The 10 Best Plant Light for Indoor Plant Reviews:

1. Grow Light, LORDEM Full Spectrum LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants

Grow Light, LORDEM Full Spectrum LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants

Auto On/Off Timer Everyday

You can set up the hours(4/8/12H) as you like for your plants, then it will automatically turn on and off at the SAME TIME the next day. No need to unplug/re-plug.

4 Dimmable Brightness

This mini grow light provides 4 brightness levels (25% -50%- 75%- 100%) to be adjusted according to your plants need to make sure they get proper light intensity.

High Efficiency Diodes

Applicating the newest technology full spectrum LED chips , this grow light can provide higher PAR/LUMEN output to meet the need of your indoor plants at all stages of plant growth. Your plants will be well fed!

Step1: Insert Into the Soil

The sharp design of the pole make it easy and steady to insert into the planter.

Step 2: Adjust Height

Pull the telescropic pole up and down to adjust the suitable height for the plants to ensure the plant gets enough light.

Step 3: Adjust Angle

Rotate the light panel which can be 180° rotatable to where the plants need.


Highlighted Features:

  • Unique Artistic Design: The set of 2 plant lights are carefully designed like a halo for your plants to help them grow better and faster. They are not only plant lights, but also a stylish decoration for any home space, The warm natural light makes them very comfortable to see and to place in your home, they perfectly fit in with your home decor.
  • Full Spectrum Grow Light: It emits all the wavelengths from 380nm to 800nm- just like natural sunlight. With the warm white high efficiency LED diodes & higher PAR output, the grow light greatly promotes indoor growth as it accelerates photosynthesis, ideal for all stages of growth and various of plants such as herbs, succulent, orchids, tomatoes, etc. SAVE YOUR DARK INDOOR PLANTS with IT ! (50,000 hours lifetime.)
  • Auto on/off Timer Everyday: This growing light has 3 cycle timing settings (4/8/12H) which will stay on for 4/8/12 hours, then off for 20/16/12 hours and will automatically turn on and off at the same time the next day, no need to unplug/re-plug. It will take good care of your plants while you are at work or on vacation, easy & convenient!
  • Brighter Plant Light with 4 Dimmable Levels: Our grow light has more new technology LED diodes which makes it brighter and more efficient. Also it has 4 brightness settings (25%-50%-75%-100%), to meet each plant’s lighting requirements at different stages, without worrying about burning your plant.
  • Easy to Use & Height Adjustable: Just stick it into potted plants, adjust height, then turn it on, quick and easy! The lighting part can be adjusted in height in order to work with different plants and provide the right amount of light intensity for each plant. Also a larger area or more plants will be covered when the telescope is extended longer.

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2. GooingTop LED Grow Light

GooingTop LED Grow Light

Super Bright 84 LED

For the dual-head grow light in the market,our dual-tube plant light are equipped with the most LED bulbs up to 84 pcs.

Flexible Gooseneck

Allows you to place the led lamp in any direction to provide the best lighting angle for your plants coverage around the plants.

Remote Attached

Attached to the power cord,dont worry to miss it.very convenient to operate the On/Off ,Brightness and Timer.

Study Clamp

very easy for you to clip anywhere,like desk, shelf,thin-board.


Highlighted Features:

  • 【6000K White Light】Equipped with 10 Red + 74 White LEDs, this mini growing light is similar to the full-spectrum sunlight at noon,that is professionally designed for indoor garden plants.Moreover, its color rendering index is as high as 95, the light is soft and flicker-free, which is very suitable for reading lamp
  • 【Timer Function & Multiple Settings】The indoor seedling light offer the circular memory timer function with 3 options-4h/8h/12h. When keeping power, it can automatically turn on and off every day according your settings, no more manual operation for you.【Also You Could Operate One of Them Separately,And Support 5 Levels of Dimming.】
  • 【Easy to Install】with flexible Gooseneck & strong clamp,it allows you to place the LED plant lighting fixture in any direction to provide the best lighting angle for your plants,meet the cover around the plant.Powered by USB or AC Power Plug (adapter included )
  • 【High Efficiency LED Lamp】as for LED power draw this mini succulent lights just consume about 10watt and is equivalent to a 50w halogen bulb.Estimately monthly cost roughly $2 in electricity (12 hours a day). It is a great gift if you growing some desktop small plants.
  • 【365 Days Worry-free Warranty】We offer 365 days warranty and 24h friendly customer service. If there are ever any issues about the product, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a free replacement or full refund.

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3. Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

If you have a friend who is a plant lover, then this grow light is very suitable as a gift for each other, when your friend or you have the habit of planting flowers, flowers, and grass, in order to promote the growth of plants, fruits, and vegetables, Add light to them and extend the flowering period to make them a pleasing scenery at home.

This plant growth lamp can help you. On the day when they thrive or the flowers bloom, you will feel relieved because of your hard work in personal cultivation and proud


Highlighted Features:

  • 【Adjustable gooseneck & telescopic pole】The flexible gooseneck can be rotated 360 degrees, and the pole can also be telescopic, allowing you to more easily adjust the distance between the plant light and the plant
  • 【White & red LED lamp beads】Simulating natural light, especially red light, can make plants better photosynthesize to promote healthy growth
  • 【Efficient full-spectrum LED lamps】The plant growing light has 72 LED lamp beads, and vegetables, fruits or plants can be fully cared for and supplied without sun exposure
  • 【Designed for plant growth】This plant growth lamp can meet the needs of light in different growth stages such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc
  • 【multiple usage】You can put it on the balcony, living room, office, greenhouse, you can use it for indoor gardening, breeding, potted plants have a wide range of uses, especially suitable for growing plants in the dark or when it rains

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4. FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

This plant grows light is constructed with 4 tubes and 80 LED beads, which will provide the adjustable and uniform intensity of light with different indoor plants.

Delivering more highly-uniform light needed by various indoor plants, effectively promoting photosynthesis, increasing growth rate, and satisfying plant’s germination.

This plant grows lamps using advanced LED technology, effectively solve the problem of lack of sunlight in plants, the overall quality and design are reliable and worthy of your trust.


Highlighted Features:

  • 【Floor Grow Light with Adjustable Stand】Equipped with stable, durable tripod stand and can be adjusted from 15” to 63”, suitable for more differents size house plants. Widely apply to family balcony seeding/breeding, gardening, flower show, potted plants, especially tall and large plants.
  • 【Highly Efficient Red Blue Spectrum】This Plant Light allows us to actually provide plants with ample light, effectively supplementing the lack of natural sunlight and promoting plant healthy growth. And it can provide red, blue, or mixed spectrum to meet the light conditions your plants need most in different stages.
  • 【3 Spectral Modes & 10 Level Brightness】4 Head Full Spectrum LED Grow Light has 3 light modes(Red Light, Blue Light & Mixed Light) 10 brightness settings ranging from 10% to 100%, we can be switched at will, free to choose the most suitable brightness for our plant growth. Plants grow about 5 times faster than natural.
  • 【Auto Cycle On/Off & Timer】Designed with auto circular-memory timing function and there are 4/8/12H timer setting options for your choosing. The grow light will turn it on by itself every day as your setting, Even you’re on the travel, these grow light strip will still take good care of your plants every day!
  • 【Designed Specifically for Plants】Grow lights has a 360° independently adjustable gooseneck design, which can be rotated to any angle for your requirements, which provide a wider and more flexible range of light. The excellent heat dissipation ensures the light more durable for a 50000-hour long life span.

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5. Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

This grow light is built with 150 LED beads and 5 tubes, which supplies uniform intensity of light similar to sunlight, adjustable for the different requirements of your indoor plants.

The uniform light is needed for indoor plants to effectively promote photosynthesis, increase the growth rate, and encourage the seed’s germination, delivering the specific needs of indoor plants, with adjustable settings.

Using innovative LED technology, these grow lamps efficiently solve the problem of the lack of sunlight in indoor plants, with outstanding quality and design, giving you a reliable and trustworthy choice for taking care of your plants.

Full Spectrum

Stimulates plant growth and contributes to the synthesis of chlorophyll.

Red Spectrum

Efficiently boosts photosynthesis, stimulates flowering and fruiting.

Mixed Spectrum

Supports for better results the plant growth, flowering, and fruiting.


Highlighted Features:

  • 5 Head 150 LEDs Plant Light for Indoor Plants: This plant growing lamp consists of 150 effective growing LEDs, divided into 120 white LEDs and 30 red LEDs. The 5 heads grow light for indoor plants supplies a broader lighting range than the traditional 2, 3, and 4 heads indoor plants lights, and increases the intensity of the light by up to 50%, allowing your plants to receive better and extra light energy.
  • 3 Spectrum Modes & 10 Brightness Levels: The full spectrum led grow light has 3 spectrum modes, which are Red, Full, and Mixed Spectrum. It has ten brightness settings, starting from 10% to 100%, that can be switched as per your requirements, so you are able to choose the more proper spectrum and brightness for your plant to grow in the best way. The indoor plant lights make your plants develop a rapid response to grow, five times faster than plants with natural light only.
  • Auto Timer Function & On/Off Cycle: Designed with a function for autocycle memory timing, there are different three timer settings for you to choose from, between 3H, 9H, and 12H of lighting time. Following your setting, the plant grow light will switch on/off automatically every day. Even when you are away from home, these grow light lamps will take good care of your plants every day.
  • Flexible Gooseneck Neck & Strong Clip: You can place and clamp the 5 head grow light anywhere as it has a strong clip and bracket support for it to be stable. The indoor grow lights have a 360 rotation design that can be independently adjustable, so each can be rotated to any angle to adapt to your requirements, which supplies a wider and more flexible range of light, and different growing directions.
  • Designed for Indoor Plants to Growth: These plant lights for indoor growing is perfect for the different sunlight needs of your plants depending on their growing stage, from seeds to every growing phase. The lamps have an excellent performance of fast heat dissipation, which ensures that these lamps provide you with a long-lasting and durable service life of up to 80,000 hours.
  • mounting type: Inside Mount

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6. Upgraded MARS HYDRO FC6500 LED Grow Lights

Upgraded MARS HYDRO FC6500 LED Grow Lights

LED GROW LIGHTS For over a decade, Mars Hydro have been dedicated to providing commercially viable LED grow lights ​to indoor horticulture growers, from hobbyists to professionals, increasing yields and crop marketability by the adoption of high-quality components, scientific designs, and frontier technology.


Highlighted Features:

  • MAXIMIZE YIELDS & CROP QUALITY: MARS HYDRO FC6500 LED growing light with 2688pcs Samsung LM301B & Osram 660nm Diodes, boast the market-leading efficiency 2.85 µmol/J, Max 3.0g yield per wattage with 30% higher Average PPFD,only consumes 680w perfect light for 4’x4’ of high-yielding full-cycle growth.
  • FLEXIBLE DIMMING DAISY CHAIN:prefect as commercial LED grow lights, FC6500 dimmable grow lamp with daisy chain,allows you to connect up to 30 mars grow light to your commercial growing,horizontal and vertical farming,greenhouse planting,pipeline cultivation, hydroponics, 5x5grow tent.
  • FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT: High-intensity spectrum with enhanced red(3200-4200K,4800-5000k, 650-665nm) is perfect for veg to bloom, to adapt to each phase of the plant cycle. The dimming knob is ideal for growers to adjust the light intensity according to different growing stages.
  • FREE INSTALLATION:Open and use,8 passive-cooled bars,aluminum heat-sink,fanless zero noise design,offers even & broad canopy coverage,maximizes grow space,flexible 180 degree design,ideal for home & vertical farming commercial growth.
  • The 5 YEAR WARRANTY: the US local repair center makes your purchase worry-free,any problem or question, feel free to contact our customer service first.

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7. Briignite LED Grow Light Bulb A19 Bulb

Briignite LED Grow Light Bulb A19 Bulb


Highlighted Features:

  • FULL SPECTRUM & NATURAL LIGHT: A19 full spectrum grow light appears 4000K white to eyes but has a red/blue light spectrum. Same as natural sun shine, perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, leafy greens and herbs at all growth stages.
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS & ENERGY SAVING: A19 LED plant grow light bulbs deliver 180-degree 1000LM bright light output. Use High Lumen LED Chips equivalent to 100w traditional light bulb while consumes only 11 watts, saving 90% of your electricity bill.
  • HIGHER EFFICIENCY: LED grow bulb with high light transmission improves plant absorption more effectively. Balanced lighting of full spectrum wavelength can give your plants more light with a high output PPF of 25 micromoles per second.
  • LONGER LIFESPAN: LED sun light bulbs with low heat generated, suitable temperature for your plants. Use Plastic & Aluminium material to build the cooling system with better heat dissipation. Up to 50,000 lifespan.
  • NATURAL HOME LIGHT COLOR: Unlike those purple or reddish grow bulbs, our indoor 4000K LED grow light bulbs show off your indoor garden without harsh or unsightly lighting, providing a pleasing, natural light, temperature that integrates well with any decorative aesthetic.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: E26 Base fits all standard E26 sockets. No necessary to find other fixture to fit this bulb. Easy to install this e26 grow light bulb to standard size fixtures.
  • 100% SATISFIED: If you are not satisfied with this a19 led grow light bulb for whatever reason, we’ll give you a replacement or full refund.

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8. Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Compact Design for Any Tabletops

This plant light is the perfect solution for your desktop garden. Fit for the darkroom, living room, office, balconies, and so on. Does not harm the desktop, and won’t tip over.

Ideal for Plants Shelf

This Grow lamp has a large lighting area, is suitable for potted plants on the shelf. Just place it on the shelf, let your plants enjoy the light.

Sunlight in Dark Corners

This grow lamp is suitable for dark corners or dark days to offer plants additional sunlight. You can grow any plants all year round.


Highlighted Features:

  • Unique Design: Solid metal base makes it easier to use for any desktop or countertop, has a simple design, and small footprint to fit in indoor dark corner. It has a sponge pad at the bottom to protect your table from scratches and tips over. You can adjust the light to a desired angle by the telescopic rod and gooseneck.
  • Full Spectrum: Sunlike grow light with high quality super bright LEDs, full spectrum 390nm-730nm, including white(3500k&6500k)red&blue. This plant light provides the most efficient wavelengths of light to enhance photosynthesis performance. Ideal for all growth stages, rapid plant response from seed to flower.
  • Energy Efficient: 30w power draw replace 150W HPS or HID grow light with only 30W consumption, saving your electric bill. Heat dispersing aluminum backplate design, 50,000 hours long lifetime, good for indoor growing.
  • Easy to Install – Within just one minute! Install the telesopic rod, screw up the gooseneck and the plant light, adjust the height and angle, done!
  • Widely Used: Widely apply to indoor plant seedlings/breeding, potted plants, vegetables, succulents, etc. Perfect solution for desktop, dark corner in house, living room, office. ​12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee, 100% money back. Contact us first if any issues and we will make it OK.

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9. Bseah Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants

Bseah Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants

The Bseah grow lights full spectrum suitable for the required spectrum of the plant can not only promote its growth, but also prolong the flowering period, enhance the gorgeousness of the flower, and improve the quality of the flower.

On the other hand, it can also make the winter solanum fruit vegetables in the greenhouse ahead of time before and after the cold season or disadvantaged geographical position etc, so as to achieve the purpose of off-season cultivation.


Highlighted Features:

  • Full Spectrum LED with Yellow and White Combination: Bseah grow light can promote photosynthesis, germination, growth, flowering and fruiting of plants.
  • Auto Turn on/off Timer Function: Set up once, the plant grow light will turn on and turn off automatically at the same time every day for 3/9/12 hours.
  • 10 Dimmable Modes & 3 Switch Modes: 3 Switch modes and 10 dimmable modes meet photosynthesis needs of plant germination, bloom, and fruit-bearing at different stages and seasons.
  • Strong and Stable: The metal gooseneck is strong enough, with a non-slip mat design, which can fix the lamp well and make the grow light stand.
  • Widely Used and Visible Quality: Our grow light is suitable for indoor potted plants or an indoor garden. The lamp have a USB connector and tested for a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

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10. Plant Grow Light,yadoker LED Growing Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants

Plant Grow Light,yadoker LED Growing Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants

The pole does telescope up and down as well which is handy it can grow the plant to stay at a reasonable height,also it will cover a pretty large space to shine light on more plants in close proximity when it is fully extended.


Highlighted Features:

  • Unique Home Garden Lighting Solution: Warm natural light is more suitable for indoor plant and isnt an eye sore(wavelengths from 380nm to 780nm),the grown light isn’t overyly big and Since they stick into the soil/planter they are very versatile and work for all types of locations (hanging, trellis, floor planters, etc.), perfect solution for office desk,living room, dark corner in house,doesn’t take up valuable space, they just fit in with decor.
  • Automatic Timer,On/Off Switch: The lamp operates from a built-in timer with 3 modes cycle timing function which stay on for 8/12/16 hour and off for 16/12/8 hours. The timer sets itself when one plugs-in,full control when the light turns on and off, simply by on/off switch as you needed,no need to unplug/re-plug.
  • Height Adjustable: Just stick it in potted plant itself,does not require to clip/clamp it onto a surface,The pole does telescope up and down as well which is handy it can grow the plant to stay at a reasonable height,also it will cover a pretty large space to shine light on more plants in close proximity when it is fully extended
  • Material: The aluminum shell ensures the heat dissipation from the light and lasting the service life of the light. The light will not be hot when you accidentally touch it, protecting you and your children.
  • No Unboxing And Use Instructions Needed: Plug in, adjustable height and use it.(Pot,Plant Not Included)

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