DelGrosso’s Amusement Park – A Full Day of Fun

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park has an interesting history. The park was originally opened in 1907 by the Rinard brothers on the Bland’s family farm in Tipton, Pennsylvania. The park, formerly known as Bland’s Park, fell apart as a result of the Great Depression. 

Its revival came in 1946 when Fred DelGrosso, a railroad businessman, purchased the failing park. Under DelGrosso’s ownership, the once failing park that had been reduced to only picnic areas, began to thrive.

DelGrosso kept the Bland’s name until 2000. During that time, the park saw numerous upgrades and expansions, including a water park and amusement improvements.

In 2000, the Delgrosso family decided to rename Bland’s Park to DelGrosso’s Amusement Park, a park that has become a Pennsylvania staple and continues to thrive today. 

Interestingly, the DelGrosso family also founded their own Italian food company, aptly named DelGrosso Foods. What does this have to do with their Amusement Park? 

Instead of having just the typical Amusement Park concession stand within their park, DelGrosso’s Amusement Park incorporates their own authentic Italian cuisine, including pasta cheesesteaks, and pizza.

This all sounds amazing, but how much does admission cost for an amusement park that serves their own specialty food? Not as much as you would think.

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park Admission Cost

A DelGrosso’s All-Day Fun Pass costs $29.95 during the months of June, July and August. During their opening month in May and closing month in September, this price is discounted to a highly affordable $21.95.  

Season passes retail for $89.95. For this affordable price, patrons have unlimited access to the ride park, as well as the water park. These passes come with special perks including, food coupons valued at $25. Depending on the current operation schedule, season pass holders may also bring a guest for a discounted price. 

General admission to DelGrosso’s Amusement Park is free. Parking is also free. As crazy as that sounds, it is true. These patrons can enjoy DelGrosso’s food and enjoy a nice walk around the park. They can’t, however, ride the amusement park rides or enter the water park portion of DelGrosso’s.

Individual ride tickets can be purchased at 50 cents per ticket, similar to how small local carnivals operate. Each ride costs multiple tickets, so purchasing at least a few dollars worth of individual ride tickets is necessary. 

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park Attractions

DelGrosso’s has over 30 rides and attractions. Most rides are welcoming for the whole family, but some will impress the grown-up thrill seekers. DelGrosso’s most thrilling rides, the X Scream and The RockStar are sure to stand out.  

X Scream

The X Scream, a drop tower ride, is DelGrosso’s most thrilling amusement ride. Riders are slowly lifted to the top of the tower at a max height of 120 feet. 

As the riders sit at the top of the ride they can enjoy the excellent scenic view that Tipton, Pennsylvania has to offer. However, this brief relaxing scene is quickly interrupted by building anxiety—as the inevitable drop is about to happen. Riders drop and accelerate toward the ground at speeds up to 57 miles per hour. 

The Rockstar

“The RockStar gives riders a unique free-fall experience as the platform whisks toward the ground after making a full circular, clockwise motion.” Delgrosso’s says. 

Rockstar is quite a thrilling swing ride that elevates riders at 55 feet during its peak. The ride is illuminated by an excellent Led light show.

DelGrosso’s Laguna Splash Water Park

DelGrosso’s has a variety of water attractions with an Italian style, suitable for all members of the family. 

Wave Oceano

Wave Oceano is DelGrosso’s take on a wave pool. Wave pools have become increasingly popular in water parks across the world. They have become somewhat of an ocean for people who live far away from a coast. 

“Come enjoy the waves of the ocean without the ocean! These waves are so realistic, you won’t know the difference!” DelGrosso’s says. 

This Wave Oceana has a max depth of 6 feet. Guests who under 4 feet in height must be accompanied by a person of at least 16 years of age.  

Great White 

The great white is a two-person raft slide that is perhaps the most thrilling of DelGrosso’s water rides. This is not because it is excessively thrilling, but because DelGrosso’s water park is more of family-oriented park, not necessarily meant for thrill seekers. 

This slide is relatively short in duration. There are however, two steep and quick drops that are sure to get any rider’s heart pumping. 

River Lazio

No water park is complete without a lazy river. DelGrosso’s is not the exception. Relax as you gently drift down the river, but be weary, tipping wine barrels and detonators are waiting to drench you with water.

“It’s lazy!  It’s crazy!  It’s both!  Our new Lazy River is just as you’d imagine, with a twist!” DelGrosso’s says.

Special Events at DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

DelGrosso’s has plenty of special events throughout their operation year between the months of May and September.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are obviously already special days, at DelGrosso’s—they are a little more special. Mothers and fathers receive a free All-Day Fun Pass on their respective day. Just a thank you from DelGrosso’s for being an exceptional parent.

DelGrosso’s has a spectacular firework display on the 4th of July and free concerts throughout their calendar year. They usually have car shows that will impress any adult member of the family and free entertainment for the kids.  

This park also has many days with very gracious discounts and coupons. Certain days they will also offer “buy-one get-one” passes, so make sure to check their yearly calendar if you are planning a visit to the park.

DelGrosso’s Famous Food and Snacks

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park has a wide variety of food destinations. When attending the park, it clearly appears to be more than just a place for rides. The sheer number of cafes and food stands that incorporate original recipes is outstanding.

Murf’s Kitchen

Murf’s Kitchen is a popular sandwich shop that offers plenty of variety. Murf’s offers meatball subs, hoagies, steak sandwiches, and Italian sausage heros. This is not your average amusement park grub. A 6-inch meatball sub will set you back just $5.25.

Pizza Famosa

It is easy to guess that Pizza Famosa is an Italian pizzeria. It is, however, hard to imagine that such a pizzeria exists in an amusement park. This restaurant offers multiple Stromboli options and pizzas.

Many amusement parks sell single slices of pizza that either come plain or have pepperoni. At Pizza Famosa, park goers can purchase 4-piece personal pizzas with topping such as, buffalo chicken, BBQ chicken, peppers, and the traditional pepperoni. The pies are sauced with DelGrosso’s famous sauce.

Pies cost between $6 and $7.50 depending on the topping.

Pasta Fresca

Pasta Fresca is perhaps the most interesting restaurant in DelGrosso’s Amusement Park. This is a build your own pasta restaurant. After choosing your desired pasta – which includes, fusilli, penne, and shells— you pick your own sauce, meat, and vegetables to complete your dish. These dishes cost just $7.00 to 8.50.

Try their fan favorite signature cannoli chips for $5.50.

Grill Americano

This family-oriented park of course provides food options for children. Grill Americano offers cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and chicken fingers. Prices vary depending on meal.

Not that these foods are only for children. There is certainly a nostalgia factor when you smell freshly made chicken fingers and french fries, heightened by the fact that you are in an amusement park.  

Key Takeaways on DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

Delgrosso’s Amusement Park, located in scenic Tipton, Pennsylvania is a true staple in the Quaker State. With its rich history and family-oriented attractions and dining experiences— DelGrosso’s is a fantastic amusement destination.

It is rare to see an amusement park offer so many different dining options, however, it is not so surprising given DelGrosso’s history in the food industry. Whether you are a pizza fanatic or pasta lover— this park will surely impress.

If you are fairly close to Philadelphia, try the varieties of cheesesteaks, nobody does them better in the world than Pennsylvania.

If you do happen to make your way to Pennsylvania, this park is a great place to visit. It doesn’t offer the most thrilling rides, but for the low price of admission to both the amusement rides and water park— DelGrosso’s is a cheap and fun amusement park for all ages.

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