In this article, we’ll go over some of the top rides at Dollywood theme park and compare them with Dollywood’s top-of-the line FireChaser Express.

What Is the Firechaser Express?

Debuting in 2014 at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, FireChaser Express is a family roller coaster designed by Gerstlauer and packed with surprises. A replacement to Adventure Mountain, a popular ropes course, FireChaser Express occupies a hillside in The Smokey Mountains across from Wild Eagle’s Station. FireChaser Express is America’s first dual-launching family roller coaster.

Product Specs


FireChaser Express is located at the back of Dollywood, so there’s a fairly long walk from the entrance of the park to this ride. Since it’s built into the Smokey Mountains, the FireChaser Express is a terrain coaster with beautiful views passing scenic rock work, waterfalls, and themed towers.


Despite its hillside location, FireChaser Express is a tall coaster at 78 feet. The trains are 7 cars in length with 2 guests per car.


FireChaser Express goes from 0-16 miles per hour in 1.1 seconds with a decent amount of force and reaches a top speed of 34 mph.


FireChaser is a themed ride with a lot of attention to detail. Based on story of the Smokey Mountain volunteer firefighters of the 1940’s, the queue and station feature authentic props and decorations. The ride celebrates the heroes who saved the mountains from forest fires, including Dolly Parton’s family home.


A trip to Dollywood comes with a variety of pricing options to meet your needs. Current pricing starts at $56 for individual day passes and up to $174 for season passes. To plan your visit to Dollywood and experience the FireChaser Express, visit:

How It Compares

We picked a few similar coasters at Dollywood so you can decide which you’d most like to ride!

  • Lightning Rod

  • Sky Rider

  • Thunderhead

Firechaser Express

Scariness Level 2

FireChaser Express is an amazing ride for the whole family. Children will feel like they’ve accomplished a roller coaster feat and adults will still have a fun time and enjoy photogenic scenery.

Smoothness of Ride 4

At one point in the experience, FireChaser Express sends you backwards at 20mph while still maintaining a smooth, fun ride.

Overall Experience 4

A fun ride for the whole family, FireChaser Express is unique, scenic and educational!

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod is a record-breaking wooden roller coaster with a quadruple down and non-inverting half loop finale built by Rocky Mountains Construction. Cars designed like hot-rods integrate the coasters “lightning fast” speed that go over a 165 ft drop at a top speed of 73mph.

Scariness Level 5

Lightning Rod is an exhilarating thrill ride that’s sure to excite any roller coaster enthusiast.

Smoothness of Ride 4

Lighting Rod is filled with loops and turns but maintains a smooth ride.

Overall Experience 5

Lightning Rod is the fastest coaster at Dollywood and a must for visitors of the park!

Sky Rider

Sky Rider lets riders pilot their own plane 70ft above the County Fair area of Dollywood!

Scariness Level 3

Sky Rider is a fun way to take in views of the park and pretend you’re a pilot, but it’s not the most frightening couple of minutes you’ll ever have.

Smoothness of Ride 5

Sky Rider is smooth and seamless from take off to landing.

Overall Experience 4

Sky Rider is fun and easy; the perfect ride for the whole family!


A classic wooden coaster with 22 lateral turns and 32 crossovers going up to 100ft and 54mph, Thunderhead was the first ride to feature a station flyby.

Scariness Level 3

Thunderhead is exhilarating but still enjoyable for younger riders.

Smoothness of Ride 3

With so many twists and turns, Thunderhead is still a fairly smooth coaster.

Overall Experience 4

Thunderhead is one of the most beloved coasters at Dollywood, and once you ride it you’ll see why. It’s fun without being overwhelming and doesn’t lose its luster after a couple rides.


With so many attractions at Dollywood, the amusement park has something for every member of the family! From high flying thrill rides to nostalgic county fair games, a trip to the park is sure to create lasting memories. 

Although Lightning Rod is the newest and fastest ride at Dollywood, FireChaser Express still gets a solid 4 out of 5 stars in comparison. FireChaser Express can be enjoyed by all ages, offers amazing sights and surprises, and honors the brave firefighters, without whose work there might never have been a Dollywood at all.