a self-empty base + IQ Navigation total home mapping for complete, efficient cleaning with the performance of Shark suction and self-cleaning brushroll.

After each cleaning session, your robot vacuum automatically empties into the bagless base, which holds up to a month of dirt and debris. When charging is complete, both blue lights will illuminate steadily. It may take up to 6 hours to fully charge your robot.


Highlighted Features:

  • FORGET ABOUT VACUUMING FOR UP TO 45 DAYS: A bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 45 days of dirt and debris.
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Deep-cleaning power to take on large debris, small debris, and pet hair on carpets & floors. Filter type: Non-washable filter
  • NO HAIR WRAP: Self-cleaning brushroll removes pet hair and long hair as it cleans–no more hair wrap.
  • PHONE OR VOICE COMMAND: Schedule whole-home cleanings or target specific rooms or areas to clean right now with the SharkClean app or voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • TOTAL HOME MAPPING plus ROOM SELECT: Maps your home and lets you choose which rooms to clean right now.
  • ROW-BY-ROW CLEANING: Methodically cleans row by row and then navigates room to room for complete home coverage.
  • RECHARGE AND RESUME: The Shark IQ Robot vacuum will return to the dock, recharge, and can pick up where it left off.
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: Designed for homes with pets, this automatic vacuum features a self-empty base, a self-cleaning brushroll, and a high-efficiency filter to capture dust, dander, and pet allergens.
  • MULTI-STAGE FILTRATION: Captures and traps 99% of dust, dander, and pet allergens. (Down to 1 micron)
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: (1) Shark IQ Robot, (1) Self-empty base, (2) Side brushes, (1) Filter

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3. Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop

Combine multi-level mapping with selective room cleaning and no-go zones for total and effective cleaning control.

Place no-go zones and invisible walls, to protect fragile furniture or prevent room access. Precision laser navigation mean S6 Pure can map out your home then clean one room or your whole house with a few taps on your phone.

Lidar Navigation & Z-shape Cleaning Route

A high-precision laser navigation system spinning at 300rpm maps your home in real-time, while Z-shape cleaning ensures maximum floor coverage.

2000Pa Suction with Automatic Carpet Boost

Intensely powerful suction easily cleans hard floors while automatic Carpet Boost turns suction up to the maximum for deeper carpet cleaning.

Learns Your Home

Automatically recognize up to 4-levels in your home, saving everything from your room layouts to your cleaning preferences to No-Go Zone positions on every level. All you need to do is put the robot down.

Selective Room Cleaning

Tailor cleaning to your personal preferences with Selective Room Cleaning and set scheduling for your different rooms.

Reach Under Beds and Sofas

Measuring in at just 3.8 in tall, the underside of most beds and sofas can be cleaned without effort.

Smart Recharging

Go back to dock charger automatically when the battery power gets low, after charging, it will resume to the leaving place and complete the entire cleaning job.


Highlighted Features:

  • Precision LiDAR Navigation & Z-shape Cleaning Route: Effective, detailed home-mapping and comprehensive cleaning.
  • Multi-floor Mapping: Save multiple maps, along with No-go Zones for each level, all recognized automatically by the robot, total controlled by Roborock App, Siri and Alexa voice control.
  • Powerful 2000Pa Suction with Automatic Carpet Boost: Strong suction easily lifts dust from floors, automatic carpet boost switches to full power on carpets for deeper cleaning.
  • Convenient Selective Room Cleaning: Choose which rooms to be clean, and schedule cleaning for specific rooms to fit your needs and preferences.
  • Long-Range 180ml Adjustable Water Tank: Suitable for mopping homes up to 1610sqft, adjustable for different floor types.
  • Note: Only support 2.4G WiFi, does not support 5G WiFi.

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4. yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum and Mop

yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum and Mop


Highlighted Features:

  • 【30-Day Hands-Free Cleaning】yeedi vac station sucks dirt from the dustbin into the dust bag to free you from frequent dustbin emptying. With a capacity of 1.5L and a sealing design, yeedi’s dust bag holds up to 30 days of dirt. Perfect for families with pets and kids.
  • 【Vacuum & Mop Simultaneously】yeedi vac station is versatile. With an industry-leading suction power and a smart mopping system, it performs robust vacuuming and serious mopping at the same time, leaving your floor impeccably clean with a single run.
  • 【Mighty Pickup】3000Pa strong suction power plus the 4-stage cleaning system sweep up dirt, crumbles, pet hair and other ground-in messes from the hard floor and carpet like a hurricane.
  • 【Clean Like Experts】 Equipped with ultrasonic carpet detection sensors, yeedi is aware of the know-how of floor cleaning – It vacuums with cranked-up suction power and avoids mopping when a carpet is detected, and be quiet when on a hard floor.
  • 【Clean in Neat Paths】It’s time to upgrade the random and gyro robot vacuums who bump around, miss spots and take forever to clean. yeedi’s visual mapping technology and floor tracking sensor trace your space like a GPS for efficient and quick whole-floor cleaning.
  • 【Editable Home Map】Revolutionize the way you clean. yeedi identifies your rooms and creates an editable home map accordingly. Tap a room or draw up an area on the map to clean or avoid.
  • 【200mins Runtime】With an extended runtime of 200 minutes, yeedi is a reliable helper for big house cleanings. It automatically returns to the charging dock for recharge and resumes cleaning where it left off for a seamless and complete cleaning cycle.
  • 【App & Voice Control】Schedule your cleaning, set up a virtual boundary, or choose a specific room to clean anywhere at any time via our intuitive yeedi app. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integrations enable you to start cleaning with voice commands.
  • 【What You Get】yeedi vac station Robotic Vacuum Cleaner x 1, Self-Empty Station x 1, Main Brush x 1, Side Brush x 1, HEPA Filter x 1, Water Tank x 1, Dustbin x 1, Mopping Modular x 1, User Guide and 12-Month Worry-Free Warranty x 1. (Note: Work for U.S. voltage 100-130V only).
  • 【Buy with Confidence】We stand behind our products and this model comes with a 1-year warranty. If any quality problems occur during the warranty period, feel free to contact us for a refund or exchange.(Note: yeedi robot vacuum is only compatible with 2.4Ghz Wifi)

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5. Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R750 smart robot vacuum cleaner with smart Coredy Robot App, and compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, easy to start/stop your robot by your voice or mobile phone. Make you, your baby and pets more enjoyable time in weekends!

Boost-Intellect Technology

Automatically increase suction power to lift cleaning head and two large wheels when carpet is detected, moves seamlessly from hard floor to carpets to get the mess.

Out of Bounds for Vacuum Robot

Use magnetic boundary strips, form an effective barrier to let the robot only clean a certain area or room as you need.

Intensive Suction

With 2200pa strong power to provide a deep cleaning intensive suction, where R750 robot vacuum cleaner goes is no trace of dirt and dust.

Flexible Shuttle

Coredy R750 designed in 2.7inch, to freely wonder around the corners and the bottom of regular furniture for more reachable area that can carry out.

Improved Smart Protection

Fully upgraded anti-drop technology prevent the robot from falling down from stairs and off of edges. Improved highly sensitive anti-collision technology for evading obstacles.

Optional Cleaning Modes

Easy start to clean by phone App, in three optional cleaning modes. Clean in random pattern for seamlessly and thoroughly clean.


Highlighted Features:

  • Voice & App Controls: Coredy R750 works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, conveniently start and stop cleaning with voice commands. Use the smart App to control your R750 robot vacuum cleaner, monitor real-time cleaning/accessories status, customize cleaning modes/mopping levels/schedule cleaning, control cleaning direction, finds your robot effortlessly, and get access to our online support service whenever you need.
  • Boost-Intellect Technology: R750 robot vacuum cleaner supports boost-intellect technology, enables it automatically increase suction power within seconds when carpet is detected, moves effortlessly from hard-surface floor to carpet, once off the carpet, normal suction returns. Upgrade vacuums up to 2200pa Max pure power suction strength for an impressive clean.
  • Intelligent Mopping Cleaning System : R750 robot vacuum cleaner adopts latest mopping technology, equipped with an electronically controlled water pump, automated monitor and control the water level according to the dryness and humidity of the floor without spillage, you can get to enjoy a completely clean home from a intelligent mopping system.(a water tank and cleaning mop cloth included)
  • Virtual Boundary Compatible: Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is compatible with virtual boundary, specialized new upgraded sensors detect Boundary Strips to ensure your robot only cleans the areas you want. (BOUNDARY STRIPS SOLD SEPARATELY).
  • What You Get: An R750 robotic vacuum cleaner, plus an array of vacuum cleaner accessories: 1x water tank included mop cloth, 4x side brushes, 1x extra HEPA filter, 1x remote control, 1x charging dock, 1x AC power adapter, and 1x cleaning tool. (Warmly note: please kindly note the Coredy R750 is the upgrade version of R700, it owns the upgraded app, you can use the mopping function.)

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6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Pure Power Puck

RoboVac 11S sucks up dirt and dust with 1300Pa of suction for a spotless clean you can see and feel.

Non-Stop Cleaning

Large wheels roll over carpets and climb over door ledges to get to the mess.

Zero Attention Needed

RoboVac uses drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down stairs and off of ledges.

Triple-Filter System

RoboVac combines a dual-layer filter and one high-performance filter to acheive a clean home.

Automatic Cleaning

Multiple cleaning modes and a pre-set vacuuming time ensure an effortless, thorough clean while you do other things or nothing at all.

Large Dustbox

A large 0.6L dustbox holds more dirt per clean to reduce the frequency of emptying.


Highlighted Features:

  • Included in the “Best robot vacuums of 2019” by Tom’s Guide.
  • All-New RoboVac: Re-engineered to be the slimmest* RoboVac (2.85”) but with quiet operation and increased suction power at 1300Pa.
  • BoostIQ Technology: Automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed to get the best clean.
  • A Quiet Clean: Vacuums for up to 100 minutes** on hardwood floors with consistant, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave. Premium Features: Anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection, infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls. Automatically recharges so it’s always ready to clean.
  • What You Get: RoboVac 11S, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes, 5 cable ties, welcome guide and our worry-free 12-month warranty.

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7. Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Self-Empty Station

After every daily cleaning or the battery is low, Ultenic T10 robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically dock at its base to recharge and self empty dustbin into the dust bag to free your hand. The 4.3L disposable dust bag not only holds up to 60 days’ worth of dust and debris, it also can block 99.9% of dust and particles for cleaner air.

2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping

Vacuum and Mop simultaneously with the 2-in-1 580ml large tank. The professional mopping mode mimics an actual hand wash in Y-Sharped for deep clean. Just set your desire mopping mode as cleaning need, T10 robot vacuum intelligently handles the rest.

Advanced Laser Navigation

With lase navigation technology, T10 can accurately map your home, build and store multi floor smart maps, create efficient and systematic cleaning path. It also can reach around obstacles such as shoes, dog bowls and so on by object recognition technology.

Power Suction & Last-Long Battery

T10 with 3000Pa max suction plus the 3-stage suction mode handles dust, debris, pet hair or even coffee bean with ease. A powerful 5200mAh lithium-ion battery provides up to 200mins of constant cleaning on a single fully charge, easily covering 2690 square feet.

Neat Row & Resume Cleaning

Instead of randomly run, T10 methodically plans the cleaning route row by row, which will clean your home thoroughly with fewer missed spots. When the battery is low, it will automatically go back to recharge and resume cleaning where it left off to complete the cleaning task.

Carpet Boost technology

The suction power will automatically increase to maximum when T10 detects the carpets and rugs, which will make the robot vacuum reach deeper into the carpets to pick up all the hidden dirt, debris, pet hair, etc.


Highlighted Features:

  • Self Empty Robotic Vacuum: No need to clean the dustbin after every cleaning, the Ultenic T10 will automatically dispose the dust and debris into its auto empty station with 4.3L disposable dust bag. The large-capacity dust bag can store up to 60 days’ worth of dust and debris to free your hands.
  • 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping: Equipped with 2-in-1 dustbin with water tank, T10 allows vacuuming and mopping simultaneously to really clean your floors. Multi clean modes to meet your cleaning needs with ease.
  • Powerful Suction: With a max suction power of 3000Pa, Ultenic T10 can easily and efficiently pick up dust, pet hair, debris or even M&M’S candy from hard floor, carpet and area rugs. Perfect for the family with pets and kids.
  • Advanced Laser Navigation: Supported intelligent laser navigation, the T10 robot vacuum can perform 360-degree omnidirectional scanning to map your home and create maps accurately, which can increase the efficiency of planning cleaning path for thorough coverage with fewer missed spots.
  • Long-Lasting Battery & Self-Charging: A powerful 5200mAh lithium-ion battery keeps the vacuum running up to 200mins, which is plenty of time to clean your whole home. In addition, the T10 vacuum will recharge automatically when the battery is low, then resume cleaning.
  • Unlimited APP Control: With Ultenic APP, you can enjoy all available features of T10, which will offer a full hand-free cleaning experience. From cleaning plan to cleaning areas, it’s complete control by your finger.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant: Quick start and stop cleaning with voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant if you have smart speakers. The remote included in the package is also support to use the most frequently used cleaning features.

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8. Dreametech D10 Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop

Dreametech D10 Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop

Multi-mode Cleaning

Automatically vacuums, mops, and self-empties for efficient, versatile cleaning.

45 Days of Hands-Free Cleaning

Empties automatically to provide up to 45 days of independent cleaning.

Efficient Dual Boost of Collecting Dust

Highly-efficient Dual Boost emptying mitigates clogging and ensures non-disruptive operation.

Intelligent LiDAR Navigation

Intelligent LiDAR navigation and an advanced SLAM algorithm provide fast scanning and accurate dynamic mapping to effectively navigate your home.

4000Pa Super Strong Suction

Powerful 4,000Pa suction pressure and multi-surface brush easily pick up large debris, fine dust, pet hair, and more.

3 Water Usage Modes

3 water usage modes evenly distribute water to finely adjust mop dampness according to your needs.


Highlighted Features:

  • 45 Days of Hands-Free Cleaning: Fully automate your day-to-day cleaning to live more comfortably. An auto-empty base station quickly and quietly dumps dirt and dust into a 2.5L dust bag, while preventing clogging, to provide weeks of independent automated cleaning. All you have to do is dump the bag.
  • Cleans Strong, Cleans Long: A max suction pressure of 4000Pa easily lifts dirt from floors and deposits it into the 400mL dust box. 4 suction modes to choose provide efficient, adaptable cleaning while a large, 5,200mAh, battery delivers up to 180mins of continuous cleaning to cover even large homes in a single run.
  • High-Performance LiDAR Navigation: LiDAR laser navigation facilitates detailed rapid map building and remarkable navigation. Fast, accurate map building and systematic path planning help ensure spots aren’t missed and cleaning isn’t repeated.
  • Effective and Adjustable Mopping: Set your water usage to wash your floors exactly the way you want. A 150mL water tank and three water volume options let you adjust water usage and mop dampness according to how dirty the floor is for robust, efficient cleaning.
  • Cleans at your Command: Compatible with Alexa voice control to put automatic cleaning at the tip of your tongue. Just say the word to start, pause, or stop your robot vacuum and make automatic cleaning even more hands-off.
  • Customize your Clean — Customize your clean via the app by selecting cleaning modes, cleaning certain rooms, setting a virtual wall, placing a no-go zone, and more. Decide where and when your robot vacuum cleans and what spots it should avoid, to clean just the way you want from the comfort of your own phone.

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9. yeedi mop Station pro Robot Vacuum and Mop

yeedi mop Station pro Robot Vacuum and Mop

Care Your Carpet

Recognize your carpet. Auto-boost for deep cleaning when swapping dustbin is installed and avoid touching when mopping pads are assembled.

Smart Visual Mapping

yeedi maps out your home like a GPS and creates an editable home map. Simply tap the room or draw up an area on the map to clean or avoid.

Clean in a New Way

The intuitive yeedi app lets you schedule cleaning, set up a no-go zone, and more anywhere, anytime. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for voice control.

Extended Runtime

Runs up to 180mins on a single charge. Auto recharges and resumes cleaning right where it left off for complete cleaning.


Highlighted Features:

  • 【Dual-Power Spin Mopping】Two mopping pads with 10N force to the floor cling to the ground and spin 180 times per minute to loosen and wipe off the most annoying stains with ease.
  • 【Self-Cleans the Mopping Pads】The mops are always clean to perform. Two 3.5L water tanks store clean and wastewater separately to avoid cross-contamination. yeedi even dries the washed mops to avoid odor generation when clean completes.
  • 【 Grab More, Empty Less】With vacuum and mop integration, yeedi boasts 3000Pa strong suction power to pick up any dirt on the floor, and a 750ml capacious swapping dustbin bigger than that of most robot vacuums on the market stores more dust for less emptying.
  • 【Carpet Caring】 With an ultrasonic carpet sensor, yeedi recognizes your carpet and cleans it cleverly. In mopping mode, it steers away to avoid wetting it, while in vacuuming mode, it increases the suction to MAX for deep carpet cleaning.
  • 【App & Voice Control】yeedi app lets you set cleaning sequence, schedule cleaning, set up a no-go zone, and more anywhere, anytime, and integration with Alexa and Google Home allows you to clean with your voice.
  • 【180mins Runtime & Auto Recharge】 Powered by a 5200mAh battery, yeedi mop station fuels up to 180 minutes of runtime on a single charge. It’ll return to the base station for charging and resume cleaning right where it left off.
  • 【What You Get】 Robot*1, Self-Cleaning Station *1, Main Brush *1, Edge Brush *1, Reservoir *1, Clean Water Tank *1, Waste Water Tank*1, Washable Mopping Pad *4, Cleaning Tool*1, HEPA Filter*1, Power Cord*1, Swapping Dustbin*1.(Note: yeedi robot vacuum is only compatible with 2.4Ghz Wifi)

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10. CKL&DJ Replacement Pads for Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

CKL&DJ Replacement Pads for Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo


Highlighted Features:

  • These Pads have the same function with original pads.
  • Includes 6 pcs Replacement pads, 100% compatible with Narwal T10 Robot.Designed to use on all sealed hard floors, like wooden floors, ceramic tile, laminate floors, marble floors, Short wool carpet.
  • This replacement pad can be machine washable, have super-absorbent and deliver an amazing clean with fast dry time
  • It is found that replace mop pads frequently can effectively reduce harmful substances on floor and carpet.” Mom does well, baby is safer”
  • GUARANTEED 30 days money back, We are so confident in our product quality and we will refund for any unsatisfied orders, if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. We will reach you within 24 hours

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